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UKIP Just Made A Very Bad Decision


The Lion That Snored

by Chauncey Tinker – 1 Oct 2017

The UK Independence Party (UKIP) just had a leadership contest. The new leader has been announced 2 days ago as a surprise outsider candidate called Henry Bolton. Right up to the last minute the bookies’ favourite was Anne Marie Waters (AMW) who was announced in second place. Despite my support for AMW I was nonetheless open minded when I first heard the news. I had seen a couple of video clips of interviews with Mr. Bolton which had left me rather unimpressed, but this was not enough to judge this man since I had never even heard of him before that. Having looked at the candidate more closely since the announcement I am now convinced that the party has made a very bad decision.

Here are my reasons for coming to this conclusion:


The elephant in the room in this election was the subject of Islam. AMW is of course known for her outspoken views on the subject. Henry Bolton was apparently concerned that UKIP would become a single issue party if she won:

He has said seeing Brexit through and delivering on the wishes of those who voted to leave is its “core task” but, at the same time, he has said UKIP cannot be a single issue party.

Speaking to Kent News during the campaign he warned against UKIP turning itself into the “UK Nazi party” under the “wrong leadership”.

I explained at length in the previous post on the contest why I thought in fact that AMW’s open opposition to Islam was in fact a great strength of her leadership bid, not a weakness. In a nutshell my argument was that:

Bizarrely, Mr. Bolton has also made some relatively outspoken comments on the religion (outspoken compared to anything that the current elected politicians have said). Clearly he had no grounds for insinuating that AMW was some sort of Nazi, a word that conjures up the death camps of the holocaust during WWII. This was an absolutely despicable slur. Although Mr. Bolton did not quite level the insinuation at AMW directly, it was clear that he was referring to the direction he thought the party would take if she became leader. It was also clear that talking about the subject would not be high on his list of priorities if he became leader.


From interviews its clear that he sees a problem with foreign funding of mosques and that is of course a very valid concern and it must be stopped. However he has also stated that (from Westmonster):

On dealing with radical Islam, Bolton is pushing for more regulation, insisting: "We need to ensure rather like a Church of England Vicar that Imams are trained here, funded here, licensed here, that they understand the British way of life."

Straight away this reveals that Mr. Bolton is not concerned about the core texts of the religion. He is not concerned about all the incitements to violence and the terrible example of Mohammed’s life that Muslims are supposed to follow, that included murders by his henchmen and marriage to a 6 year old child. The above statement shows that he thinks that Islam can be molded to somehow fit in with British life – tea at the vicarage and all that sort of thing.

This viewpoint is typical of the current establishment thinking that is embodied in the “Prevent” strategy (I refer to it as the “Pretend” strategy). This viewpoint has been disparagingly referred to as “MI5Islam” by some – it is an utterly futile attempt to re-invent the religion so that its followers are no longer inspired to wage jihad against the infidels. The problem is that you cannot re-invent the religion without altering the core Islamic texts – the Koran, Hadith and Sira. Since the UK govt. will never attempt to re-write the core Islamic texts and in any case is not regarded as a religious authority in the Islamic world, there is no chance whatsoever of this strategy ever having any useful impact. At best this strategy results in imams paying lip service to the govt., which only has the effect of sweeping problems under the carpet. Instead we should be having an honest and open debate about the religion, the longer we leave it the more dangerous it will be when we finally do inevitably have that debate.


I could not possibly speculate about whether the result was rigged or not, I don’t have the inside knowledge to comment on that. However what certainly is a fact is that a considerable number of UKIP supporters do believe that the result was rigged. I know this from following a great many conversations in various places online. Many people are asking “who is he?” and “who voted for him?”, a sentiment expressed in this meme:

We even have a similar question being asked in the media. From Buzzfeed:

Some Bloke No One Has Heard Of Has Been Elected As The New Leader Of UKIP


A complete unknown who previously stood as a candidate for the Liberal Democrats has been elected as leader of UKIP.

Of course these rumours are very bad for the party’s reputation, so could the 3,874 people who apparently voted for Mr. Bolton please stand up and make a bit of noise so we can put these rumours to bed?

The party’s reputation is being further damaged by a claim that Mr. Bolton tried to get AMW kicked out of the contest:


Somebody stated that Mr. Bolton was a “born leader” but born leaders don’t need to get their opponents kicked out before a democratic vote – born leaders win by making CONVINCING ARGUMENTS.


Far from being a single issue candidate, AMW had set out her vision for getting the UK back on the right track in a coherent manifesto. The first section is devoted to the subject of Brexit:

Anne Marie Waters’s Manifesto

In the second section of her manifesto she mentions the deteriorating state of our legal system. She very rightly says that policing has become politicized and the police are more concerned about whether they are causing offence than with enforcing the law. She says that the law must be enforced equally regardless of race or religion. The word “law” does not even appear in Mr. Bolton’s “priorities” page (the closest thing I could find to a manifesto from him):

Henry Bolton’s Priorities

In the section title Prosperity in her manifesto AMW says this:

The welfare state is not a way of life, but a safety net. A lifetime on benefits is hugely damaging to individuals and societies.

Mr. Bolton’s “priorities” page makes only a very passing mention of welfare which could mean anything at all (perhaps he gained the habit of being non-committal from his time in the “Liberal Democrats”, a party which he only left in 2014 apparently):

As a result they all now suffer from systemic failures: healthcare; social care and welfare; education; defence; policing; prisons and probation services; local government are now sometimes not even fit for purpose.

So far I also haven’t heard Mr. Bolton make any mention of welfare reform in interviews either.

AMW makes it very clear that she wants a stop on immigration, but Mr. Bolton has said that he doesn’t even think any cap should be put on numbers. From the Standard:

But he earlier told reporters that there should be no cap on the numbers who can come to the country, signalling a major shift in Ukip’s position by abandoning the party’s pledge to cap net migration.

The one issue that really does appear to be high on Mr. Bolton’s list of priorities is the Brexit process. AMW also wants us to leave the EU, it is the first item in her manifesto. Of course the Brexit process is a priority right now, but it is not the only pressing issue that needs to be dealt with. By the time of the next general election we may have left the EU already.

So it seems that it is Mr. Bolton, not AMW, who is the single issue candidate here.


Much is being made of Mr. Bolton’s career in the army, police and border security. Apparently he was an army officer, a fact that many are impressed by, but as one ex-soldier put it:

So what, some of the officers are bloody useless.

Mr. Bolton apparently won an award for bravery. From the Daily Telegraph:

Mr Bolton, 54, a former army officer and ex-policeman who won an award for outstanding bravery

This has been mentioned quite a few times in the media. What has never been mentioned in the media is that AMW is also showing outstanding bravery every minute of every day by openly challenging the Islamic religion, something that almost no other politician is doing – certainly not any candidate for a major UK political party. Thanks to Mr. Bolton’s grossly irresponsible comments re. an imagined danger of UKIP becoming a Nazi party under AMW’s leadership, she is now exposed to even more danger than before – and from many directions as well. Mr. Bolton is helping to suppress criticism of Islam by endangering those who dare to criticize the religion. To put it bluntly – he is assisting the Islamic takeover of the UK.

Perhaps he would also approve of this army recruitment campaign (from last year):

Mr. Bolton also appears to have had some role in border security in the EU. According to his website he was:

Head of border strategies, programmes and projects across the 57 member states of the Organisation for Security & Cooperation in Europe


Strategic and Operational Planner, EU Common Security & Defence Policy, Brussels

(among other roles). He seems utterly oblivious to the fact that following the huge wave of illegal immigration into the EU that has taken place in recent years, the very idea of EU “border security” has become an absolute joke in most people’s minds.


All the indications are that under his leadership UKIP will continue to fail to make a dent in the current political status quo, and Britain will go back to sleep, ignoring the growing existential threat that is gnawing away at the internal organs of our society. The top brass in the party are utterly opposed to addressing the concerns of ordinary people in the UK and therefore will remain un-electable. UKIP will continue to fail to attract the mass support that will be necessary to break through at the ballot box. There now appears to be no hope of changing the direction of UKIP from within.

We can’t just deliver Brexit while the country continues to decline. We must also address the underlying problems – welfare, immigration, erosion of freedom of speech and equality before the law. I therefore hope that Anne Marie Waters capitalizes on the surge of support that she has enjoyed during this leadership contest, and forms a new party.

What do you think? Should AMW start a new party? Please leave a comment below.

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