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Christian Genocide

by The Participator – 17 Aug 2017

[UPDATE - 20 Aug 2017 - Sadly since we posted this post a controversy has come to light surrounding the Rebel Media. Although there is no reason to suspect the organization has bad intentions, serious doubt has been raised about Ezra Levant's management of the organization. His stated willingness to give significant sums of money to people who he says were blackmailing him calls into question his ability to manage a campaign fund. Regrettably therefore we advise readers to think very carefully before donating any money to his campaign. All this said we believe the points raised in the linked video are all accurate, the plight of Christians in this region is indeed very serious. We are therefore leaving this post on our site to publicize this state of affairs.]

Ezra Levant the Rebel Commander at Rebel Media is focusing on the plight of Christians in Iraq. His organization is going to produce a documentary about this but also he wants to raise a million dollars to help the Christian refugees in the region. Stefan Molyneux interviewed Ezra about this campaign. The video of the interview is an hour long, in case you don’t have time to watch the full video we have listed some key points that Ezra makes below, and given a link to the campaign page.

Here is the video of the interview:

The video is well worth watching in full but here are some key points Ezra makes in the interview:

[@14:50] No christian land – no contiguity spread out.

[@15:00] No military tradition, like lambs living among wolves.

[@15:50] No friends in the West – compare with Israel who have even Christian Zionist support.

[@16:40] No contiguous areas – spread out, isolated groups.

[@21:29] Anti-Christian bias of most people helping what genuine refugees there are and migrants in the region, anti-Christian gangs in refugee camps.

[@25:03] If we’re going to help refugees why don’t we take the lions instead of the goddamn wolves?

[@25:06] Stefan calls out the MSM for lying by omission about the problem. We do see some coverage from e.g. the BBC but it tends to be downplayed and under-reported I believe.

[@52:00] Ezra recounts an anecdotal account from a Christian who said that ordinary young Muslim male neighbours came round before ISIS arrived saying your house is mine, your daughters are mine.

Here is the campaign page:

Help Save the Christian Refugees in Iraq from Genocide

Quotes from this page:

We’re going to tell the story that hasn’t properly been told yet: the deliberate ethnic cleansing of the oldest Christian community in the world — in the Biblical land of Nineveh. By the Islamic State.

I want to raise a million dollars for whoever is making the biggest difference on the ground. But I want to see it with my own eyes and make sure the cheque isn’t being embezzled or wasted.

A million. I know that sounds nuts. But it shouldn’t be. That’s how much money the UN spends every two hours on Muslim refugees from the region — and they’re not facing a genocide.

The interview is also available as a podcast that is available here:


What do you think? Has the MSM "lied by omission" here? Please leave a comment below.

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