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Random White Dudes - In-bred Spawn Soon To Die Out

by Chauncey Tinker – 6 Aug 2017

(hat-tip to Seymour Clare for the story and info.)

Bust of Robert Stevenson ("a random white dude")


A video was created by a pop/hip-hop group called “Young Fathers” at the National Galleries Scotland.

The national gallery also made the video available. The video was met by a storm of protest online from people that the media and the “Young Fathers” themselves both then proceeded to describe variously as “extremists”, “racists”, “far-right”. The video was briefly withdrawn and then re-instated (I’m not sure what the current status is).


A young black man walks into an empty art gallery room with busts and walls covered with old paintings of white men. The lights dim and a voice (presumably his) begins to talk while music plays in the background. In the narration he complains about the fact that “the people who look like me aren’t here” and rails against the “White Powerful Rich” men who are depicted in the paintings. Then he takes his shirt off and starts to limber up. He begins to shadow box around the room, continuing his bizarre racist rant against the pictures on the walls. Some quotes:

“because I don’t see a face like mine framed in gold hanging on the wall” [@01:17],

(Ah, bless)

“gravestone that a dog pisses against” [@02:39],

dead random white dude” [@02:13]

“they are a long line of in-bred spawn soon to die out themselves” [@02:42]

(Since the people in the pictures on the walls are clearly already long dead, this is obviously a comment about white people in general.)

“My closeness to your existence my breath all offends me, or it would if you breathed yourself but you can’t. Your posterity is a cartoon, evidence of a vain stupidity while my own monument is the living” [or something like that @02:54]

“dead random white dude” [again @03:29]

The Video was available here at time of writing although who knows for how much longer:

Scottish Tax-Funded Anti-White Hate Propaganda by Mercury-Winning “Young Fathers”


The impression that the video left me with is that this black “Young Father” wants us to know that whitey is dying out and that virile young black men are here to replace us (better move aside whitey). This virile strong young black man with his shirt off wants our country for himself, and he thinks its OK to use threatening behaviour to intimidate us. Perhaps I miss-interpreted it somewhere along the line but that seemed to me to be the not too subtle message of this video.

No doubt the people who worship at the false altar of “political correctness” will interpret the video very differently. No doubt they will see an oppressed black man who is rising up against the terrible crime of slavery that white people should feel guilt about forever, and therefore no doubt they will see his aggressive posturing as entirely justified.

The truth however is that this particular black man has never been oppressed, he has been pampered and spoiled in a modern free society. His victim mentality has been pandered to and the result is an angry young man who is full of misguided hatred of people who have treated him very well in fact. For example he was given a chance (at the expense of Scottish taxpayers) to have a work of his video art displayed in a prestigious national gallery.

Instead of thanking whitey for their attempts to create a society where all people of all races have equal rights, and thanking them for the generosity of free education and free healthcare etc., and for allowing one of his band-mates (from Liberia) to come and live in this country, he has instead used the chance to attack and insult that society. The country that his parents originate from is renowned for hilariously amateurish financial email fraud, political corruption, some piracy, cruelty to children who are accused of witchcraft and not much else as far as I can make out.

In the video he says to the dusty old paintings of centuries dead white men “your posterity is a cartoon, evidence of a vain stupidity while my own monument is the living”, yet this young man is clearly living in the past himself, he has a very unhealthy obsession with it. Quite what justification he has for accusing these very dead men of “vain stupidity” is beyond me, I doubt if he really knows very much about them (more about that in a moment).

This group have also won major music awards and performed at the Royal Festival Hall (which is in quite large part funded by the national lottery):

South Bank Centre - What's on - Young Fathers 2017


Now they perform tracks from their critically praised albums and shake the foundations of Royal Festival Hall.

The victim mentality displayed in this video really doesn’t seem to be very well founded, does it. Its not as if this young man has been starved of the oxygen of publicity exactly, even if a painting of him is not yet hanging in the dusty old rooms of the Scottish national gallery.


The Herald Scotland wrote this:

A CAMPAIGN by the ‘Far Right’ forced artwork by one of Scotland’s biggest bands to be withdrawn from the National Galleries of Scotland following claims by extremists that it was “anti-white”.

But the film, which has been praised by fans including writer Irvine Welsh, attracted a string of extremist and racist comments on social media amid claims it was “targeted” by the far right.

The reaction prompted Young Fathers to urge the galleries to remove the artwork from their website claiming it had been “hijacked by people with ulterior motives, to create hatred and division amongst us”.

But within hours of the footage being withdrawn, the National Galleries of Scotland reposted the video.

I’m sure the irony of the statement “to create hatred and division amongst us” won’t be lost on our readers.

See the full article here:

Young Fathers video questioning depictions of art in National Galleries of Scotland targeted by far right racists

One commenter (Griff Geddes) who responded under the article apparently did know something about the “random white dudes” who’s portraits hang in the gallery, he made this comment:

Considering the “dead, random white dudes” include people like Thomas Stevenson, James Watt and Lord Kelvin, not forgetting Ivor Culter, I’d say that asking “What’s so special about you?” says more about the person asking the question than anything or anyone else.

I can’t be sure these are included in the white men pictured in the paintings in that particular room, but you get the idea – our museums tend to have pictures of notable people in them from the past. This is a Scottish gallery and these are some notable dead white Scots:

This particular racist extremist was very informative in his objection I thought. Not so much "random white dudes" as renowned white dudes perhaps.

Another article at “the Scotsman” was similarly dismissive about the objections:

Young Fathers suffer backlash over art galleries criticism


A MERCURY Prize-winning band has suffered a racist backlash after complaining that British art galleries are full of images of privileged white people.

What??? A “racist” backlash? We complain about a video that is screaming naked racism at us and that makes us racists ourselves? Are the Glozi fools in the MSM really so confused? Is it even possible that they are so confused?

You will note there that the group ALSO won a Mercury prize. This isn’t the first award they have won either. Quote from a BBC article “Who are the Young Fathers?“:

The Mercury Prize isn’t their first accolade. In June, the group won Scottish Album of the Year

So these oppressed unappreciated youths have won two very high profile non-racist music awards!


If this was just some isolated incident then obviously it would be a storm in a teacup but unfortunately as we know only too well, it is part of a pattern of anti-white propaganda perpetrated by the current elite. They live in a group-think bubble where they virtue-signal back and forth among the group, reinforcing their apparent hatred of their own race and deeply misguided and ignorant guilt about the past. Many have speculated that this is a psychological component of a deliberately orchestrated campaign of genocide against white people and well, you know what they may be right for all I know. Fortunately we now have alternative media sites such as the Participator where we can challenge the traitorous elite’s narrative.

The ideology of multiculturalism was built on some very shaky foundations indeed – on the notions that “racism is the white man’s disease”, that “diversity is strength”. These obvious lies have persisted only because of the relentless saturation and suppression techniques of the so-called “cultural Marxists” who wish to destroy all national identities and create a new world order. Only as long as mainstream media was nearly completely controlled by those favouring this new world order could these lies be maintained. That monopoly is now fortunately being broken. (Please help us to build on this work by linking to our articles elsewhere).

The reality is that diversity can only be strength if the vast majority of the people who you welcome into your society subscribe to the same notions and enthusiastically abandon their OWN “in-group preference”. It really seems as if the multi-cultural society we live in today is becoming more and more divided as it becomes more diverse – I am beginning to think we might more accurately say that “diversity is division” in fact. The current elite are certainly doing their level best to encourage division in our society, that’s for sure, by promoting racist, divisive garbage like this. (Hat-tip to Stefan Molyneux for the arguments here).

More evidence that others are not abandoning their in-group preference can be seen in the events known as the “black music awards”. Here one black artist displays her own in-group preference by lobbying for her own group, at the “Music Of Black Origin” site:

Laura Mvula: ‘The music industry is sexist and racist’

White people on the other hand would be mortified at the mere suggestion that there should be a “music of white origin” award ceremony, because we have abandoned and thoroughly repudiated our own in-group preference. Can you imagine Damon Albarn for example complaining that there are too many black people winning awards and calling for a music of white origin award ceremony? Its quite laughable to even think about it. As I mentioned above, apparently the “Young Fathers” group have won two prestigious awards! Look at how racist the music business is!!


The Glozi elite have been chipping away at one of the foundation stones of civilized society – equality before the law. A hapless cleaner was subjected to a 12 month community order and one month of forced labour for merely writing on social media:

“Don’t come over to this country and treat it as your own”

Here we have this arrogant young group making far more offensive and blatantly racist statements and yet we know well enough that this group will not be prosecuted for their grossly offensive publication. I would not wish for them to be prosecuted for this either, because I believe firmly in the freedom of expression – provided that people do not go as far as directly inciting violence in a credible fashion. The hapless cleaner in question should instead be pardoned and generously compensated for his ordeal, and the state should apologize publicly to him.


In the next episode of this video series by the “Young Fathers”, the astonishing cruelty of the Ottoman empire will be examined and the “Young Fathers” will be complaining about the fact that African slaves were often castrated. I think that’s why there aren’t so many Africans in the former Ottoman territories although that empire also used them in large numbers as slaves. Apparently bamboo catheters were inserted in their private parts and the slave would be buried in sand, and a large majority died in the process.

OK actually I made this up, I don’t think the “Young Fathers” are going to be having a look at the cruelty inflicted on african slaves in the Ottoman empire in their next video installment, somehow. They won’t be reminding us how the white Europeans ended the slave trade all over the world including in the former Ottoman territories either, not as far as I know anyway. What’s more the national art gallery of Turkey will not be hosting their video either.


My first reaction to this video was one of outrage and anger. I was about to sit down and write a stern letter of disapproval to the “National Galleries Scotland” and insist they remove the video. However on further reflection I am glad that the “Young Fathers” have released this powerful and provocative work of racist video art. It may be garbage in artistic terms, but as a work of expression it may have great value to us as a wake-up call.

What it should do is remind us that racism is not only the “white man’s disease”, but actually its quite universal. By abandoning our own “in-group preference” the white European people are now coming under attack from groups who still have a strong sense of their own identity. They exploit our guilt complex about the slavery and colonialism of the past. Our own rich powerful elite also exploit this. This rich powerful white elite have become a class of traitors to their own group. They have succumbed to greed and selfishness and abandoned the less fortunate members of their own group for the sake of immediate personal enrichment.

More than anything else I hope this video will awaken us apathetic self-obsessed white Europeans to the fact that we are dying out, just as the racist black supremacist in the video said that we are. We are not in-bred today as the black racist suggested, but as our numbers continue to dwindle we eventually will be. Our governments are increasingly anxious to suppress statistics that would reveal how very quickly this is happening as well. The UK birth rate may be 1.89 overall (relatively high) but a large proportion of this is driven by first/second/third generation immigrants having much larger families than we do (often thanks to the generosity of the welfare state). Its time to address the madness of limitless welfare. Even more importantly its time to have some more children white people as well and return to a sustainable replacement rate. It looks increasingly likely we cannot expect to be well treated if we become a minority in our homelands, we are already being treated as second-class citizens even now.

What do you think? Are you random or renowned? Please leave a comment below.

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