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Is It Time To Rebrand UKIP?

by Tim J – 19 June 2017

I think there is a need for a party like UKIP, that pushes the boundaries the mainstream parties daren’t go (yet), but clearly UKIP is in big trouble. Here are my thoughts…

UKIPís Problem – UKIP is commonly perceived to be:

  1. Not relevant anymore
  2. A one issue party
  3. Racist
  4. Apart from Brexit, you have no policies, what do you even stand for??

UKIP has a massive challenge right now. It is a one issue party, at least one dominant issue and that issue is gone. Theresa May has stolen the Brexit issue and made it hers. A few doubters will stick by UKIP to “hold her feet to the fire”, but that’s not a long term policy, Brexit will happen and that issue is gone.

What next for UKIP? I strongly believe that what is next is post Brexit and what type of country we want as an independent nation. Many remainers accuse leavers of getting the EU result and then disappearing, UKIP needs to stay and fight for our future.

The integration platform is a great starting point, but it should be part of a wider overall strategy: to ensure the UK retains a Christian based culture. I am saying this as a non-church goer and non-practicing Christian. What matters to me are the “Christian values” that we mostly all hold dear:

UKIP needs a full relaunch that fixes all the above problems and give them a new purpose, just like leaving the EU, that no other party is brave enough to talk about. In order to re-launch UKIP, it should change its name to “UKIP Christian Democrats?. Long term, it should drop UKIP altogether.

I truly believe this is the only chance for UKIP to survive. It is a tainted brand, thanks to the media and its original purpose is gone. Many people would never vote UKIP, but a party that is powerfully supportive of a Christian culture for the UK is totally different. Where do people worried about our culture and values go to vote today? They don’t have a home; this is the opportunity.

Many people voted to leave the EU because they felt threatened by the influx of foreign people and their cultures. We are leaving, but now the new challenge is to make sure we strongly protect what we hold dear and we actually show intolerance to cultures that are incompatible with ours. That sounds like a contradiction, but at some point, you can’t tolerate your own demise.

UKIP v2.0 = Christian Democrats, it makes perfect sense!

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