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Last Sunday's March In Manchester

by Chauncey Tinker – 12 June 2017

There was a good showing at the Unite Against Hate march in Manchester yesterday – an estimated 3,500 turned out. The crowd was peaceful and good humoured for the very most part, despite the presence of quite a few self-styled “anti-fascists”. Tommy Robinson made an excellent speech (featured in the video linked to below). There were only 8 arrests for public order type offences but its not clear who was arrested for what (was it the protestors or the counter-protestors?).

Predictably the mainstream media coverage was disgracefully biased with many misleading claims and the use of selective images to distort the overall picture of the event. Of course this is nothing new, we have rather come to expect this sort of coverage from the MSM. The BBC published this headline at their website (the implication being that the protest and not the counter-protest was responsible for the limited disorder):

Arrests made as Manchester protest by UK Against Hate ‘turns nasty’

The most shocking thing I have seen from all the considerable coverage was one man holding up a single pig’s head. While this was obviously meant as a provocation towards Muslims it was scarcely on a par with threats to chop people’s heads off etc. (“behead those who insult Islam” etc.) that we routinely have seen and the increasingly frequent terrorist attacks where people are hacked to death and blown up with many killed and injured.

Here is a good summary of the day’s events from a former lefty (blogger Simon Harris proving people do change their minds, sometimes):


As I mentioned in the previous post, Tommy Robinson has been shining a spotlight on Didsbury mosque, which the suicide bomber Salman Abedi attended and which appears to be a place where incitements have taken place. Note that I refer to incitements and not “extremism”. “Extremism” should never be illegal, because the word is subjective, and you cannot make laws against concepts that are subjective and still expect judges to make consistent judgements. Tommy wants something to be done, we all do, but calling for new laws is not necessary and would further complicate our already convoluted legal system.

Incitements to commit crime are already illegal in the UK. The UK police do not prosecute the incitements that go on in mosques because they know there is simply rather too much of it going on and they are afraid of the consequences of enforcing the law. They therefore resort to using phrases such as “not in the public interest to prosecute”. If we want to be inclusive of cultures that incite murder then we really will have to relax our laws a great deal with regard to what people are allowed to say. Routinely not enforcing the law in such cases is bringing the law into disrepute, not to speak of the fact that it is also ENDANGERING LIVES.

The failure to enforce the law consistently means that non-Muslims are now second class citizens in the UK. This is the case yet Muslims (at least according to official estimates) make up less than 5% of the population. We need to ask searching questions about why our justice system is being so heavily compromised now and how much more it is likely to be compromised when this percentage has risen to 10%, 20% and so on.

Simon Harris on Didsbury mosque:

We should all be asking questions about how such a mosque can be given charitable status by the charity commission:

Didsbury Mosque is a registered charity

We need to keep up the pressure on this mosque. In a future post I will take a closer look at our laws and try to determine what grounds there may be for shutting the mosque under our current law. The problem we have really is that we know incitements are going on in such mosques but we would have to install permanent surveillance to monitor every single event at every such mosque to discover the extent and seriousness of it. Really we are dealing with a terrorist organization that we dare not call by its name. Such an organization could be banned under existing law, but we don’t unfortunately have the courage today to take this necessary step since the organization in question is rather too large and threatening:

Proscribed terrorist groups or organisations




A number of local left wing politicians including the mayor Andy Burnham condemned the march without bothering to wonder what it was even about:

Protesters slammed for bringing 'hate' to the city and stretching police with 'almost nothing left to give'

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