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March In Manchester On Sunday 11th June

by Chauncey Tinker – 6 June 2017

A group including Tommy Robinson and Anne Marie Waters are organizing a march in Manchester on this coming Sunday 11th June. (Anne Marie Waters for those of you who don’t know was standing as a UKIP candidate but Paul Nuttall has de-selected her). Here is some information about the march:

There is also a facebook account associated with this march as well titled Unite Against Hate:

UK Against Hate

(not to be confused with the similarly named “Hope Not Hate” group which very much opposes the Unite Against Hate group).


Tommy Robinson confronts Muslims at Didsbury mosque in this next video and challenges them with a claim that preachers at the mosque have included Abu Qatada and others. Those of you who follow politics closely may remember that the New Labour government promised to close mosques that hosted extremists but they didn’t close any of them. The New Labour government instead decided to give large amounts of money to various Islamic organizations in the hope that would make them not want to hurt anybody. The New Labour government was of course followed by a coalition led by the Conservatives, then by the Conservatives on their own, who also didn’t (and still haven’t) closed any extremist mosques.

Tommy makes the claim that preachers at the mosque have called for apostates and gays to be killed. I couldn’t find any other sources to back up these claims, but since Mohammed is recorded in the hadiths as saying that apostates should be killed it would scarcely be surprising if there were preachers in mosques saying such things. According to Pew Research a majority of Muslims in Pakistan also think the death penalty is appropriate for apostates and “blasphemers” – a fact that is sadly rather at odds with the belief that most Muslims are peaceful and “moderate”.

This particular mosque in Didsbury is where Salman Abedi the suicide bomber apparently worshipped. From the Guardian:

Salman and his brother Ismail worshipped at Didsbury mosque, where their father, who is known as Abu Ismail within the community, is a well-known figure.

Apparently Salman Abedi also had links to an ISIS recruiter called Raphael Hostey (aka Abu Qaqa al-Britani) who also worshipped at Didsbury mosque according to this article:

Salman Abedi reportedly used to worship at the same mosque – Didsbury Mosque in the suburbs of Manchester – as Raphael Hostey, who was killed in an air strike last year.

Read more: http://metro.co.uk/2017/05/25/manchester-bomber-has-significant-link-to-british-isis-recruiter-6663020/#ixzz4jGP3kvNe



Theresa May has pledged to make us safe from the terrorists by re-inventing the internet to make it a safe space. She has also pledged to introduce new laws to enable her to lock up all the nasty people who are annoying the extremists, which will hopefully make sure the extremists will be calmer in future. The authorities already have the power to arrest people for inciting violence. However they would rather introduce yet more laws to further restrict non-Muslims’ right to criticize Islam, than use incitement laws against Muslims.


Jeremy Corbyn had as recently as 2015 seemed to oppose the shoot to kill policy that enabled the police to shoot the terrorists dead in the London Bridge attack. He now says apparently that he would:

“support the use of whatever proportionate and strictly necessary force”



Our clueless leaders have not got the willpower to make us safe from Islamic terrorists (or they just don’t want to). Both the main parties are dedicated to continuing the policy of giving refuge, welfare and legal aid to refugee terrorists running away from the consequences of their failed ideologies. The best thing you can do for now is show solidarity with the people who are calling a spade a spade, and daring to knock on the doors of the places where the real extremists hang out.

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