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Immigration and the Common People

or Europe is a Boiling Frog

by Chauncey Tinker – 8 Feb 2018

Image By Tim Green from Bradford - Suffa tul Islam Central Mosque, Little Horton, Bradford, CC BY 2.0, Link

I have lived on both sides of the tracks. I have lived in poor areas, close to Muslim ghettos. I have walked past groups of Muslim youths hanging around on street corners, been stared at and known well enough what those stares meant, that I was not welcome “around there”. I have walked past primary schools where every single face was brown, where every single child was a Muslim. You cannot help but think about the fact that not so very long ago that same school was populated by a sea of white British faces. When you start to hear muezzins calling out from a mosque not so far away from you, you know it’s time to leave the area.

A close relative of mine was bullied out of her job by Muslim youth gangs. Although this happened many years ago, she still lives with the psychological scars to this day. She fears that those youths (now middle-aged) will find out where she lives now and come to attack her if she speaks up about her experiences. When you have seen and experienced these things up close and personal you get a very different perspective on such notions as “diversity is strength”.

I have also lived in liberal/middle class areas, where the schools are still full of mostly white British faces (you see the odd brown and black face, but the white British are still in the majority). I also know well enough the experiences of students in our universities, who see a different side of “multi-culturalism”. Students mingle with people from all parts of the world, most of whom are fluent English speakers and who tend to also have more liberal attitudes to life. It is easy for these people to mingle and become friends. (Of course in some of our universities there is a rather larger Muslim presence and in these institutions the atmosphere tends to be somewhat more complicated).

For the most part, the people who live in these liberal/middle class areas know very little about the experiences of those “common people” who live in the poorer areas. They are not confronted daily with the realities of crime gangs and race replacement – as the saying goes, “ignorance is bliss”. They are not completely ignorant of course, from time to time they will see the odd news story about crime or the odd “isolated” terror attack, but thanks in no small part to the mainstream media’s habit of glossing over such incidents (or failing to mention them at all), they soon go back to their daily lives.

These liberal minded people have been well-schooled in the language of “political correctness”, they believe that those who complain about immigration are “racists”. They feel superior to the “bigots” and “racists”, (the common people), who live in the poorer areas. It’s easy for them to dismiss the fears that plague many of the common people, that Britain is going to one day become a Muslim majority country for example. They have not seen for themselves how quickly the ghettos are growing, and they have not experienced the joys of living in the vicinity of large new mosques.


The divide I describe above, between the liberal/middle class areas and the poor areas where the common people live, was reflected to a significant extent in the EU referendum result. The “liberal” or “middle class” people were far more likely to vote to stay in the EU (they fit the “Remain profile”), while the “common people” were more likely to vote to leave. Probably the most significant factor in this divide was the question of immigration – the “common people” are fed up with the never ending great replacement, and the EU is clearly determined to continue with its mass immigration policies. We should remember again that the EU is also in love with Islam, it even wants Islam “in our food“.

The liberals are also the people of course who tend to become our politicians, journalists, academics, “intellectuals” and so on. The “common people” on the other hand are less likely to be articulate or well “educated” enough to make it into academia or the media profession where they might have a chance of getting their experiences and views on immigration heard by a wider audience. It is no accident that the MSM have been in general strongly biased in favour of staying in the pro open borders EU.

Tommy Robinson is one rare person from the “wrong side of the tracks” who has managed to get his voice heard, but he is usually misrepresented to such a degree that his appearances on the media have more the character of show trials than interviews. I described one such occasion in the last post. On one particular occasion (an interview by Jeremy Paxman on BBC Newsnight) he did at least manage to describe his first-hand experiences of life in multi-cultural Luton in a way that made the interviewer stop and think for a change. This episode is described in Tommy’s excellent book “Enemy of the State” which I strongly recommend, as it also explains very starkly how different the experiences of the “common” people are in comparison with the lives of the liberal/middle classes.

Despite the accusations of racism that are routinely leveled against him, Tommy is adamant that his problem is with the cultural impact of Islam in the UK, he has lived happily side by side with non-white people.


The same story is playing out all over Europe, the “common” white people leave if they can and the Muslim ghettos grow. However since this is a relatively “peaceful” process for the most part the people who feel pushed out cannot “fight back”, this is demographic replacement not violent genocide (we might however call this “gentle genocide” I suppose).

The low fertility rate of the white Europeans means that the pressure on housing etc. is never acute enough to lead to serious widespread confrontation, this is a slow process – the heat is gradually turned up just as in the story of the boiling frog.

Consequently I think violent conflict is unlikely to happen on a large scale, although it is and will continue to happen on a small scale. Much low level violence and intimidation (such as I described above) goes on that the media seldom if ever talks about. Just such an incident was re-tweeted by President Trump recently (an injured Dutch boy knocked off his crutch and beaten), causing uproar among our liberal politicians for all the wrong reasons.

If the current trends continue, I think it is more likely that the process will simply continue until the white Europeans have themselves become minorities. The liberals will say “so what?”, after all they are not “racists”, why should they mind being replaced? However perhaps by then the burden of the welfare state will have become so great that the impact on their lives will have become too hard to ignore. Then perhaps at least they will curse themselves for being so rudely dismissive of the common people’s concerns back in the days when there was still a chance to stop the process.


I encounter troubling expressions of desperation, hopelessness and impotence every single day. These sentiments are well founded, not least because dissenting voices are being shunned from the public discourse to a large extent. If I had myself given up hope I would not be bothering to write. My fellow contributor here Tom often writes of the all powerful dark state that is orchestrating the great replacement. While I believe that powerful interests do indeed wield a great degree of control over our society, they would be powerless were it not for the complacency and acquiescence of the liberal middle classes – the so-called “forty eight” percent who voted to Remain in the EU.

If we could just get through to those liberal middle classes and explain to them that they too (or their descendants) will experience very bad effects from the great replacement eventually, then we might just manage to change the political climate enough to force a change in direction in time. Finally we might manage to get politicians elected who were serious about border security and welfare reform.

Crucially I believe that we must talk about Islam because it is the Islamic culture as much as anything that is going to change our society beyond recognition eventually. We must get the reality through to people that we are on track to become Muslim majority societies, and explain what this will mean to people. We must explain that Islam is the very antithesis of the liberal way of life that these liberals hold dear – women’s rights and gay people’s rights will be lost under Islam. Although the liberals have lost sight of the principle of freedom of speech, they will also eventually regret the fact that they cannot even talk about such things under Islam. The truth about Islam is the “red-pill” if you like that could just wake these half-asleep liberal/middle class people up if we can only persuade them to swallow it.

If anyone has a better idea then please let me know, but I think this is the only way we can persuade enough people to change their voting patterns and get politicians elected who value our way of life sufficiently to stop it being destroyed.


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