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Where's My Safe Space?

by A Lady of Reason – 13 Jan 2018

“Safe spaces” is a politically correct liberal term for “no one who disagrees allowed” zones. They claim that safe spaces give a voice to those who are marginalized, and where they can feel welcome and a sense of fellowship. However, it mainly is used as a place where any critique is not allowed, and intellectual vacuums for outsiders. There also is the fact that the hypocrisy is, conservatives aren’t allowed one! Anyone in the majority, be it white people, men, straight people, etc… can’t form one, since that’s “discrimination”.

I personally feel incredibly angry and frustrated that the wider world seeks to silence conservative voices, or any voice outside the popular opinion. Certain topics, covered frankly on A Lady of Reason are basically heresy to the politically correct! Even “minorities” with dissenting views are silenced, and considered inconsequential. For example, my views on provocative dress and sexual harassment/assault are still labeled as hate speech and victim blaming, despite being a woman myself. I admire my male counterparts who are brave enough to voice their opinions on the subject, as they battle being dismissed on another level as a male. This hypocrisy basically makes conservatives everywhere a marginalized group now. We are attacked, hated on and labeled as bigoted, primitive and closed minded simply for debating the liberal side’s points. Why are we the ones told to not talk about our sides of the issues at gatherings, while we listen to PC liberal snowflakes spout off their ranting and raving unimpeded? Why must we go anonymous, like I must unfortunately, while our liberal bloggers can show their face and not risk jobs and friendships? I would so love to let people know who I am, write a bio about myself and pics of me in my favorite conservative and feminine outfits with my face in the picture, like some bloggers do. However, in this PC climate, I’d be labeled a pariah. Some crazy liberals even go so far as to try to “out” conservative bloggers and ruin their life from online. Is this fair? Is it fair that when I debate points, I get a knee jerk reaction that does not take into account all the nuances in my views and am labeled a bigot? What kind of democratic society are we in where no one else is allowed freedom of speech and thought without being demonized?

Another thing about it too is that I do believe there’s a liberal agenda. It sounds like an irrational conspiracy, but think about it. Businessmen who would usually be neutral are taking political stances on the liberal side to the exclusion of those who think differently. Many news and media outlets are blatantly liberal, not just in the content of the majority of their articles, but even state it outright on their websites! They won’t even hide the fact that they’re biased! Not to mention schools, which only teach the liberal side of issues and frame conservatives as backwards or an afterthought, just to appear to be fair and balanced. Conservative students are punished for having conservative views, and even given “interventions” by psychologists who pathologize conservatism. Colleges label conservative views as hate crimes and “bias incidents”. Politically correct liberalism has even crept its way into academia such as the sciences who now do biased studies to “prove” the liberal agenda, such as gender fluidity, or that broken families don’t affect kids, or that men and women have no innate differences, for a few examples, just like how science was misused to prove now outdated racial theories, for instance. Conservatives are labeled also as anti-intellectual, which I know I’m the opposite of!

The most unnerving thing to me in all of this, is evidence of blatant censorship by the left. It has come out that search engines such as Google, and social media like Facebook and Twitter have ways to relegate conservative perspectives to hard to find places online. Blogs like this one could be pushed into obscurity whereas liberal sites are promoted. Some can use their policies against genuine hate speech and appeals to violence to silence legitimate free speech and reasoned debate. A harsh critique is not hate speech when evidence is involved and not just arbitrary pronouncements of hate. One site even said that it was told to remove an article or else Google would not give ads on their page! All this honestly, is scary. It’s scary to think how powerful the PC liberals are getting in society that they control almost all the mainstream media, the internet, our schools, our government, our scientists and academia, and our lives. They say that hateful bigots are plenty, and they’re outnumbered, but by the looks of it, they’re the ones with all the power! This major conservative oppression of liberal voices isn’t anywhere I see. Indeed, I know plenty more outspoken liberals than conservatives, and have not seen conservative voices featured in the media, or school, or in society other than as “trolls” online or bigots in the world.

Where is our “safe space”? Where do we get to feel safe to voice our own views and enter reasoned debates? When do children in school get to see the views of their conservative family members highlighted and debated reasonably and not just dismissed as primitive or inconsequential? When can we too, come “out” to our family and friends and not be turned away and ostracized? When will our family and friends who are near and dear to us stop being labeled as “bigoted” and so immoral that it should be impossible to disagree with them, but still love them as family or friends? Why do I and many others feel forced to do this anonymously in fear of losing or not being able to get jobs? So many people have had their livelihoods derailed due to one conservative comment, whereas liberal minded views are overlooked, even when the person saying it shouldn’t have said any political views at all from their job position. The PC liberals believe that they are persecuted by conservatives where as I’d argue that all of society is their safe space! When do we get ours? When do we get to feel we belong in this “diverse” society as well? All conservatives want is what you claim to want: a society where everyone is valued.

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