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Other Items That Caught Our Eye This Week - w/e 12 May

by The Participator – 13 May 2018


The “Customs Partnership” plan was apparently rejected this week. From the Express:

FINALLY – Theresa May ‘DITCHES’ EU customs plan that would tie UK to Brussels indefinitely

It seems that a plan devised by Boris Johnson called the “Max Fac” (or Maximum Facility) plan is being considered instead, although according to some this plan relies on technology that doesn’t exist. From Reuters:

Britain’s May orders more work on Brexit customs plans after ‘crazy’ jibe

The EU has rejected both options already according to the article, although no. 10 insists they are both on the table. Quote:

Downing Street has insisted both options remain on the table, though Brexiters have privately described the customs partnership as a “dead parrot” after their forceful objections at last week’s meeting.

Johnson said:

“If you have the new customs partnership, you have a crazy system whereby you end up collecting the tariffs on behalf of the EU at the UK frontier.”

Theresa May was accused of taking her revenge on Johnson by shutting him out of the decision making process, from the Express:

Theresa May’s REVENGE as Boris Johnson FROZEN OUT of important Brexit discussions

Hammond was also excluded from the discussions according to this article.

Theresa May’s former (?) adviser has advised her at the Daily Telegraph (premium) to go with the Max Fac option:

How Theresa May can get the Brexit she wants - and still keep her party together

Jacob Rees-Mogg also made an interesting claim about WTO rules, from the Express:

Jacob Rees-Mogg REVEALS key loophole that WILL save UK’s post-Brexit trade


The amendment would have resulted in the press having to pay legal bills even in cases that it won, according to sources.

From order-order:

Watson Amendment Would Fund Crime Bosses etc.

A scene from the debate, from the Express:

‘No I will NOT give way!’ Flapping Ed Miliband ROASTED by simple Rees-Mogg point

Also from the Express:

Jacob Rees-Mogg takes hilarious SWIPE at FRANCE as fellow MPs struggle not to laugh


“We have fallen in the rank of free nations over four years from 30th to 40th, we are now behind Trinidad & Tobago.

The vote was 304 to 295, a majority of nine. 5 Conservatives voted with Labour, they were:

Ken Clarke, Dominic Grieve, Crispin Blunt, Peter Bone, Philip Hollobone

Full results available from digiminster:

Latest Commons Division Results

John Cleese announced that he was leaving the UK in disgust:

SILLY WALKING OUT John Cleese claims he is leaving Britain after Labour’s plan to clamp down on press freedom was defeated


Criminals could feel alienated by being called criminals apparently, so it’s best not to refer to criminals as criminals (or something like that or at least not when they’re black anyway because racism). From Breitbart:

Police Warned Over Legality of Gang Crime Database Because Majority of Entries are Black Males

The Times has a report on the knife crime epidemic spreading to the shires:

‘County lines’ drug gangs spread knife crime epidemic to shires

Also from the Times we have this:

Albanian gangs fuel spread of violence with crack cocaine

Meanwhile back in London, from the Express:

London bloodbath: Teens stabbed with MACHETES in mass brawl in FOURTH attack in 24 hours


From the Guardian:

NHS will no longer have to share immigrants’ data with Home Office


Compared to the calls for the imprisonment of President Trump, the Labour party will no doubt be practically obsequious in their welcoming of Erdogan. They certainly haven’t been calling for his arrest for human rights violations, which is strange since a mere re-tweet of a clip showing a violent assault on a boy on a crutch was enough for them to call for the arrest of the POTUS. From the Evening Standard:

Critics demand Theresa May stand up to Turkish President Erdogan over human rights abuses as activists promise ‘huge’ protest ahead of Downing Street visit

From Voice of Europe we have a sobering report on the growing influence of Turkey in Europe through mass migration:

Turkey’s quickly growing influence in Europe is an underestimated threat

The Gatestone Institute has an article about Turkey’s war with the Kurds:

The West Betrays the Kurds

We recently linked to articles showing young children in mosques in Europe in military uniform.

Migration increases into Greece from Turkey, claims are made that it’s a deliberate ploy by Turkey to pressure the EU into – allowing more migration from Turkey. From Euractiv:

Tensions with Turkey increase migration across Greece’s land borders

It seems you can have more migration from Turkey or alternatively you can have more migration from Turkey (at least until you find a will to defend your borders).


From Breitbart:

UK Proposes Six Year Prison Sentences for Online Posts Against Religion, Transgender

An opinion article on this from altnewsmedia:

The Sentencing Council: a threat to Liberty, Justice, Law and Order


Naz Shah went to Pakistan to talk to former cricketer Imran Khan who is now a Pakistani politician. From The News:

UK MP Naz Shah meets Imran Khan


“Was lovely to meet UK MP Naz Shah and learn about all the difficulties Muslims face in Britain due to Islamophobia,” Khan tweeted.

Imran Khan lives in a country where Christians are persecuted, where the state has a death penalty for blasphemy, and Khan’s political party supports that barbaric punishment. Asia Bibi is still on death row after 8 years for asking what had Mohammed ever done for the world (allegedly or something along those lines). You may also recall the article we shared last week where a Christian man was beaten to death by DOCTORS in a hospital. Of course we could go on and on about the Christianophobia that goes on in Pakistan – it’s really a bit rich to be complaining about Islamophobia in the UK then, especially in the wake of recent Islamic terror attacks!!!


Tensions in the Middle East increased this week, Iran and Israel exchanged rocket fire. From the Express:

IRAN FIRES BACK: Middle East chaos as rockets shots across Syria – Tehran takes on ISRAEL

The UK joined with the rest of Europe and vowed to continue supporting Obama’s Iran deal. Statement from the UK government:

Joint statement from Prime Minister May, Chancellor Merkel and President Macron following President Trump’s statement on Iran

Amir Tahiri at Gatestone Institute offers a possible explanation of the UK’s stance:

Iran, Macromel and the Purloined Letter

(something to do with billions worth of exports to Iran from European countries).

A couple of articles listing all the things that the Obama administration had to ignore to make the deal. From the American Thinker:

Obama shut down criminal investigations into Hezb’allah to get Iran nuke deal

From Politico:

The secret backstory of how Obama let Hezbollah off the hook

Mogherini brags about the disintegrating EU being a “superpower”, from the Express:

Top EU diplomat takes veiled SWIPES at Brexit and Trump during Italy speech

A view from the Daily Telegraph:

The Iran deal was a monument to Western myopia and groupthink. Good riddance


From the BBC:

Iraq votes in first elections since IS defeat

Note - Please remember this is not intended to be a comprehensive news round up, these are just the items that particularly caught our eye this week, and (where indicated) they are not always about recent events.

Note - Please note that we are dependent on the veracity of news reports provided by other news sources. It is not our intention to knowingly quote “Fake News” (except where stated as satire), but we do sometimes quote the BBC when other sources are unavailable.

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