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War In Paris: Who's In Control? Not The Cops

by John L. Work

First published May 2, 2017 at Here's The Right Side Of It

(Republished with kind permission of the author)

They’re not outgunned – at least to the best of our knowledge (which is very limited, due to selective Euro press coverage). Not yet.

The police are definitely outnumbered.

Such a situation cannot continue indefinitely.

What I look for in the near future, given the nature of the increasingly violent attacks against France’s law enforcement, is mass resignations from the police forces, such as what has happened since the Freddie Gray riots in Baltimore, Maryland.

Notice in the videos I’ve posted that most of France’s officers seem to be just standing there as stationary targets. I’ll guess they are following their orders from above, which is what all good uniformed cops do. That’s what happened in Baltimore, too.

During my career as a uniformed police officer, I was at a few major disturbances where rocks and bottles were thrown at us. Those memories are not pleasant. Yes, a large enough rock or a brick, thrown from the darkness at sufficient velocity, will disable or kill you.

However, we’re not talking about rocks and bottles now in use against France’s police officers. We’re talking about hand-held firebombs, commonly known as Molotov Cocktails. Such weapons have occasionally been used by uniformed armies in major wars. Various standard household thickening agents can be added to the gasoline, turpentine, alcohol or what ever accelerant comprises the liquid explosive, in order to make the flaming concoction stick to the victims. See yesterday’s post for the results.

I suspect that full press coverage of the disfiguring burns and other injuries suffered by those French cops has been suppressed by President Francois Hollande’s government. There is a whole lot of information which is in the process of suppression, in order to not lend any support to Marine Le Pen’s presidential aspirations.

Think bout this: How long can a French police officer continue to look at his wife and children, then go to work knowing that he will be under orders to be a standing target in France’s civil war zone – that he will not be allowed to respond to deadly weapons such as fire bombs with deadly force of his own?

No. This cannot go on much longer without an eventual complete collapse of France’s law enforcement. And once that thin blue line is gone, ladies and gentlemen, there is anarchy.

One of my close friend’s sons and the son’s girlfriend were in Westminster during the jihad attack a few weeks ago. Eye and ear witnesses to some of the blood and carnage, the couple was supposed to travel on to Paris after the English police had interrogated them.

They changed their minds about going to Paris, but not because of what they had been through in England. Reports filtered through to them, which had not made it into the international press, about tourists in Paris who had come under attack by Muslims, been stabbed, had their throats cut, and been robbed.

Urban France, particularly Paris, is in a de facto state of war.

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