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The Artistic Vision That Inspires Macron

by Chauncey Tinker, 7 May 2017

Detail from “Nuit Noire”, by Marc François Sauvage

Young Monsieur Macron has run a brilliant campaign in very difficult circumstances. Firstly and most importantly, he has cleverly managed to distance himself both from Francois Hollande, his former boss, and even more astonishingly, from his own former self. This has not been easy, because (from an article at the gatestone institute):

Economically, France is in terrible shape. The unemployment rate remains above 10%. Nine million people are living below the poverty line –14% of the population. Economic growth is stagnant. Government spending accounts for 57% of GDP — 13% more than in Germany, France’s main economic competitor in Europe.

Month after month, polls shows that the French population is anxious, angry, immensely disappointed with current French policies. François Hollande ends his term with a popularity rating close to zero. He was so rejected and discredited that he decided not to run again for the presidency.

Perhaps even more surprisingly since (again from gatestone):

He was Hollande’s senior economic advisor for more than two years, and the main architect of Hollande’s failed economic policies. He then became Minister of the Economy, Industry and Digital Affairs, and held that post until he entered the presidential race.

Hold on gang, just let that sink in a bit, Macron was “the main architect of Hollande’s failed economic policies”.


Most of Macron’s speeches are copies of the speeches Hollande made during his 2012 presidential campaign. What is known of Macron’s positions on most subjects show that they are the same position Hollande had during the last months of his mandate.

Despite all of this, the mainstream media is hailing Macron as absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the socialists! Mais non! For example, a quote from the BBC:

France’s voters have rejected the two big political parties – the Socialists and the Republicans – that have governed for decades.

Another quote from the BBC:

You do not have to be mainstream to win

Just how non-mainstream is being the “Minister of the Economy, Industry and Digital Affairs” in the current government, exactly????

Feel free to do a double-take at those claims.

I say “he has” accomplished this though of course perhaps I should really say “he AND the mainstream media AND whoever bankrolled his campaign have” accomplished this, because clearly he has had a lot of support. Speaking of the MSM, this includes quite a bit of support from our own BBC (i.e. from most of you the licence fee payers!!). He has also clearly been very well financed (possibly by the sort of people who deal a lot in finance, I don’t know, you know I’m just suggesting possibilities here).


But anyway, enough of this boring political stuff, the election will soon be over. Why should the French voters waste time worrying about Monsieur Macron’s dismal track record in office? Why worry about the deteriorating law and order situation that we mentioned in the last post. Why worry about his policies, surely the people of France are voting for a personality above all else! France is a country of STYLE, and so the president of France must also have style, its even more important than substance.

Therefore let us instead take a look at Macron’s sensitive artistic side, an aspect of his personality which has not received sufficient publicity in my opinion.

We won’t dwell unduly on the fact that it was Francois Hollande who was the first to spot the artistic genius of one Pierre Soulages. Have you heard of him? Perhaps not, but soon no doubt he will be a household name, because according to Hollande he is the “greatest living artist in the world”. Macron also is greatly inspired by Soulages’s work, here he is at an exhibition at the Musee Soulages:


Here is an article from the BBC about the greatest living artist in the world:

The president and the ‘greatest living artist’ in the world

[We don't normally bother with caption competitions but the first picture in this article requires a caption competition, please submit your entries in the comment section below the article].

Quote from the above article:

since 1979 everything he has done has been in variations of sable, coal, pitch and jet – or as he calls it, ultrablack.

We may perhaps see a hint of the influence of that earlier artistic genius, Marc François Sauvage in this later phase of Pierre Soulages’s work. Sauvage of course became famous as the first great painter to dispense with paintbrushes and paint altogether! In his greatest masterpiece “Nuit Noire”, Sauvage simply presented the world with a stark, empty black canvas (see picture at the top of this article).

Soulages may have moved beyond Sauvage’s brutal minimalism, for example even his solid black paintings are beautifully textured, as you can see here:


It has been said that if you stare for long enough at these works, you can see things that aren’t even there!

Some ignorant philistines have predictably accused these great artists of pulling a stunt similar to the one played on the Emperor by the weavers in Hans Christian Andersen’s tale “the Emperor’s new clothes”, but today’s leaders of France have the insight to see the genius in these works.

Its also possible to see in these masterpieces perhaps the influence of the exotic colour sense displayed in the dress of the beautiful women of Saudi Arabia:

Another quote from gatestone which seems to suggest Macron is also inspired by Islamic culture:

He promised to facilitate the construction of mosques in France. He declared that "French culture does not exist " and that he has "never seen" French art.


OK, you got me, there was a bit of satire added to this post, I made up “Marc François Sauvage” and his “Nuit Noire masterpiece”, but Soulages is terrifyingly real. What is even more terrifyingly real is the gullibility of France’s current elite who admire this sort of stuff and the French electorate who vote for them. If you want a really good laugh, look at Macron’s expression in this picture:


Let us hope the danger is averted and Macron is not elected tomorrow, we shall see. Otherwise I fear the future of France will be quite as bleak and nondescript as some of these “artworks” that he and his little elitist clique so admire.


What do you think? Is Soulages the greatest? Please leave a comment below.

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