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Misandry and the White (Male) Knight

by Liane Richardson-Ward – 2 Apr 2018

Over the past few years there has been a push by certain factions of the political spectrum to condemn something called “male privilege”, in particular white male privilege. This narrative has had the desired effect. Ironically, the same people advocate that feelings are more important than facts, whilst actively condemning an entire demographic to question their gender, skin colour and sexual proclivities!

No-one is responsible for the “sins of the father” except for the father himself. The colonial past of western nations does not bestow privilege on anybody. Indeed, colonialism itself is a moot point, as nobody seems to hold non-white colonising countries/groups to task for their acts.

The push for equality between men & women has taken an ugly turn. It would appear that the only way equality can be gained is by denigrating men and elevating women in their place. Men and women are not, and never will be equal, each gender has strengths and weaknesses that, when put together, complement each other.

A case in point is the proposed relaxation of the SAS entry requirements, which serves to highlight the fact that women (and indeed the majority of men) are not physically or mentally capable of joining this elite group based on the current stringent entry conditions. In reality, the potential dumbing down of the admission criteria will not level the playing field for women, if anything it is demeaning to those women who do wish to join because there is a tacit assumption that they wouldn’t make the grade necessary to gain entry under the current rules. Unfortunately, this finer point is overlooked by radical feminists and their male appeasers.

Today’s white, cis-gender, heterosexual male must choose to either accept this white privilege label and vociferously lobby for all other males to accept their diminished role in an increasingly misanthropic society or they can choose to let it roll of their backs, like water from a duck. However, just like the duck floating serenely on top of the lake, the unseen is what powers and in some cases destroys these men.

This is why, sadly, a need has been created to counter this post-modernist narrative. We can no longer rely on the mainstream media to be the arbiter of non-partisan information and when a person comes to the fore highlighting the damaging effects this is having, he or she is immediately pounced upon and vilified in his/her attempt to bring common sense and clarity of thought into the conversation. It is thus that Dr Jordan B Peterson has come to the fore as one of the champions of white, cis-gender, heterosexual males. He has become, in some cases literally, their white knight. The publication of Dr Peterson’s book; 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos, seeks to address the folly of post-modernism and the chaotic effect it has had and is having on society and as such has caused a great deal of consternation in certain socio/political circles.

The need to negatively critique his book is how his interview with Cathy Newman from Channel 4 and its dissemination in its entirety on YouTube, gained him thousands of new followers and has propelled him to new heights. During his interview he advocates that the current wave of toxic feminism is damaging huge swathes of a demographic, all of whom can do nothing about their alleged faults; the colour of their skin, their gender or their sexual orientation. No amount of identifying with anything other than what they are is going to change this reality. In fact, in other interviews after the Channel 4 clip went viral, he is demonstrably overwhelmed by the plight of young men in our society, as evidenced in a video of him with Australian radio host Neil Mitchell.

As a mother, it is concerning to me that the three young men I have let loose on the world could be perceived as anything other than what they are. I wanted to give the world respectful, kind, strong, young men and by and large and with my hand on a heart full of pride, that is what they are. They offer their seats to anybody in need on trains and buses, they’ll hold the door open for you (male or female they’ll do it anyway) and they’ll help anyone who is struggling. They’ll do all of this not out of obligation as a result of their “privilege”, they do it because it is the right thing to do.

A healthy society doesn’t need rampant misandry to counter the occasional misogynist or the non-existent patriarchy, a healthy society needs a population that exhibits common sense, personal responsibility and a healthy respect of others. Which begs the question, are we living in a healthy society?

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