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Other Items That Caught Our Eye This Week - w/e 4 November

by The Participator – 4 Nov 2017


From the Express:

The Bank said in a statement: “The decision to leave the European Union is having a noticeable impact on the economic outlook.

So inflation has nothing to do with the money printing (QE) that was going on last year, which was ALSO done “because of Brexit” apparently (according to the BBC):

Then in August 2016, the Bank of England said it would buy 60bn of UK government bonds and 10bn of corporate bonds, amid uncertainty over the Brexit process and worries about productivity and economic growth.

You might think that printing 70 BILLION POUNDS might have a little bit of an effect on inflation, mightn’t you, but fortunately we have a genius called Mark Carney to “explain” things to us. Is it my imagination or is every single thing that apparently goes wrong with the economy now “because of Brexit”? Remember “Project Fear”, should we be calling this “Project Scapegoat” perhaps, or is this something even more sinister – an attempt to derail Brexit?

Given how leveraged people are nowadays thanks to longstanding low interest rates creating a false sense of security, small rises could have a big impact. From the Guardian:

Average house price at 7.6 times annual salary, official figures show

Of course there will be winners as well as losers however, as savers will gain a little bit from their savings income, and first time buyers may even benefit a little from house prices stagnating possibly (don't bank on them falling however, especially since net immigration is still high).

Also in Brexit news, accusations against Arron Banks about some conspiracy theory involving the Russians. From Breitbart:

UK Govt Mobilises Against Brexit Campaigners in Desperate Bid to Undermine Referendum


The “politics of distraction” was deployed this week, we have to wonder why. Michael Fallon was forced to resign. Was there some bad news that needed to be buried, we wonder? The media furore was not matched by corresponding public indignation about the allegations. The public have other things on their minds.


The group called “Mend” were invited to the UK parliament this week by MPs including Jeremy Corbyn (the useful idiot in chief) who spoke at the event, this rightly caused a lot of outrage. @MaajidNawaz tweeted:

Islamist extremist Azad Ali is a director of MEND. He praised killing British troops abroad etc. These MPs should be ashamed of themselves.

MBGA News reported on a protest against the meeting outside parliament:

FULL VIDEO: Protest against Labour inviting “Islamist” group to Parliament


MEND produced a video clip (available on Youtube) featuring Jeremy Corbyn, Sayeeda Warsi and Vince Cable. Jeremy Corbyn appears in the video and says something very stupid (just FYI Jeremy - Islam is not a race, in case you weren't aware):

"We have to drive out racism in any form in our society. Islamophobia is a terrible thing, causes terrible hurt and terrible pain."

Vince Cable appears and says:

"I greatly welcome the contribution that MEND is making to raise awareness of this issue and mobilize people in the political world and elsewhere to fight Islamophobia."

Also from Harry’s Place:

MEND and Parliament - This is no way to help Muslims

From order-order:

Corbyn and Labour MPs Host MEND In Parliament


Too many white authors featured in English literature courses at UK’s universities apparently. Too much Shakespeare, not enough works by some apparently great authors who we have never heard of. From the “Guardian” (decolonise we think means de-colonialize or something like that – actually no we’re just not sure what it means unless perhaps they just mean kick the whitey authors out):

Cambridge academics seek to ‘decolonise’ English syllabus

Also Nigel Farage complaining about EU bias in universities this week:

The EU has infiltrated our universities. We must fight back against its propaganda machine


From the Daily Telegraph:

Extremists and returning jihadists ‘offered council house bribes to reintegrate’

Returning jihadis apparently allowed to jump to the front of the queue for council housing!!! Why aren’t they going to prison (asked lots and lots and lots of people but HM govt. wasn’t listening)??? Anyone would think Theresa May was keen to appease Islamic terrorism or something…


Finally one, single, bit of good news (sort of). A case of FGM is actually being prosecuted, only the second case in 31 years apparently. From Breitbart:

Man Charged With FGM: Only Second Prosecution in British History, 31 Years After Ban Introduced

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