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Theresa May Is A Soviet Sleeper Spy (SATIRE)

by Chauncey Tinker – 17 Dec 2017

[Apparently you have to attach a big label to satire nowadays to differentiate it from REAL fake news. Readers please note that this post is SATIRE – not meant to be taken literally (except where many true facts are cited)].

There have been many claims lately from those on one side of the political spectrum in particular, that the Russians have been interfering in Western politics. However a much bigger story of Russian interference in the West has gone undetected – until now. The biggest scandal of our times can now finally be exposed – that the Soviet Union (as was) secretly planted a sleeper spy code-named “Theresa May” in our midst and she has now climbed to the very top in UK politics to become the PRIME MINISTER OF THE UNITED KINGDOM!!

A cartoon appeared in the Spectator a while ago caricaturing Theresa May as a tin robot called the “Maybot”. Little did that humorous writer realize it, but they were much closer to the truth than they knew. Theresa May was pre-programmed at a very young age to take part in her secret sleeper spy mission. This is the reason (we can now exclusively reveal) that there is such a robotic quality in the way she talks.

Theresa May’s birthplace, the KGB Headquarters in Moscow

After the end of World War II, quite a few Japanese soldiers were left stranded on islands in the Pacific Ocean. Since they had lost all contact with the outside world they did not realize that the war had ended, and they continued to behave as if the war was still going on. In a similar way Theresa May is continuing to follow the pre-programmed instructions of her Soviet era spy program creators, long after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Incredibly, she has been following these instructions to the letter since she first joined the Conservative party decades ago, and nobody even noticed (until now)! This is the more astonishing given that there have been several clues in her erratic un-British behaviour, let us look back at some of these clues now:


A small clue was seen in that bracelet May wore. From the Independent:

Theresa May attacked for wearing bracelet decorated with renowned communist Frida Kahlo

The truth could also be seen more starkly in Theresa May’s political ideology which seemed strangely at odds with the Conservative party’s policies under earlier party leaders. From the Daily Telegraph:

Theresa May redefines Conservatism as Tories move on from Thatcher

Right, Theresa May was moving the Conservative party away from conservatism, towards COMMUNISM, as she had been programmed to do.

From the Spectator:

Theresa May is the most left-wing Tory Prime Minister for 40 years


For those of you not aware, Communist countries generally suppress all dissent with extremely harsh censorship – Stalin for example sent millions to their deaths just so that he could remain in power. The ideas of Communism cannot survive being exposed to rational scrutiny and so Communist states would quickly collapse without such censorship.

While she was still Home Secretary, May concocted a truly Orwellian plan to censor her political opponents. A more obvious clue revealing May’s Soviet era programming is difficult to imagine. How ridiculously out of place these proposals looked in a free Western country, yet still nobody realized the truth about May’s origins. I wrote in detail about these proposals at the time (NB. note that this post is incredibly NOT satire, it is entirely factual):

Extremist Banning and Disruption Orders

May also introduced an Orwellian surveillance measure while she was in the Home Office, a bill that came to be known as the “Snooper’s Charter”. The degree of powers given to the state under this measure would have made the infamous STASI (Soviet era East German secret police) green with envy.


Then in May of this year I wrote about Theresa May’s manifesto plan to turn the internet into what she called a “safe space”. By now Theresa May had become the Prime Minister, and she was holding a general election. Fortunately for the reasons I explained in the post, the plans are impractical and therefore unlikely to have the effect of completely silencing her opponents. They may however still succeed in hampering her political opponents somewhat. Here is that post:

May’s Manifesto Pledge To Make The Internet A Safe Space

Elected albeit with a reduced majority, May was nonetheless determined to put this plan into action.


Theresa May is now starting to put her Soviet era plan into action by pressuring social media into compliance. In a recent debate May’s henchwoman, the current UK Home Secretary Amber Rudd, emphatically repeated the phrase “take it down” in reference to what she very vaguely described as “hate speech” on social media.


The companies that currently have a near monopoly on the social media space are of course only too happy to comply, as their political leanings are at one with those of the current Western European governments.

Facebook and Twitter have outlined their plans to begin censoring all true conservatives on their platforms as per the Maybot’s instructions. Pressure is also coming on these companies from the EU (a political union that looks increasingly similar to the USSR). From Reuters:

EU authorities demand changes from Facebook, Google, Twitter

Twitter’s new rules:

Twitter’s “Hateful conduct policy”


Examples of what we do not tolerate includes, but is not limited to behavior that harasses individuals or groups of people with:


There is no mention of which particularly “protected” groups these new rules apply to, in fact it’s not even defined in the page what they mean by the term. It is rather telling that Twitter even thinks that there should be such a thing as a “protected group” on their platform – the phrase implies that some are more equal than others in the eyes of the Twitter thought police.

I am going to hazard a guess that one specially protected group they have in mind are the followers of a particular religion. I believe that anyone trying to point out that Islam incites violence against the disbelievers can soon expect to fall foul of these rules, because of course pointing out such facts does indeed “incite fear” of a group – a very rational fear at that.

See also the Twitter rules:

The Twitter Rules


Hateful imagery and display names: You may not use hateful images or symbols in your profile image or profile header. You also may not use your username, display name, or profile bio to engage in abusive behavior, such as targeted harassment or expressing hate towards a person, group, or protected category. We will begin enforcing this rule on December 18, 2017.

Ah, but who is going to decide what constitutes a hateful image or symbol? The Twitter thought police is who of course.

Unfortunately for the Twitter and Facebook companies, their enthusiastic adoption of Orwellian censorship is already merely succeeding in driving some of their customers to migrate to new rival services. One such rival is gab.ai which is a site similar to Twitter that is dedicated to the principle of freedom of speech. When the new rules come into full effect at Twitter and Facebook tomorrow (Monday 18th December) they can expect the exodus to accelerate.

There has been some speculation that the gab logo may fall foul of the new rules on “hateful symbols” as in some people’s minds it bears a resemblance to the “Pepe the Frog” image. Opinions also differ as to whether the “Pepe the Frog” image is in fact a “hate symbol” at all.


Anne Marie Waters recently launched a new UK political party called “ForBritain”. Facebook has now made the Facebook page of this party inaccessible. ForBritain have responded by creating a new Facebook page with a modified name. Quote from the new page:

Our previous official For Britain Facebook page was unpublished. If we are unable to republish that page, For Britain will use this page to communicate with Members online.

There are some ongoing discussions with the electoral commission about the party’s name, as mentioned in this tweet from the party:

Please ignore reports that our party has been rejected by the Electoral Commission. It has not. We are simply in discussions about the format of our party's name.

We will provide updates as discussions move forward.

— For Britain ?? (@ForBritainParty) November 28, 2017

Here is the new Facebook page for the party with a revised name that it is hoping will be accepted by the electoral commission:

For Britain Movement

Let’s see whether Facebook also “unpublishes” this page as well!


Users hoping to view Pat Condell’s latest outspoken video were met with this rather rude message on Youtube:

Note that if you are in the US or other non-European countries you may be able to view the video on Youtube at this link:

A Word To The Criminal Migrant (on Youtube)

Fortunately the Maybot’s ideas about censorship are not really up to date with present technological developments (I suppose that’s not particularly surprising since she was programmed quite some time before the internet era). Far from silencing Mr. Condell’s outspoken opinions, May has merely succeeded in driving Youtube’s customers to migrate to an excellent new rival service called Bitchute. Here the video is freely available at this alternative site (even users in the UK can freely view it here):

A Word To The Criminal Migrant (on Bitchute)


As I mentioned above, the EU is also increasingly behaving like the USSR. Recently a harmless but truthful account of a march in Poland was suppressed by Youtube in the EU (note that it was made available again since so you may be able to view it on Youtube now in some countries):

Mr Verhofstadt, Poles are no Nazis (Odpowiedz na oszczerstwa o Polakach w europarlamencie)

(on Youtube)

Again however, the video is freely available in the same countries on the new rival Bitchute service:

Polish patriot fight back against mischaracterization of National day marches

(on Bitchute)


The current plan to censor the general public by putting pressure on the existing social media monopolies is doomed to fail, because as discussed above the users will simply move to other platforms, and the monopolies will begin to lose their dominance.

The Maybot’s manifesto however also included a plan to put Google under pressure as well to push truly conservative material so far down the internet search rankings that it becomes invisible to all intents and purposes. However once again, the result of this will be to push conservative minded people away from the Google search engine towards free speech alternatives. This part of the plan may be somewhat more effective however as many users will be unaware of the censorship in place.

Another unintended consequence of the plan is that it is likely to expose the inconsistencies and hypocrisy of the current powers that be. They happily tolerate the incitements to violence and blatant misogyny of one group in society, while harshly attempting to repress any criticism of that group. They call such criticism “hate speech”, an obvious, transparent lie.


Will the real Conservative party please stand up? We are fed up with being ruled by this out of date Soviet era “Maybot” thing, and would like a return to the true British values that included the tolerance of opinions that the authorities disagree with.


From the Daily Telegraph:

MI5 investigates Russian sleeper cells in UK

From Shy Society:

Facebook: “Share Islamic messages of peace, mercy and tolerance”

From spiked-online:

Twitter has turned its back on free speech

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