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Other Items That Caught Our Eye This Week - w/e 6 January

by The Participator – 7 Jan 2018

Please note that these news roundups are not intended by any means to catch all important news in the week. These are items that caught our interest for particular reasons and therefore that we thought might be worth debating in the comments below.



There have been many claims that violent crime is on the rise in the wake of the recent huge waves of migration from Africa and the Middle East.

From the National Interest:

I’ve Worked with Refugees for Decades. Europe’s Afghan Crime Wave Is Mind-Boggling

From Vlad Tepes:

Germany Sees 10% Rise In Violent Crime, Entirely Due To “Refugees” - National TV Blames It On Racism

Also in Germany, a 15 year old girl is murdered and a clash with activists occurs at a vigil. From Breitbart:

Mourners, Pro-Diversity Activists Clash at Vigil of Child Murdered by Asylum Seeker

Also from Breitbart which quotes a study by the German Federal Ministry:

German Government: Rise in Violent Crime Is Linked to Mass Migration

Not necessarily directly connected with recent immigration, Breitbart reports:

Sadiq’s London: Knife Crime, Gun Crime, Theft, Burglary, Rape, Homicide all MASSIVELY Up

From Voice of Europe:

Swedish policeman: We’ve lost control and many have no idea how serious the situation is


A former lord chief justice is warning of government attempts to introduce new criminal offences. From the Daily Telegraph (premium):

Ministers are handing themselves ‘astonishing’ powers to create new criminal offences, warns ex law chief

Those “in breach of financial sanctions” might be targeted with sentences up to 10 years according to the above article. From the UK Government website:

New penalties for breaching financial sanctions now in force


Economic Secretary, Simon Kirby, said:

“Financial sanctions are a valuable tool against individuals, countries and terrorist groups who threaten UK foreign policy and financial services as well as our national security.”

Of course most people don’t realize that these measures are not restricted to Islamic terrorists. Anti-Islam campaigner Tommy Robinson has complained of having his bank account frozen, so it would seem that the definition of “terrorist groups” is in fact rather misleading to put it mildly. Creeping authoritarianism seems to be the order of the day under May’s government.


Those on the left who favour mass immigration (who we sometimes refer to as Glozis), have been gerrymandering the electorates in Western countries with mass immigration for many years now. Remember that infamous government memo about “rubbing the right’s nose in diversity” during the catastrophic Blair years? Well it still goes on, and if you don’t stand up and object loudly to it now it will reach a point of critical mass where the death of the West as we know it will become inevitable. Consider this article from Breitbart:

‘Demographic Gerrymandering’? Pro-Migration Scottish Government Considers Giving Migrants the Vote

The article quotes from a Scottish govt. consultation paper:

As citizens from a very wide range of countries come to live and work in Scotland, it can be considered discriminatory to deny the right to vote to resident immigrants who are neither EU nor Commonwealth citizens.

This is from a paper titled “CONSULTATION PAPER ON ELECTORAL REFORM”. This is not electoral reform, this is electoral fraud. Such gerrymandering is a very serious issue which will cause huge problems for the West for years to come because it will pave the way for ever more left-wing governments. Immigrants tend to be poor and ill informed, and so they tend to vote for irresponsible governments that promise the earth in the here and now, regardless of the long term consequences.

The so-called Scottish “National” Party is hell-bent on turning Scotland into a foreign country for their own short term political gain. It is time that the Scottish people woke up to this fact and stopped supporting the “SNP” at the ballot box. To give you some idea of the rate at which Scotland is losing its Scottishness. From Breitbart again (2015):

Nine New Migrants to Scotland for Every Baby Born says ONS, Likely To Be Higher


Toby Young’s appointment to the board of a new university regulator caused a storm of protest from political correctness activists. From the BBC (3 Jan):

Toby Young regrets ‘politically incorrect’ comments

The storm of protest appears to be influencing our SJW Prime Minister. From the BBC (today):

Toby Young row: PM ‘not impressed’ by comments

Toby Young of course is not popular among Corbyn supporters, thanks to articles like this one from the Spectator (from 2016):

Jeremy Corbyn and the hard left are wilfully blind to the evils of Islamist Nazis

The above article quotes Corbyn’s comment on the Andrew Marr program as saying of the Islamic State:

‘I think there has to be some understanding of where their strong points are,’


A Gizmodo article states Macron is considering blocking websites altogether that publish “fake news”:

France’s President Macron Wants to Block Websites During Elections to Fight ‘Fake News’

(via Breitbart)

Of course we anticipate that "fake news" will turn out to be "news uncomfortable for those in power". Those currently in power are trying to fool us all into thinking that "fake news" is something new and somehow unique to the internet era, requiring special legislation, but we know well enough that the MSM has been peddling misinformation as long as the MSM has existed. When governments interfere with the free press, alarm bells should ring loudly in our heads and we should seek to remove those governments at the earliest opportunity (at the ballot box of course).


News that we aren’t sure is good or bad..


From the Sunday Times (premium):

May clears way for copycat customs union with Europe

A Commons debate on this is scheduled for Monday (tomorrow) and Tuesday.

We have differing views on whether a soft or a hard Brexit is what’s best for the UK, so we will leave that to readers to judge.


The good news is apparently that jihadis are increasingly retreating in Iraq and Syria, but the bad news is they are moving to Africa. From The Week:

Jihad’s new home

The above article contains the claim that poverty creates a breeding ground for violent extremism, but this claim is at odds with claims elsewhere. For example see this article from the Gatestone Institute:

Islamic Terrorists not Poor and Illiterate, but Rich and Educated



From the Express:

Pakistan vows ‘cold-blooded response’ to Donald Trump aid cuts


Minister of Defence Khurram Dastgir Khan said there would be a “cold-blooded response”

Perhaps some gratitude for the 34 billion dollars that the US has apparently given the country so far might be more appropriate.

More on the aid cuts at the Atheist Conservative:

Paying to be hated and betrayed

The debt-laden UK however is stupidly continuing to give hundreds of millions a year to Pakistan, we will be looking at this in detail in a dedicated post.


This seems like an excellent idea to us, let’s publicize it in case the Home Office forgets to go ahead with it. From the Daily Telegraph:

‘Dad’s Army’ volunteers to help Border Force patrol Britain’s coastline against people smugglers and crime gangs

Apparently the Home Office is not planning to give any powers of enforcement to volunteers:

“Immigration Enforcement has not piloted the use of volunteers, nor are there plans to introduce Immigration Enforcement volunteers.”

However perhaps volunteers could help to monitor the coastline and report any suspicious boats (just an idea)?


From the Nottingham Post:

Judge says police won’t tolerate ‘no-go zones’ as he closes fake fag shop run by gangsters

Well done that judge we say.

Note - Please note that we are dependent on the veracity of news reports provided by other news sources. It is not our intention to knowingly quote “Fake News” (except where stated as satire), but we do sometimes quote the BBC when other sources are unavailable.

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