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The Glozi Agenda - An Introduction

by Chauncey Tinker – 27 Aug 2017

Operation Triton: Irish Naval Service personnel from the LÉ Eithne rescuing migrants, 15 June 2015

In debates about mass immigration we have often referred to pro-mass immigration voices as “lefties”. However quite often somebody will pipe up saying “hey, I’m a lefty – but I oppose mass immigration!”. They have a point, we need a more nuanced term to describe the people on the left who are pro-mass immigration. After some reflection I came up with a new word altogether – Glozi.


Glozi is short for Globalist Socialist, compare with Nazi short for:

National Socialist – Nationalsozialist.

The ultimate goal of the Glozis is to establish a single global socialist government with no borders between regions. Steps on the road to this final objective include the creation of the EU and the expansion of the EU to include not just Europe but also Africa and the Middle East. Crucial to this goal is both the cultural and racial mixing of peoples from Europe, the Middle East and Africa – known as “multi-culturalism”.

The Glozi economic model combines some degree of free enterprise with a large regulating state. The Glozi state provides welfare including unemployment benefits and pensions for example and free health care, free education for the majority, free housing for the poor, as well as perhaps some degree of nationalized industry. The provision of state welfare is very important in the Glozi agenda because it helps to ensure there is always a large class of people heavily dependent on the state. This class is easily bribed at elections with promises of state largess which are not always delivered once a Glozi party is elected. Mass immigration increases this dependent class and so pro-immigration policies should be seen in part as a form of gerrymandering by Glozi parties in government.

Of course some extremist socialists will say – “no, Glozis are not true socialists, they believe in some degree of capitalism!”. However most people think of a socialist state as a state which allows some degree of controlled private enterprise. Glozis believe in the need for governments to step in to “correct” capitalism when it “goes astray”, for example as was seen in the financial crisis of 2008/9. Often such events are an opportunity for discreet wealth transference to the Glozi elite, for example through the mechanism of so-called “Quantitative Easing“.

There are two main categories of Glozis – the Glozi puppet masters and the Glozi ideologues (puppets). Glozi politicians may be either or even a bit of both, it is often hard to know. The puppet masters are cynically manipulating society for their own ends while the ideologues are the believers who have fully imbibed the false ideology of Glozism. As with all ideologically driven movements the Glozis are intolerant of dissenting opinions. The ideological fanaticism in fact approaches a religious fervour among the ideologues, as we will see as we look more deeply into the Glozi movement in future posts. The Nazi leaders by contrast were themselves ideologues, their terrible true agenda was not hidden.


Big business favours open borders because open borders facilitate easy trade. Perhaps surprisingly, big business also favours socialist government because socialist governments discreetly transfer the costs of importing cheap labour to middle income earners. This enables big business to hire workers on lower wages than they would otherwise be able to because these workers are having healthcare, education and sometimes even housing costs paid by the state. Big businesses are adept at tax avoidance and so the tax burden for all these costs falls excessively on the “squeezed middle” – the middle classes. Big businesses also favour an interventionist and regulating government because excessive regulation makes it difficult for new small enterprises to compete with those big businesses.


The Glozi ideology was devised mainly with the intention of convincing Westerners that open borders are a good thing. Crucial in convincing people of this idea is to break down the sentiment of patriotism/national identity among Westerners. National flags become things to despise, xenophobia and racism (mere thoughts) are elevated almost to the status of crimes worse than murder and rape. Central to Nazi ideology was the idea that there is a master race, by contrast Glozi ideology projects the idea that all races are equal.

A crucial belief in the Glozi ideology is that “racism is the white man’s disease”. This idea is used to both shame white people out of their xenophobic and racist tendencies by making Westerners feel that they are uniquely unpleasant, even diseased. The obvious contradiction between this idea and the idea that all races are equal is an example of double-think. The Glozi elite have been able to project these contradictory ideas sufficiently successively because they have near monopolistic control of the public discourse through academia and the mainstream media. By encouraging Westerners to feel guilt about the colonial past and slavery, any feelings of national pride are further suppressed.

The Nazi ideology is essentially masculine, Nazis believe in the patriarchy – they refer to the fatherland. The Glozi ideology by contrast is essentially feminine. Nazis believe in conquering and dominating other races and cultures, whereas Glozi ideology encourages opening borders to allow unrestrained immigration, regardless of any consequences. It is no coincidence that women have had a growing influence in Western politics since WWII.


Hitler the Nazi considered himself to be a socialist:

Hitler and the socialist dream


The one and only problem of the age, he told Wagener, was to liberate labour and replace the rule of capital over labour with the rule of labour over capital.

While Nazis and Glozis share common ground in the degree to which they believe socialist policies should be adopted by governments, their views on racial and national identity are polar opposite extremes. The Nazis wished to purify racial and national identity, whereas the Glozis wish to destroy racial and national identity altogether. Crucial in this Glozi goal is the suppression of white racial and national identity in the Western countries that the Glozis have taken control of.


Of course some of the people who favour open borders are very much on the (real) right. For example those who identify as libertarians and anarcho-capitalists are often (not by any means always) open borders advocates. Obviously the term Glozi does not apply to them because they are not socialists. These people are not at all well represented in politics, even most people in politics who are regarded as right-wing tend to favour some degree of socialism. For example in the UK the “Conservative” party is pro-NHS and only dares to attempt quite modest welfare reform.


The Glozi elite gained control of Western governments following WWII and they have had the upper hand in the West ever since. The Glozi agenda is a uniquely Western phenomenon, no other countries in the world have adopted the ideology. They have dominated Western politics despite the fact that the majority of voters opposed mass immigration.

A Glozi agent has taken charge of the UN and tells European nations they have no right to control their borders:

New UN Boss Tells Europe Migration Unstoppable, Says Politicians Should Ignore Voters

In some degree perhaps the Glozi movement might be seen as an over-reaction to the excesses of the early twentieth century racist fascists in Europe. However the lobbying influence of globalist big business has probably also played a very significant part. With their near monopolistic control of the public discourse the Glozis were able to brainwash the masses into believing that the Glozi agenda was a good idea for everyone. In reality the Glozi agenda mainly benefits the entrenched Glozi elite, everyone else really not so much.

The brainwashing perpetrated by the Glozi elite through the education system and mainstream media has produced a large number of useful idiots (the ideologues) who repeat the mantras of the Glozi agenda at every opportunity. “Diversity is Strength!” they proclaim in newspaper columns and in TV and radio interviews and in their “scholarly” publications that are then “reviewed” in glowing terms by the Glozi media.

Hollywood and the arts in general are also heavily controlled by the Glozi elite, anyone with right-wing views on economics or anti-immigration views is punished and ostracized. Most right-wing or anti-immigration actors and other artists consequently keep their views to themselves.

Will Conservatives Punish Trump-Hating Hollywood?

Religious institutions have also been heavily infiltrated. The Anglican Church has been led by Glozi ideologues for some time. Even the Pope is a Glozi:

Pope Francis: Rights of Migrants Trump National Security Concerns

Unfortunately the Glozi agenda may have inflicted very great (possibly even irreversible) damage on the West and even the Glozi elite themselves may start to experience the negative effects of their agenda before much longer – some of them already have.


True democracy is anathema to both Nazis and Glozis, in both ideologies there is little need for debate on the big questions because the “truth” is already “known”. Instead they favour government by a small elite – the ones who know what is best for everyone else. It is no accident that the EU has increasingly been governed by “technocrats” – nobodies who simply implement the Glozi agenda without reference to ordinary voters’ wishes. For example the majority of European voters want an end to all immigration from Muslim countries, but most Western European governments are currently not taking the slightest notice of their wishes. The sole possible exception to this is the UK which has made a first step towards breaking the control of the Glozi elite through the vote to leave the EU (Brexit).


Thanks to the communications revolution, the modern world is interconnected to a degree that would have been unimaginable just two centuries ago. People literally on opposite sides of the world can communicate not just by telephone but by video link as well. The arrival of air travel means that people can also travel to the other side of the world physically in a very short space of time. Future advances are likely to make such travel even faster. International trade has also become easier, leading to cheaper goods.

This increased degree of inter-connectedness may turn out to be a very good thing in the long run. For example think of the advantages for scientific discovery – scientists on opposite sides of the world can share experimental data literally in real time, and discuss it as well. The possibilities for increasing technological progress are unprecedented. What may become hugely significant as well is that we may see a revolution in philosophical thought as ideas are debated and challenged in the biggest public forum imaginable – the world wide web.


Unfortunately the ease of travel in the globally connected world has also introduced a huge new problem. People in poor parts of the world can now more easily get to richer more prosperous parts of the world with more generous (socialized) welfare states. They can also more easily communicate and discover ways to get into the richer West – e.g. using mobile phones they can make contact with people smugglers and share information about where the borders are weakest. Vast numbers of migrants are now heading to Europe. As far as we can tell the vast majority of these migrants are unskilled (some are even illiterate), and most probably have a fairly low IQ. The impact of their presence on welfare and crime rates and policing is likely to be immense in the longer run as the financial burden is likely to greatly add to already large national debts of Western countries.


Glozis welcome people coming to the West – migrants tend to vote both for socialist leaning govt.s but also for pro-immigration govt.s, thus paving the way for the further breaking down of national identities and borders. The Glozis claim to care about people, yet so many of the migrants have drowned crossing the Mediterranean in the pursuit of this utopian dream that we must conclude that they don’t care about people at all, in fact – people are dispensable in the Glozi elite’s minds.


O, what a tangled web we weave when first we practise to deceive!

Sir Walter Scott

As so often when you perpetrate a lie, the consequences come back to haunt you. The bigger the lie, the bigger the consequences. The inculcation of the Glozi idea that "racism is the white man’s disease" (which implies that white people have nothing to fear from other races and cultures because only white people are racist) has led to a populace that is overly welcoming of other peoples and cultures. Suppressing normal and natural feelings of in-group preference is akin to damaging a person’s immune system. Citizens of Cologne who held up “Refugees Welcome” placards to welcome large numbers of migrants were later rewarded when mass sexual assaults (including rape) and thefts took place right outside their mainline railway station. One young woman became pregnant as a result and later had an abortion.

Fear of other groups is normal and natural although of course not by any means always justified. It is sane to err on the side of caution and maintain a healthy preference for one’s own group. People who belong to the same racial or ethnic group tend to coalesce together, the more so the more numbers there are in a region. Increasing “diversity” is thus creating divided communities, and some communities even distance themselves from each other with encouragement from their cultures. Diversity is division, not strength. We have seen this in the rise of “no-go zones” in Western cities.

We have seen many Islamic terror attacks in the West now and the frequency of these seems to be increasing. Lower level violence such as rapes, sexual assaults, gang violence, beatings, muggings, robberies are also on the increase after many years when we were told such crime was falling. Racial and cultural prejudices are playing a part in these crimes.


Seeing the rising discontent, the Glozi elites are doubling down and trying to suppress that discontent. The Glozis do this through three methods – suppressing information, increasing surveillance and criminalizing dissent. Despite the growing problems, controlling the borders is still very low on their agenda, because open borders are so very central to the Glozi ideology.

They have suppressed e.g. in France government data about the racial identity of perpetrators of crimes. The racial identity of suspects in criminal attacks is often suppressed in the media, making crimes harder to solve. “Did you see a person of race X in this neighbourhood on Saturday night” becomes “Did you see a person in this neighbourhood on Saturday night?”. This suppression of vital information is leading to increasing suspicion and resentment among the population at large. It seems the elite are more interested in protecting particular favoured groups from criticism than they are in keeping people safe overall.

In attempting to suppress dissent they have introduced a terribly flawed concept into the legal systems – the concept of “hate crime”. Hate crime legislation encourages identity politics – groups vying for elevated victim status – and thus further increases division in society. Thus racial divisions are increasing, not decreasing as a result of this change to the legal system. It is very hard to know whether we should see this as a deliberate attempt to “divide and rule” the populace, or as a panicky knee-jerk reaction to the problems that the Glozi agenda has created.

It seems that the Glozi elite have even considered using drugs to suppress anti-immigration sentiments:

German Scientists: Drug Public with Oxytocin to ‘Promote the Acceptance and Integration of Migrants’


The Glozi agenda has produced excessively feminized Western societies that have become unable to defend themselves. Dissenters in Glozi societies are now increasingly fearful of the consequences of speaking their minds. They fear both arrest and peer pressure and even ostracization from their indoctrinated peer group. The state seems increasingly powerful in Western countries because of increasing suppression of dissent but in fact it is very weak because deliberate avoidance of truth leads to confused minds and confused minds are weak minds. Glozi puppet masters may eventually turn into ideologues themselves because they start to believe their own endlessly repeated propaganda.

Both the Nazi and Glozi ideologies are imbalanced, extremes out of the natural equilibrium. As such, if allowed to continue unchecked they will do a lot of damage. It is important that both ideologies are challenged bravely, but right now it is the Glozis who have the upper hand and therefore it is the Glozis who must be challenged most vocally today. It is tempting to believe the Glozi movement is “nice” because it is essentially a feminine movement, but make no mistake – the female of the species can be just as deadly as the male.

Proceed with caution – try to stay within the increasingly speech-restrictive laws, make connections with like-minded people and help to strengthen the arguments. This is an ideological war now, but if we do not win the war while it is still an ideological war then it may well escalate and become a real civil war. If you agree that this new word Glozi is a useful word to describe the people who are currently trying to create this new world order, this socialist “utopia” where borders are a thing of the past, then please use the word frequently in debates elsewhere. You can also link to this page if you need to explain the term in more depth,


Expansion of the EU:

Eurabia: ‘Conspiracy’ or Policy?

U.S. State Department Witnessed 1974 Birth of Eurabia

The Barcelona Process or Euro-Mediterranean Partnership

A Glozi ideologue high in the EU hierarchy envisages the merging of cultures:

A highly representative speech

The BBC is one of the world’s largest Glozi media organizations:

BBC Journalists are pro-immigration extremists and racists

Why is the BBC STILL so hideously biased on immigration?

The BBC’s focus on immigration was a whole day of anti-Brexit propaganda

Antifa blackshirts are the terrorist thugs of the Glozi elite:

Alt-Left Warns Antifa Will Attack Canadian Journalists At Protests

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