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by Chauncey Tinker – 13 Nov 2017

There are quite a few accusations flying around that the red poppy has somehow been hijacked by the so-called “far-right”. At the same time there seems to be something of a revival of the white poppy going on – a symbol of pacifism and anti-war movements that originated in the inter-war period. Remembrance day is sadly becoming politicized to a degree that I don’t believe I have seen before in my lifetime.

Amber Rudd (the current home secretary) wrote this in the Daily Telegraph yesterday (11th November):

Far-Right groups are trying to hijack British symbols and institutions for their own warped ideals

Of course many of those against whom the term “far-right” is used today are grossly slandered by the phrase in reality, and they are simply trying to remind people that many have had to make great sacrifices to defend our way of life, many giving the ultimate sacrifice in order to preserve it. Have you no shame Amber Rudd, are there no depths to which you will not sink? Just because others do not share your vision of a socialist and borderless new world order, does not mean that they are inferior to you in any way – they simply have a different opinion than the one you hold.

Cabinet revolts over immigration leak as Home Secretary Amber Rudd and even the PM’s deputy Damian Green refuse to back curbs

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A great many, probably most, of those who died in the two world wars and in other conflicts since then, had a very strong sense of patriotism. To them the phrase “King and Country” meant everything, to you it would appear it means nothing. They believed they were defending our borders, and they would have shuddered at some of your actions as home secretary that show you seem to hold the very idea of borders in contempt.

I always believed that one of our most important values that is so very central to that way of life is the freedom of speech, but Amber Rudd’s leader Theresa May has been repeatedly threatening that freedom with truly Orwellian proposals that attacked the very concept at its heart. Rudd shares similar sinister Orwellian ideas about what people should be allowed to say:

UK terror watchdog warns government: ‘Don’t criminalise thought’

I believe I can speak for the vast majority of those who have died in conflicts fighting for our way of life Amber Rudd, that your Orwellian ideas are not what they died for. Your government is threatening to attack the very way of life they died to defend.


Everyone has a right to wear a red poppy to honour those who died in conflicts. It doesn’t matter what their political persuasion is, they can still wear it. Even those in high office such as the Home Secretary or even the Prime Minister do not get to decide who can wear the poppy or discuss the sacrifices that were made and why.

It is you Amber Rudd who is hijacking the red poppy here, probably in a vain attempt to deflect attention away from your own unpatriotic actions. It was your job as Home Secretary to defend our borders, that is what you are paid to do! It was also your job as Home Secretary to defend the freedom of speech! You have failed in your most important tasks and so you should RESIGN IMMEDIATELY!


Extremist Banning and Disruption Orders

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