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What Do You Mean By Anti Vax Exactly?

The first thing that we should always do when attempting to engage in rational debate is to define our terms. Dr Peter Doshi an editor at the British Medical Journal spoke at a hearing in Washington last week.

by Chauncey Tinker, 14 Nov 2021

Who The Hell Is Dr John Campbell? Part 1

Some readers may be wondering why on earth I have written a post about this individual, but please bear with me because this story is raising a lot of important issues with regard to censorship on social media platforms and freedom of speech more generally.

by Chauncey Tinker, 5 Nov 2021

More Concerning Data On COVID-19 Jab Effectiveness And Safety

The official line has been that the injections protect the jabbed from serious risk of being hospitalized and dying, but 2 data analysts in the UK who have taken a critical look at the data have been challenging that narrative this week.

by Chauncey Tinker, 30 Oct 2021