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BBC Licence Fee Payers Support Macron For President!

by Chauncey Tinker, 23 Apr 2017

[Readers please note this post has been generously peppered with sarcasm.]

In a surprising move, fully supported by BBC licence fee payers who paid for it, the BBC have published an extensive glossy campaign page promoting Emmanuel Macron to be the next French Presidential candidate!!! The ad was linked to from a prominent position on the BBC website front page, because Macron is the candidate who is going to win according to the BBC. Très bon, nodded the appreciative BBC licence fee payers, who take a keen interest in French politics, and like the idea of Monsieur Macron (the pro-EU candidate) running France.

On the wall behind Raphael Coulhon, part of the finance team, is a hand-drawn cartoon of Macron as Superman. “I put that up,” he laughs.

See the glorious multi-page advertisement for Macron’s candidacy here:

Emmanuel Macron

In the ad, the BBC mentioned the beautiful romance that blossomed between the young Macron and his much older drama teacher, Brigitte Trogneux. No eyebrows need be raised at this romance however, as Emmanuel was very mature for his age. She said:

Someone who certainly saw him that way was Brigitte Trogneux, his drama teacher. “He wasn’t like the others,” she told a French documentary last year, “he wasn’t a teenager. He had a relationship of equals with other adults.”

Certainly the young Macron did have an adult relationship and clearly then, Macron is nobody’s toy boy. Although we can be confident that she never gave the young Macron any improper assistance with his homework, she apparently now helps him to write his speeches. The ad went on to say:

He wants to give the idea that, if he was able to seduce a woman 24 years his senior and a mother of three children, in a small provincial town… despite opprobrium and mockery, he can conquer France in the same way.”

Not just a superman then but a true conqueror as well, he managed to seduce a woman 24 years his senior! Magnifique!

The ad was a little short on policy details perhaps, but more importantly had much useful information about Macron’s meteoric rise to the Presidency, which is now assured according to the BBC (world famed for their success in predicting election results). He has run a brilliant campaign with the slogan “en marche” apparently. His politics are rather right of left, putting him perhaps in the same sort of political bracket as the former Prime Minister of the UK, Tony Blair. He seems to have similar ideas to Mr. Blair on economic and IMMIGRATION policies, and is crucially for the BBC licence fee payers PRO EU as they all are. He also appears to believe that diversity is strength and sees an important role for foreign cultures in forming part of a vibrant social fabric (possibly explosively vibrant!).

In the interests of impartiality, the BBC also produced a similar page about Macron’s main rival Marine Le Pen (who the BBC is not expecting to win the election), but it is much harder to find on the BBC website so I provide a link here:

Marine Le Pen

The hatchet job leads with the question “Is France’s National Front leader far-right?”, although its a question that the BBC have already answered elsewhere in multiple headlines. Further down they ask “How far-right is she?”, having apparently decided that she is “far-right”. Their argument seems to revolve around the fact that she is the daughter of Jean-Marie, who is prominently featured in the piece in lots of large photos. However to be fair they do also mention the fact that she is not even on speaking terms with her father, a fact that rather suggests they may have differences of opinion of SOME SORT at least.

In another BBC article there is a picture of Marine le Pen courting the vote of a cow:

French election 2017: Why is it important?

The BBC also explains what is “far-right” about Marine Le Pen in this article:

But she still has a far-right platform. She wants to allocate public services to French citizens ahead of foreigners and has vowed to suspend all legal immigration.

The FN also has close ties with other European parties such as Austria’s far-right Freedom Party that mainstream right-wing parties want nothing to do with.

As I have written about before, the definition of far-right has been changing over the years. It used to refer to those who held actually racist views and who were generally fairly centrist (or even somewhat left-wing) in their views on economic and social policies. Now it refers to just about anyone with an anti-immigration stance, regardless of motives. For example, the former UK Labour party leader Ed Miliband should be regarded as far-right, as this article proves beyond doubt:

Ed Miliband: Labour got it wrong on immigration – it is not prejudiced to be concerned

Ed Miliband has admitted that the last Labour government made mistakes over immigration policy as he said he wanted everyone in the country to speak English.

Admitting that Tony Blair’s government had made serious errors in 2004, when people from across Eastern Europe were given free entry to the UK, he said “working people" had been left facing "dramatic changes in their communities that were not planned or properly prepared for."

Far-right candidate Ed Miliband has since been replaced as Labour leader by the far-left candidate Jeremy Corbyn. Although of the left, Corbyn is not as whole-heartedly in support of the EU as his former rival, much to the chagrin of BBC government policy decision makers.

There is also another hatchet job pointing out that Le Pen is seeking funding for her campaign here:

Marine Le Pen: Who’s Funding France’s Far Right?

(a small point perhaps but the Front National have been denied funding apparently from more traditional sources).

Some discomfort was noticed among BBC executives when they were questioned about the decision to back a particular candidate in the French presidential race, but they pointed out that none of the other candidates were really much good were they? Good news then, for BBC licence fee payers, their licence fee has been used correctly to support the centrist Blairite pro-EU candidate. It seems the small rise in the licence fee this year has been well spent (the rise had been a little controversial because of a recent Tory campaign pledge NOT to raise the licence fee).

Vive Macron! Vive Socialisme! Vive le BBC!

Now, lets see who actually wins this election, shall we. Licence fee payers should feel free to demand their money back.

An article reports here that overseas French voters have received duplicate ballot papers for the election. No doubt the fact that overseas voters may have a more pro-EU outlook was not a factor in the accidental issuing of these duplicates. Voters of France should note that even in EU countries, voting twice is still illegal, and just supposing (lets imagine it for a moment) Le Pen were to actually WIN the election there might then be a little bit of a risk that they might be arrested for doing that, so they should not.

How Marine Le Pen is facing wipe out in French election after COMPUTER BLUNDER

What do you think? Should the BBC licence fee payers have supported Macron? Please leave a comment below.

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