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The BBC - British In Name Only

by British Awakening – 31 Jul 2017

For all its faults the West has generally been a power of good for the world, the spread of democracy, the triumph of rationalism over religious superstition and the advance of women’s rights are achievements to be proud of. By the late seventies the UK had built a relatively safe, productive, homogeneous society. The Arts and Sciences flourished, new technology was quickly adapted and introduced into society seamlessly and despite the political unrest there was a sense that the future was going to be brighter and not something to fear.

Many studies have concluded that the Seventies was the happiest in our nation’s recent history. Without trying to make the case to bring back Bazooka Joe Bubble Gum, flared trousers and the Bay City Rollers I think I am on fairly strong ground to argue that in terms of happiness things have taken a turn for the worst since the Millennium. In the space of a few short decades we have travelled from being a fairly happy, homogeneous society, hopeful about its future to one that is troubled, dysfunctional and fearful of the years ahead. How did this happen to us so quickly?

As a Brexiteer I could point to the fact that it was in the seventies Ted Heath took the nation into the Common Market – what was to become the European Union. However that in itself is not what I see as the change. The plan behind the European Project always relied on a deceit i.e. to achieve full Union by any means, I suspect most people have figured that one out for themselves be they for Brexit or Remain. To achieve full Union by democratic means involving so many countries would take well over a century, so Brussels instead relied on a ratchet process of acquiring power by other methods – such as treaties, gaining control of the legal systems of nation states and obtaining direct influence over their education systems and media. A Remainer may well argue that the ends justify the means, however this introduces a problem, if you develop a system where the real power and governance over a people is hidden and unseen you create the conditions where very bad people can assume control over a nation state without them knowing until it is too late. This I fear is what has happened to the people of Europe and perhaps more widely across the West.

In the UK our main political parties harvest the votes from people who believe that the party they vote for will represent their interests. Sadly the main parties do not care about the voters, only their votes, this is because they are beholden to their donors and they implement the policies dictated to them by people you cannot see. To conceal this further, surrounding our political parties is an intricate web of think tanks and political charities that enjoy direct influence over decision making at Westminster. The funding of these organisations is murky and often comes from foreign donors who want your Government to work in a certain way. This may provide an explanation as to why, however we vote, we get the same Globalist ‘No Borders’ dogma imposed upon us.

The legal system in this country has effectively been passed under the control of the European Court of Justice. Whilst we do have a Supreme Court, it is Supreme in name only, it cannot make a ruling against the ECJ. For all intents and purposes your judiciary is not independent, it is controlled by Brussels – though it does however enjoy complete independence from the nation and its people.

So how is all this done without the people knowing? Well a key component is our State Broadcaster the BBC. I have written a number of blogs on how I have become increasingly concerned over the behaviour of the BBC. The BBC are expert at manipulating the truth and peddling falsehoods, you may note that anyone who takes a stand against the Globalists and their dogma are always labelled with a negative adjective like ‘extreme right’ or ‘controversial’. Messages that fit the narrative come from ‘progressive’ politicians. Oddly enough challenging the imposition of a Stone Age belief system onto a highly advanced society is somehow regressive, defending it is always ‘progressive’. Pardon me for pointing things out but in the Dark Ages of the seventies people did not have to take their children to a Christmas market in an armoured car nor did they carry the burden of a colossal debt thanks to ‘progressive’ politicians and their Ponzi scheme economics.

You may recall the attempts by the BBC in the early part of last year to push the ‘refugee crisis’ narrative and the obvious cover up of the events in Cologne. Clearly that attempt to fool the public into believing millions of neurosurgeons and rocket scientists were heading toward Europe from the Middle East did not gain much traction with a people that are losing patience with uncontrolled immigration. What is rather striking though is the complete silence from the BBC since, thousands of people from the developing world are transported every day across from Libya into Italy by our own Navies and the ships of Non Government Organisations such as Save the Children yet not a word from Auntie Beeb on their people smuggling activities. The policy of transporting so many people from Africa and Asia will have one eventual, predictable outcome, the people of Europe will lose their ancestral homeland. This is known to the BBC, it is also obvious to the rest of our establishment, their quiescence – and in the case of the BBC, censorship of this aspect of the ‘migration crisis’ is rather telling.

In Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings one of the story-lines is how King Théoden (one of the good guys) has been slowly poisoned by a powerful sorcerer, the poison ages him prematurely and robs him of his energy and vigour. The King is further controlled by a character called Grima Wormtongue, a dominant figure in the King’s Palace, Grima flatters the King constantly but ensures that the truth is concealed about the dangers that face his Kingdom and a false picture is painted of the evil forces that are moving against him. Fortunately for Théoden a good wizard breaks the spell and Théoden sees the lies and reclaims his strength in the nick of time.

I am compelled by the parallels here, the establishment eco-system has been poisoned from afar. As a people our energy and vigour is slowly being drained away from us, yet daily the BBC (our own personal Grima Wormtongue) feeds us a diet of lies and conceals the truth from us. The British on the whole are a fair and decent people, they sense something is wrong but cannot pin down why this is happening to them or who is doing it. Whilst Grima Wormtongue controls nearly everything we get to hear, read or see, we are extremely unlikely to find why this is happening, who is doing it and how we can stop it.

Our ancient culture and way of life is under a very grave threat, I still believe there is time to save most of it, but to do this we have to break the spell and help our people wake from their stupor. Brexit at least showed there is hope, it showed that what I prefer to call the Dark State has not gained complete control yet, but it is perilously close, if we do not stop the falsehoods and obfuscations of the Wormtongues, then I fear we will face a very bleak future.

We must all of us work now to end the BBC and silence the lies of the Wormtongues. You can do this by cancelling your licence fee and supporting the many campaign groups that see it for what it is. The BBC is an enemy, it is the night hag sitting on our nation’s chest!

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