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The Solution To Europe's Pensions Crisis!

by Chauncey Tinker – 22 Mar 2018

Good news comrades and citizens of Europe! Your great leaders have devised a cunning plan to save Europe from the looming pensions crisis and reduce the deficit! They are importing millions of fit, strong young men from Africa and the Middle East who will work hard and pay taxes so that you can put your feet up and enjoy your retirement!

Many of the young men have already started work in many occupations, as can be seen from the following video. You can see the migrants tending to the municipal flower pots, taking out the trash, directing the traffic, befriending the locals, and assisting with road works:

Trainee Migrants In Action

We are being enriched by their industrious hard work already! Some enemies of the federation will try to claim these are merely “isolated” examples, but the truth is that all across Europe a great benefit is already being felt!

Here are migrants assisting the fire brigade and police in Rome:

Migrant riots break out in Rome: Man throws gas cylinder as Italy police clash in capital

Some migrants simply cannot wait to get to their destinations and begin work as soon as possible:

French riot police in battle with Calais migrants, in pictures

Praise to the foresight of our great leaders! The scale of the economic benefit is already being reflected in statistical reports:

Migrants claim £4bn a year in benefits, new report claims

Some of you will be asked to make room for the new helpers in your hotels and other businesses, and some even in your homes, but remember, this is all for your own benefit in the long run:

Elderly Residents Evicted to Make Way for Asylum Seekers

Italy: Luigi Fogli tries to protect his hotel confiscated to host asylum seekers [ENGSUB]

At times the trainee helpers may seem a little demanding, but be patient as these fine young men may need a little time to adjust to our European values:

Migrant Attacks Italian Asylum Home Worker over Lack of Wi-Fi Internet

The Food Here Sucks! And we Have to Walk Half a Mile to Get Wi-Fi!

Conditions are already beginning to improve for Europe’s pensioners though, as can be seen from the video clip in the above article. In some places pensioners are being asked to make sacrifices for the public good, but these are only temporary measures to ensure more migrants are attracted to come to Europe:

Austria: Migrants in Vienna receive more money than working class pensioners

Citizens are advised as a precaution to keep their daughters and other female relatives locked up just for the time being because not all the new arrivals have yet completed their sexual training courses.

Sex manual for immigrants sparks backlash in Germany

(This is just a temporary precaution).

The costs of housing and feeding the migrants may at times seem rather large, but you must think of the long term benefits!

Somali asylum seeker family given £2m house… after complaining 5-bed London home was ‘in poor area’

Men with more than one wife will get extra benefits under new rules

Some migrants are helping us reduce the deficit further by returning home with the assistance of government subsidies (the migrants are helping Europe in so many ways):

Voluntary Repatriation: 10,000 Migrants Joined German Subsidised Deportation Scheme in 2017

Some industrious migrants are coming from even further afield:

Sri Lankan Migrants Scalp Man and Cut Off His Arm in Paris Restaurant

Comrade Liz Kendall explains the benefits of immigration to a stupid racist called Douglas Murray:

‘You Know Nothing About This’ – Douglas Murray OWNS Far Leftist Liberal In Mass Immigration Debate

Diversity is strength! Power to the people!


What do you think? Is this a cunning plan? Please leave a comment below.

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