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Brexit Or Did They Forget-About-It?

by Seymour Clare – 14 Nov 2017

We are told, in order to make the separation “crystal clear”, Brexit will happen on the day Article 50 runs out – at midnight Brussels time 11pm GMT on 29 March 2019. Some would say it is this simple – make ‘no deal’ with the EU, haul anchor and take the SS Great Britain out on the open ocean. The reality is somewhat more complicated, to say the least.

The Sunday Times reported last week that Mrs May had agreed in principle to a €60bn (£53bn) ‘divorce bill’, which meant trade negotiations could start before Christmas. Richard North observes:

It’s all rumour and innuendo, relying on unattributed briefings from anonymous officials - many of them denied or discredited within hours of their emerging.

He’s just as scathing about a “fantasy” no-deal scenario:

Brexit: the fantasy of the “no deal”

While Brexit negotiations are where ground-hogs go to die apparently. So Byzantine are the mechanisms and so bound up and entwined are the pro-EU elements of the political/academic/media & cultural classes, one almost needs a soothsayer to interpret the runes.

In high-stake games of bluff and counter-bluff, threat, risk and much vested interest, fronted by the usual assortment of fantasists, egoists and charlatans in parliament and the EU, picking out the ones with the cogent and reasonable plan is not easy. The technical and bureaucratic complexity of the logistics of Brexit adds a further almost impenetrable layer.

We will need detailed plans of action and a determined sense of purpose from our political class to navigate the numerous potential obstacles. Whether that be for EU citizens in the UK, and vice-versa, borders with Ireland, airport regulations, the place of the ECJ, ECHR and numerous other ramifications of Brexit.

Meanwhile as the City is apparently betting a ‘hard Brexit will never happen’, a host of anti-democratic Remainers and EU officials are trying to negate the vote:

“Article 50 can be reversed” says Lord Adonis, whom along with Nick Clegg and Ken Clarke, apparently asked ‘eurocrats for advice about how Brexit can be completely cancelled’. Adonis later tweeting: “Parliament must now take control and halt Brexit.”. From the Express:

WATCH: Moment Labour MP ‘FORGETS’ his constituency voted to LEAVE in Brexit referendum

John Sawers, former head of MI6 and according to the Sun ‘a close pal of Tony Blair’ (who has also popped up more than once to tell us it all must be stopped), said Brexit would impact the UK’s ability to deploy ‘coercive foreign policy strategies’. Open Britain supporter and Labour MP Chris Bryant said in a statement:

“If anyone would know about how Brexit could impact on our security and foreign policy, it is the former head of MI6,”

From politico:

Brexit might not happen, says former British spy chief

From the Sun:

SPOOKED Britain’s former top spook Sir John Sawers labelled ‘more Blofeld than Bond’ after claiming Brexit may never happen

As the show-girls might say of the Ministers “Well they would (say that), wouldn’t they?”

Shadowy forces from the CIA, MI6 and a secret unit in Whitehall, were involved in covert propaganda efforts to get the UK to join the nascent EU in the first place, and it would probably be very naive to imagine similar dirty-tricks are not being played right now. It would certainly give the whole affair a duplicitous symmetry. From the Cambridge Clarion:

How MI6 pushed Britain to join Europe

From the Daily Telegraph:

Euro-federalists financed by US spy chiefs

Over the coming months we might see just how far pro-EU forces (from both inside and outside Europe, also within the UK) are prepared to go to attempt to scupper Brexit. I suspect there’s quite a way to go before we reach the limit of their hubris and contempt for democracy.

To give one an idea of where battle lines are being drawn, Pollard opines in the DT:

as an institution, the FCO regards Brexit as something close to evil.

He reports, pro-Brexit MP Priti Patel’s enforced resignation was the cause of celebration among:

senior Foreign and Commonwealth Office mandarins....[and] distinguished members of the great and the good.

Mr Obama straight-out threatened a Brexit vote with punishment in any future trade-deal, which gave one a pretty strong idea of the position of the US at that time. Presidents of course change but deep states tend to stick around. There are other pro-EU Glozi forces that have previous and no qualms about damaging British interests, if they clash with their own agendas or profits. Meanwhile the real deals, if any, are made out of sight. We are reduced to interpreting the political equivalent of sheep entrails and omens in the night-sky.

We have potentially another 500+ days of such searching for clues and portends from the contradictory statements and guarded comments of bureaucrats, lawyers and a political class, that abrogated responsibility for the big decisions decades ago .... and in this 500+ day period, agreements must be made with an organisation, notorious for its involvement in seemingly never-ending trade-deal talks, while many on both sides will be taking part reluctantly and some with an almost nihilistic hope of its failure.

It makes for uneasy viewing and a nervous period of uncertainty. Watch this space, no doubt much more, or not as the case may be, to come. Can the British political classes rise to the challenge of Brexit?

For this is one of the greatest drivers of Brexit, not some convoluted notion of xenophobic, geriatric, global ‘left-behinds’, with which pro-EU forces vilify and patronise opposition. Voters want some semblance of control back. The reason most given in Lord Ashcroft’s mega-poll was “the principle that decisions about the UK should be taken in the UK”. The disconnect between the political classes and the electorate was wedged open by the EU and widened by globalism.

Simply hoping that our majority pro-EU political establishment will do the right thing, as they have been tasked to do by democratic means, is not enough. We can expect further resistance not just because most of the establishment wanted to remain in the EU, but because this change also means making themselves more accountable for their decisions. Over the coming months and years we will have to prod and poke our political class to do the right thing - take us out of the EU, and also act as a firewall to globalist interests. Those globalist interests that diverge from those of the UK’s have long had the upper hand, and till now their lobbying power has held sway over our leaders who are supposed to govern FOR the people. We must counter this powerful lobbying force with an even stronger force - people power, the strength of our great numbers!

It is the start of a long journey to perhaps reclaiming the right to set the direction of travel for our country, and the current negotiations are all part of that process. What many Brexiteers (myself included) asked for was – a more accountable political class taking decisions in the UK in the interests of the UK. Now that is both strangely exhilarating and at the same time, considering the ‘talent’ on the Westminster benches, a quite scary thought indeed!

What do you think, did they forget we were supposed to exit? Please leave a comment below.

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