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Other Items That Caught Our Eye This Week - w/e 28 October

by The Participator – 28 Oct 2017

This post is a new idea for a weekly post compiling any other things of interest that we came across (not necessarily recent) in the week. These are things we were interested in but which didn’t fit in with any of the major posts.


Amber Rudd's recent reported proposal to criminalize people for up to 15 years for merely “repeatedly viewing” online content deemed “far-right propaganda” or “terrorist material” is back in the news. The BBC published this:

New terror laws 'would criminalise thought', watchdog warns

However Max Hill QC on his twitter feed seemed to be disputing what the BBC said that he said so you can read the full speech here if you have the time:

Max Hill QC - Tom Sargant Memorial Lecture

A quote from the speech:

We do not, and should not criminalise thought without action or preparation for action. Thought with steps towards action can be terrorism. Thought without action or preparation for action may be extremism, but it is not terrorism.

That sounds reasonable enough on the face of it, wise words that the government should heed, although when we look at cases of incitement the line is often not as clear as those words suggest.

In the speech he makes it clear that he disapproves of Theresa May's previous proposal for a counter extremism bill (a very stupid proposal). Incidentally, Max Hill QC is the new terrorism watchdog chap who also hit the news recently when he apparently said some not so wise words (also from the BBC):

Earlier this month, Mr Hill said Britons who joined so-called Islamic State through "naivety" should be spared prosecution and instead be reintegrated into society if they return home.

From Gatestone we have an article about EU attempts to tell journalists how to report the news (shh don’t mention the migrants):

The EU Lectures Journalists about PC Reporting

Of course this is only guidance, but when governments start issuing guidance to journalists you know they are not supportive of a free press. Any government that tries to interfere with the workings of the free press (except in true matters of national security) must be viewed with suspicion, and we must be vigilant as the next step will often be legislation.

Its not just the EU that is guilty of this however, the UK First Secretary of State Damian Green attacked so-called “alternative media”.

From the Daily Telegraph:

The point is that our political discourse needs to be better than it currently is, an argument that will not be lost on many people in this room whose livelihoods are under threat from unscrupulous blogs and websites that have no regard for any attempt to check the truth like the Canary, Breitbart, SkwawkBox

What evidence does he have that Breitbart has “No regard for any attempt to check the truth” – quite a claim to lay against anybody. Breitbart should sue Damian Green for this libelous accusation, it is time to fight back!

Breitbart responded:

KASSAM: Theresa May’s Deputy Is Worried About MPs Being Murdered Over ‘Fake News’, While His Govt’s Policies Continue to Kill UK Citizens

Is it respectful to allege - without proof - that we publish fake news? Has Mr. Green added up the corrections and edits that the BBC, or the Times, or other news outlets have to make weekly, compared to how many Breitbart News has to?

We support the freedom of the press and will strongly oppose any Orwellian government attempts to legislate against so-called “fake news”. The current mainstream media have been trying to whip up hysteria against alternative media because it is undermining the MSM’s dominance and narrative. We are not deceived by the “fake news” narrative.


Breitbart reports:

England Policing Crisis: Crime Up 13 Per Cent, Rape up 22 Per Cent, Just One in Nine Burglaries Solved

Crime Soaring, But Arrests Fall by 48 Per Cent as Police Focus on ‘Hate Crime’

Do we have any reason to doubt Breitbart’s reporting on this story? Well they are merely repeating news reported at the Daily Mail in this instance, another news source which is routinely vilified by the BBC et al.

“Number of arrests plunge by half in a decade: Police are accused of ‘soft justice’ amid soaring rates of crime”

The Daily Mail quotes the ONS, to check if they are doing so accurately we can just go to the source:


(lack of time prevents us from doing that but readers can of course check if they want to).


Of course we continue to be alarmed by the events in Catalonia. Will this further destabilize the EU, that seems almost inevitable? We are intrigued by the very varied opinions on this that the commenters under news articles express. Many seem to think the Catalan independence movement is pro-EU and very left-wing, but many others seem to think that the Catalans are seeking independence from both Spain AND the EU. The only thing that seems to unite most commenters is the view that the current Spanish government is handling the crisis very badly.


What could possibly go wrong?? Gatestone says quite a lot – they tell us of a mutiny on board a French aircraft carrier in 1999 among other incidents:

European Armies Recruiting Muslim Soldiers


The numbers of podcasters, vloggers, bloggers etc. is continuing to grow. Modern methods of communication have opened up the possibility of a true revolution in journalism, we are no longer dependent on the “mainstream media” with their carefully sanitized narrative. A couple of good examples we came across recently:

Fahrenheit 211

We have linked to several articles from this site from 2 recent articles here and here.

A podcaster produced a very good first hand account of the Football Lads Alliance march in London. The podcast includes the most important speeches and leaves us wondering why the BBC failed to report the event (we are joking of course, we know why well enough). The podcast is freely available here:

WKIWR FLA podcast


A police video appeared that seemed to be promoting Islam:

Lincolnshire police video promoting Islam

Lincolnshire live reported on the backlash:

Police heavily criticised on social media after posting video on better understanding of British Muslims

According to Gatestone the speaker who appears in the video is a member of an organization that supports Hamas and is funded by the UK taxpayer:

UK: More Taxpayer Funds Go to Extremist Charities

This same organization was also mentioned in the Daily Telegraph with reference to Muslim Brotherhood funding:

Government donation to Muslim Charities Forum denounced as “madness”

Feel free to comment on anything else in the news you think would be of interest to our readers this week .

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