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The Mad, Bad Policies Of The Soylent Green Party

by British Awakening, 10 May 2017

When the last tree is cut down, the last fish eaten, and the last stream poisoned, you will realize that you cannot eat money. (Native American proverb)

Alanis Obomsawin a Canadian film maker observed that Canada operates a depletion economy that leaves destruction in its wake. I think this statement holds true for the world as a whole. Thinkers and commentators have been observing this point from ancient times. Yet still we fail to mend our ways and use the gift of our intelligence to live a more sustainable, harmonious life with nature.

I don’t hark for some mythical Eden, I am not sure there really has been a period where mankind has lived sustainably with the environment, even when we lived in caves we hunted mega fauna like Mammoths to extinction. Given our direction of travel my guess is that if mankind somehow manages to survive for another thousand years the largest predators left on the planet will be Chihuahuas.

No, to my mind the folly is that we understand our nature, we understand that wherever we live, if there is enough land for everyone to graze two goats some of us will graze three, this will of course mean thinner goats for everyone – but hey I now have three goats you only have two is our mentality. You may consider yourself a two goat person but it makes no difference to nature, you may not have done the damage but our species has. Our species has a damaging element within its number that will demand and exploit for more because that is what drives them. Now we can bemoan this until the cows come home it does not alter the reality of the way human beings are.

Most of us are responsible but we carry a destructive element with us and we have failed to develop the mechanisms to control their greed. This failure affects us all and I fear we are close coming to the point that if we do not act nature will step in and control our greed for us.

All is not doom an gloom though, there is the more decent kinder aspect of our nature, amongst the apes, humans are amongst the more altruistic, compared to Chimpanzees we are positively angelic. Most of us have experienced at some point in our lives an animal in distress seeking our help, this tells me that there is something hopeful and healing about humans that nature senses. I truly believe that it is this quality in us that can save both ourselves and the world we live in. On another day and on a cheerier topic I would argue that if we want Eden then we can build it ourselves, we are that capable.

Since no leader or Government has made a serious attempt at dealing with the darker aspect of our nature the only viable solution I can see for us is to instead control our numbers. The fewer greedy people there are the less damage they can cause. More widely the fewer of us there are the less pollution there will be. If our numbers were controlled adequately nature could probably cope.

Given the pressing need for the human race to address over population one would have thought the Green Party of all of our political parties would be taking the lead on this – particularly with a General Election coming up in 2017. So here are the main ticket items for the Green Party that will sweep them into power.

Imagine a political system that puts the public first. Imagine an economy that gives everyone their fair share.

In other words we have no plans to move away from the Globalists depletion economic model.

Imagine a society capable of supporting everyone’s needs. Imagine a planet protected from the threat of climate change now and for the generations to come. That’s the world we want to create and we believe we have the means to do it.

There are currently 7.5 billion human beings on the planet, this is expected to reach 9.7 billion by 2050 – and the Green Party wants to ensure they all get a car, a TV and cheap air travel.

By ensuring that everyone has access to a secure job that pays at least the Living Wage we will build an economy that works for the common good, not just the privileged few. By restoring public services to public hands we will ensure they are run in the interests of the people that use them.

Fair enough – although I should point out it was your beloved EU that forced us to privatise most of them in the first place.

By investing in renewable energy and reducing our reliance on fossil fuels, we will build a stable and sustainable society that protects our planet from climate change.

I am all for renewables but wind turbines are not reliable enough and short of covering the UK in photovoltaic cells solar power is not going to do it either. There is no mention here of the role of nuclear power in energy production. Closing nuclear plants will mean we have to burn more fossil fuels which undermines any effort to reduce reliance on them.

By building more social rented homes and bringing abandoned buildings back into use we will ensure that everyone has a secure and affordable place to live.

So here we have a Green Party that instead of addressing the need to control population in an already over crowded island their response is to concrete over what little nature that is left to house even more people.

So what other plans do the Green Party have to deal with the most important issue facing mankind? Well on their news page we have a Full Social Justice Warrior piece on dealing with Islamophobia (natch). A commitment to fairness and democracy by running a second referendum on EU membership to overturn the democratic will of the people (fairly of course). A demand for sixteen year olds to get the vote and some more Social Justice Warrior stuff about the need to give away the taxes of poor people in foreign aid so that they can feel good about themselves.

And this makes me angry.

It makes me angry because at a time when our planet is dying, as we live through one of the great mass extinctions caused solely by man, the one political movement that should be campaigning to steer us away from our insane economic policies is more interested in stopping people complaining about getting blown up or mown down by religious zealots and thinks giving votes to two year olds is somehow going to save the planet.

We’re doomed if we stick with this lot.

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