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The Battle Of Speakers' Corner

by Chauncey Tinker – 20 Mar 2018

Speakers' Corner 18 March 2018 - Still from Urban Pictures UK video clip

Tommy Robinson read out Martin Sellner’s speech as promised at Speakers’ Corner on Sunday. I have gathered together what I thought was some of the most interesting footage I could find from the event. It wasn’t really a battle of course, it was a peaceful event for the most part although there was much pushing and some assaults did occur.


The confrontations were limited to a section of the crowd where Muslims faced off against non-Muslims. The police formed a line between the two groups. In one incident a policeman was hit in the face with a black stick, here is a video clip showing this and the subsequent arrest:

Muslim hits policeman, is arrested

The same incident from another angle, from Titans TV (2 minute clip):

Racist Omar Viciously Attacks Police Officer | Speakers Corner

Titans TV is a regular channel at Speakers’ Corner, and they have identified the attacker here as “Racist Omar aka ‘Egyptian Uncle Omar’ ” who is also a regular at the venue. Here is some footage of “Racist Omar” from a previous occasion, from another youtube channel:

Uncle Omar Racist and Christophobic Remarks to Kalam (Titans TV) & JC (Soco Films) | Speakers Corner

The Muslim who attacked the crowd with a green stick in this image:

has been identified from footage as someone who visits Speakers’ Corner regularly and named as Abdul Hamid. He has been involved in threatening behaviour and pushing at the venue before, as seen in this footage:

More close up video of that THUG from #SpeakersCorner Abdul Hamid

The same footage is available at Youtube in case that tweet is deleted:

BBC Won’t Show Who Caused Trouble When Tommy Robinson Visited Speakers Corner

Here he is seen on another occasion debating with others:

Abdul Hamid VS Rafida Part 1 || MAJOR SHIRK || Speakers Corner

[UPDATE - Another regular at Speakers' Corner called Ali Dawah has uploaded a video to Youtube that claims that Abdul acted in self defence, a laughable claim. Abdul can clearly be seen advancing towards the crowd and striking people with the stick, nobody is attempting to attack him at this point. Ali's video does shed some more light on the preceeding scuffles however - the stick was in fact a piece of a flag pole that had a union jack on it but it was broken into pieces during those preceeding scuffles. Here is Ali Dawah's video:


Just for those unfamiliar with British law, you cannot claim self defence unless you are acting to prevent a crime being committed, which in this instance was clearly not the case, whatever had happened previously. Whether it was an act of retaliation or unprovoked aggression you can see for yourselves from the footage.

Here is some info. on self defence for those unfamiliar with British law:

Law Relating to Self Defence


Here is some general footage of the confrontations on Sunday from further back:

Fight Breaks out at Tommy Robinson Hyde Park Speech!


There was a significant police presence, and they formed a line between a group of Muslims and the rest of the crowd. They focused on the larger non-Muslim part of the crowd and had their backs to the Muslims when the Muslim with the green stick attacked.

There was a police camera filming the whole event mounted on the top of a police van. This created the feeling that we were being watched in a police state. Of course if non-Muslims were being treated equally under the law by the UK authorities today we would not have been troubled by its presence. However we know all too well how anxious they are to try to find evidence of “far-right extremism” and how anxious they are to ignore Muslim aggression.

With so much video footage of the event it is hard to imagine how the authorities will manage to get away with not convicting the Muslim aggressors, but doubtless they will try, and they will get away with it if we fail to hold them to account. We have often heard the excuse “it’s not in the public interest to prosecute” but we insist that it is in the public interest, because we the public are very interested in seeing prosecutions for the above 2 assaults. We are the people who pay the wages of those who are supposed to protect us, and we demand that justice is applied equally for all.

The Mayor of London may be a man who is trying to divide us further with his “hate speech” rhetoric, but he is not the government and he does not have the power to alter the laws of the land. We need to ensure that the laws that limit speech are rationalized as soon as possible, and then ensure that the law is followed in all parts of the country equally. Those in authority who try to distort and abuse the law in their own narrow interests must be sacked and held to account in a court of law themselves if necessary.


A vlogger who has become quite well known called “Red Pill Phil” was at the event and after the speech he interviewed a former UKIP candidate called Sam Naz:

Red Pill Phil interviews Sam Naz

Sam Naz identifies herself as a Muslim of mixed Pakistani and Mongolian heritage (although Phil refers to her as an ex-Muslim in the above clip she corrects him). It sounds very much as if a miscarriage of justice took place in her case from her account, she sounds entirely credible. The case went to trial 3 times, an appeal was successful but then in a subsequent trial (in her absence) she was sentenced to 3 months imprisonment. She claims that the Pakistani police officer involved threatened her witness, and also that there was much animosity towards her from her own community for her UKIP candidacy. An article about the case, from the Daily Mail:

Failed Ukip candidate who fled to Pakistan after twice being convicted of calling Tesco worker ‘a f***ing foreigner’ is jailed for three months in her absence’

In this footage from Titan TV @16:30 an audience member says:

“This is a free speech event …. Personally I have no problems with Tommy, I’m scouring the net trying to find where Tommy Robinson has made these racist comments and for the life of me I can’t find it.”

The video from the start:

Tommy Robinson Supporters Arrive In Numbers

From Joey Mannarino:

Based British Guy at Speakers Corner to Support Tommy Robinson Tells It Like It Is


As I walked home through London and then boarded my train, I overheard many snippets of conversations. People were talking about vases, cakes, snowmen, holidays – you name it they were talking about everything except the pro free speech protest at Speakers’ Corner that I had just attended. The few thousand people who were there were a tiny section of the population of the UK, probably less than 0.01 % of the population. I had a feeling the country as a whole was asleep. The boiling frog analogy seemed entirely apt, and I must confess I felt a little depressed.

However then I began to remember that the number of people who are active in politics is never a very large percentage of the population. The people who are orchestrating this pathetic display of appeasement – namely Theresa May and Amber Rudd in particular, are not even particularly representative of their own party. You may recall that Theresa May won the Tory leadership contest only by default because the media waged such a relentless campaign against her main opponent while scarcely criticizing May at all. The membership would more than likely have voted for her more traditional and genuinely conservative rival.

It is the established mainstream media most of all that we need to circumvent in order to win the day and restore decency and common sense in our country. We can do this by becoming a viable alternative to the mainstream media ourselves at sites like this one, and by creating our own video footage and uploading it to sharing sites as the vloggers linked to above have done.


I used to visit Speakers’ Corner years ago and it was a lot of fun then and there was never any aggression or violence at all. Mostly it was English eccentrics either of a socialist/communist or Christian persuasion, and sometimes speakers were just spouting random nonsense. It was a charming feature of life in London. Now as you can see from the above footage it is often dominated by Muslims and the atmosphere is often intimidating. Speakers face threatening behaviour and sometimes pushing as well – I have seen other such footage including the above from other occasions.

I am saddened by what has become of this place, and much more so by the much more significant impact of Muslim immigration into the United Kingdom in general. I am saddened further by the appeasing attitude of the authorities which is causing growing resentment among the non-Muslims of the UK. As you can see from the above interviews, this resentment is not at all limited to people of a white Anglo-Saxon heritage, many people of other races and mixed race are also speaking out against the appeasement.

It is time for a major shake-up of the political landscape in the UK, high time. This event was a battle in the sense that it was a battle to restore the freedom of speech and equality before the law that we used to take for granted.


MBGA News coverage of the whole event:

Live Tommy Robinson Speech


Regarding the detention of Martin Sellner, Brittany Pettibone and Lauren Southern:

DISGRACE – Amber Rudd Must Resign

The worst effects of immigration are being felt much more by the poorer people than the wealthier:

Immigration and the Common People

Regarding an appearance by Tommy Robinson on BBC2 Newsnight:

Kirsty Wark’s Cathy Newman Moment


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