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Other Items That Caught Our Eye This Week - w/e 10 March

by The Participator – 11 Mar 2018

Please remember this is not intended to be a comprehensive news round up, these are just the items that particularly caught our eye this week, and (where indicated) they are not always about recent events.



From the Express:

EU’s asylum seeker law is ‘virtually USELESS’ for the UK: Bloc’s migrant agreement savaged

The BBC asks some questions about who will do this, who will do that, when we leave the EU:

Immigration: Who should we let in after Brexit?

Is this Project Fear again? There are sections asking who will do this, who will do that etc., quote:

Who will drive the lorries?

More than one in seven of the HGV drivers based in Britain – that’s 40,000 drivers – are EU nationals.


A trial of the requirement for photo IDs at polling stations was opposed by Labour who are no doubt worried that their core vote will be affected. From the BBC:

Government urged to ditch photo ID at polling stations trial

Quote of a statement by Labour’s shadow voter and engagement and youth affairs minister:

“Rather than putting up unnecessary barriers to voting off the back of very little evidence, this government must urgently rethink their plan, to keep democracy as open and accessible as possible.”


From Defend Europa, a claim that thousands of migrants are being flown into Europe (not only Germany) under cover of darkness to avoid alerting the citizens of Europe:

Germany: Migrants Flown In By Night, 10,000 Every Month

Tommy Robinson went viral this week for a scuffle where he defended himself against a migrant in Italy who was threatening him and his camera crew:

ITALY: Attacked for Filming in a No-Go Zone

There were a number of reports of violent attacks by immigrants as usual, including a report of the murder of a priest in Berlin, from Jihad Watch:

Germany: Priest is murdered by immigrant whom he welcomed into his presbytery

A very disturbing case, also from Jihad Watch:

Germany: Bloodied Muslim migrant makes Facebook video after killing wife to warn other wives to obey husbands

The aftermath of the murder of a girl in Kandel, Germany is still being felt. Gates of Vienna posted an article from an emerging voice in the AfD, who asks:

Why is Merkel Opening the Borders Anyway?

What particularly caught our attention was the mention of a propaganda film which appeared to be encouraging German girls to form liaisons with migrants:

The production is a romanticised documentary, filmed partly in a misty sepia, in which the 16-year-old Malvina, her young mind intoxicated with emotions beyond her control, narrates her damp-eyed infatuation with a Syrian immigrant


From the Express:

MERKEL SURVIVES: Chancellor finally wins coalition deal after FIVE MONTHS of limbo


Arrest at the border of Generation Identity leader Martin Sellner and Brittany Pettibone reported, from Voice of Europe:

Identitarian leader Martin Sellner and Brittany Pettibone arrested in police state Britain

According to the article they had been planning to speak at Speaker’s Corner, which is an open corner of Hyde Park, London. For those not aware the Speaker’s Corner has in more recent times become notable for the presence of large numbers of primarily Muslim speakers and their followers. It used to be famous as a place where eccentrics voiced opinions on a whole range of subjects, now really not so much. Perhaps the authorities are worried there will be trouble if these two speak there, but that’s not the reason that is being stated, quote from the above article (of comment from Lauren Southern):

… the police have detained the couple separately and for the ‘crime’ of having right-wing opinions as well as wanting to interview Tommy Robinson and holding their speech.

Lauren Southern is a friend of Brittany Pettibone and they have appeared in many videos together. Will Ms Southern be the next one to be banned from coming to the UK? We were reminded that Theresa May (while Home Secretary) also stopped Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller from coming to the UK to speak.

We came across a lucid account of a speaking engagement event where Katie Hopkins and Theodore Dalrymple (nom de plume) were speaking (in November last year). Here is the account written by Mr. Dalrymple, from City Journal:

Speakers Cornered

The masked protestors used violence and threatening behaviour in an attempt to silence the speakers (particularly Ms. Hopkins). The police presence was not sufficient to prevent what took place, and no arrests were made according to the above article:

The police made no arrests, despite having been assaulted themselves and witnessed others being assaulted, despite the fact that a building was illegally broken into, despite the fact that 40 people had been falsely imprisoned, despite the fact that threatening language (of a degree likely to make any reasonably firm-minded person afraid for his safety) had been used repeatedly. They failed to protect citizens who were going about their lawful business.

Masked protestors also were involved in a scuffle with Tommy Robinson. From the Express:

Tommy Robinson ‘ATTACKED’ by ‘far-left extremists’ outside McDonald’s in Harringay, London

Also from the Express, Antifa demonstrators disrupt event at King’s College where “Sargon of Akkad” was speaking:

VIOLENCE as ‘anti-fascist’ mob storms university to SILENCE right-wing speaker

A petition is circulating for Antifa groups to be proscribed:

Proscribe Antifa and other left wing anarchist groups as domestic terrorists

Altogether the British Justice system, once the envy of the world, is falling into disrepute. Whatever you think of the above mentioned individuals, you either support their freedom to speak or you don’t support freedom of speech, period.

The definition of terrorism is:

the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.

Unfortunately the authorities are still talking in very vague terms about “extremism” and making Orwellian threats (this story from last week), from Breitbart:

Top Counter-Terror Officer Calls Terror ‘Right Wing’, Says ‘Extremists’ Should Lose Children


Also in the news this week, Jayda Fransen and Paul Golding were convicted and sentenced to 36 and 18 weeks imprisonment respectively. We may dedicate a post to this in the coming weeks as there appear to be equality before the law issues here. From the BBC:

Britain First leader and deputy leader jailed for hate crimes


From the Daily Mail (Follow them: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook), claims from BBC workers that they were encouraged to set up private companies to help them avoid paying tax:

Stars being chased for £30million in back tax will sue the BBC saying it was the corporation’s idea that they set up personal firms to receive wages

This was done apparently to help the BBC avoid paying millions in tax. Does this constitute “aggressive tax avoidance”? Here is a description so you can judge for yourselves if you want to (this is definitely a subject we need to look at closely at some point):

What is Aggressive Tax Avoidance?


Bad news for those who like a jolly drink after work, from the Metro:

Corbyn wants to ban ‘sexist’ after-work drinks for quite sexist reason

We think this may be further evidence of a growing degree of insanity among the loony left/SJW movement. As the article points out, Corbyn’s reasoning is utterly sexist. Unfortunately nothing that Corbyn does or says seems to alienate the core Labour vote. The risk of a Corbyn government remains terrifyingly real.

Is there a temperance movement in the Labour party, we began to wonder when we later saw this, from order-order:

Ban Booze From Labour Meetings


From the Guardian:

Labour suspends party members in ‘antisemitic’ Facebook group


Jeremy Corbyn was active in closed group Palestine Live but says he did not see offensive posts and left in 2015

A related post, from the Express:

Now the hard-Left infiltrate Young Labour: Momentum-backed activists in bid for control


We are not sure how significant this is, but we wonder what may be behind it, from the Telegraph and Argus:

Gun crime in Bradford went up by a third in 2017


There was a story about a Russian spy and his daughter who were allegedly poisoned. From the BBC:

Russian spy: Poisoning poses major challenge for MI6

The BBC speculated about motives:

There has even been speculation that he was somehow involved in the famous “dossier” about Donald Trump drawn up by former MI6 officer Chris Steele. But sources close to Orbis – Steele’s company – have told the BBC that it had no links with Skripal at any point.

So that seems to rule out the involvement of Donald Trump then (seriously though, we're not quite clear why the BBC thought it was necessary to mention this non-lead).


News that we aren’t sure is good or bad..


From the Daily Telegraph:

Donald Trump signs order for metals tariff plan, prompting fears of trade war

Also from the Daily Telegraph:

US softens stance on trade tariffs as Donald Trump promises ‘flexibility’ for ‘real friends’

Our contributor Jillian Becker has posted a couple of related posts on the subject at her website:

The case for free trade

The case for President Trump’s tariffs

If you want to read a left wing view on trade wars, read this amusingly titled post from Harry’s Place (something to do with trade unions):

Oh what a lovely trade war!



The victory of anti-immigration and eurosceptic parties in the Italian election was confirmed. The tide is turning against the EU. From Breitbart:

Italy Election Aftermath: Renzi Quits, Center-Left ‘Disappears’

The above article includes a map showing the country is split North/South with the 5 star movement in the South getting the most votes and the Center Right getting the most in the North – the Center Left only remains strong in 2 areas in the North and doesn’t appear at all in the South. The winners of this election have promised to deport 500,000 migrants, a huge undertaking that is going to be very difficult and expensive. Meanwhile as mentioned above, it appears that other countries are still transporting the migrants IN to Europe.


The electoral commission was delaying recognizing the party for quite a long time, but has now confirmed it is officially now a registered political party. Even those of us who are not supporting this party are pleased that the democratic process is being maintained.


This week marks a year since we published our first article at the Participator. Many thanks to everyone who has contributed (quite a number of writers now), commented and linked to our articles elsewhere (remember you can use the convenient links in the social media section to do this below if you want to (see box with red border), we have enhanced this for posts from today onward).

Note - Please note that we are dependent on the veracity of news reports provided by other news sources. It is not our intention to knowingly quote “Fake News” (except where stated as satire), but we do sometimes quote the BBC when other sources are unavailable.

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