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Other Items That Caught Our Eye This Week - w/e 2 June

by The Participator – 3 Jun 2018


There was a march in Manchester on Saturday with an estimated 1000 marchers, and there is another one planned for next Saturday 9th in London. From the Metro:

Hundreds of Tommy Robinson supporters storm streets in protest after he is jailed

There was a protest outside the Leeds court where he was arrested earlier in the week. From the Express:

Tommy Robinson protest: Hundreds march in Leeds for jailed ex-EDL leader

According to Caolan Robertson, interviewed by InfoWars, moves are afoot to try to secure Tommy’s release:

UPDATE: Caolan Robertson Joins Infowars LIVE To Talk Tommy Robinson (FULL)

You can donate to Tommy’s campaign here:

Tommy Tobinson Online

Tommy was also interviewed recently by Stefan Molyneux, an illuminating interview:

United Kingdom: Truth Revolt | Tommy Robinson and Stefan Molyneux

Quote @12:35

I see myself in the future in a prison cell

Quote @49:45:

Any law which infringes and stops us telling the truth must be broken, must be challenged.


From Breitbart:

MPs Call for Action on Rape Gangs as Government Accused of ‘Letting Victims Down’

Only 20 MPs, out of 650 …


From Breitbart:

‘Save the Internet’ - EU Moves to Monitor Uploads, ‘Censor’ Memes, ‘Tax’ Website Links

A tax on links such as the link above is one of the many proposals. Quote from Julia Reda, a German Pirate Party MEP:

“These proposals will cause major collateral damage - making many everyday habits on the web and many services you regularly use downright illegal, subject to fees or, at the very least, mired in legal uncertainty.”

It may not be possible to continue publishing this weekly roundup for our readers if this becomes law.


In Italy, a new government was formed. The government includes Paolo Savona, who has been critical of the euro currency, as “EU Affairs” minister. Savona had been the choice for the economy minister post, but this choice was blocked by the pro-EU president and Savona was replaced by a pro-euro candidate instead, Giovanni Tria.

From Breitbart:

BRUSSELS BEATEN: Populist Coalition Takes Office in Italy, Eurosceptic Savona Returns as EU Affairs Minister

The mainstream media generally described the new government as a “populist coalition”. From the BBC:

Italy government: Giuseppe Conte to head populist coalition

Quite a few negative articles appeared in the UK press. From the Guardian, an article drawing our attention to the career of the new prime minister, Giuseppe Conte:

‘Miracle’ cures and europhobia - the strange origins of Italy’s new rulers

The above article refers to promises to raise spending and slash taxes, a combination of policies that could prove problematic given the fact that Italy already has the 4th highest debt to GDP ratio in the world.

The Spectator drew our attention to the 5 star movement leader Beppe Grillo’s communist past and went so far as to compare him with Mussolini:

Beppe Grillo: Italy’s new Mussolini

The comparison does seem to break down somewhat though when you consider that Beppe Grillo doesn’t wear a uniform, nor does he have blackshirt thugs to intimidate his opponents, nor does he plan to invade Africa, nor is he friends with Hitler (who has been dead for quite a while). Is the establishment closing ranks against these new “populists” with their “dangerous” ideas about stopping the migrant invasion of Europe, we wondered?

Newer alternative media sites were very positive however. From Voice of Europe:

It’s done! Italy forms strong anti-establishment and anti-migration coalition

The new government has promised to deport 500,000 of the recently arrived migrants.


A corruption scandal led to the downfall of conservative Mariano Rajoy. From the Independent:

Pedro Sánchez vows to fulfil his duties ‘with conscience and honour’ as he is sworn in as Spain’s new prime minister

However Mr. Sánchez’s socialist party only has a quarter of the seats in parliament according to the article, so it will be difficult for them to get legislation passed.


The Road Hauliers’ Association warns of a deteriorating situation in France. From Breitbart:

Truckers Warn of Migrant ‘Normandy Invasion’ After Illegals Abandon Calais

The article reminds us that the first fatality of a lorry driver in the crisis happened last year, caused by tree trunks used in a road block:

First Driver Death in Calais After Migrants Drag Tree Trunks onto Motorway

Police opened fire on a van attempting to ram its way across the border between Bosnia and Croatia. Also from Breitbart:

Migrant Border-runners Ram Checkpoint, Cops Open Fire


From the BBC, another Tory councillor is outed as an “Islamophobe”:

Ex-Lowestoft Tory mayor ‘suspended over Islamophobic post’

Baroness Warsi the Muslim baroness complains (as ever) about Islamophobia. From the BBC:

Baroness Warsi: Conservatives must act on Islamophobia

The BBC article quotes the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB):

The Muslim Council of Britain has repeatedly demanded an investigation, and says there are now “more than weekly incidents” involving Tory candidates and representatives.

We were reminded of this article from the Times (2015):

Muslim Council ‘secretly linked’ to Brotherhood

Hat-tip to Chumocracy for also reminding us of a Martin Bright article from way back in 2005 at the Guardian:

Radical links of UK’s ‘moderate’ Muslim group


The Muslim Council of Britain has been courted by the government and lauded by the Foreign Office but critics tell a different and more disturbing story

The article draws our attention to the link with Jamaat-i-Islami.

We were inclined to think it is the MCB that should be investigated, not the Conservative party. We were also wondering why the BBC continues to quote an organization with such links?

Gatestone Institute gave a roundup of the various efforts to further limit our freedom of speech in the name of “tackling Islamophobia”:

UK: A New Drive for Islamic Blasphemy Laws?

They write that the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on British Muslims is formally beginning work on drawing up a definition of the nonsensical term. Quote:

The group is chaired by MPs Anna Soubry and Wes Streeting.


From the Mirror:

UK school only serves water and halal meat in canteen and bans pupils from bringing in packed lunches


Denmark joins list of European countries that have banned the burqa. From Breitbart:

Austria, France, Denmark, and More: Europe Rejects the Islamic Burqa

Note - Please remember this is not intended to be a comprehensive news round up, these are just the items that particularly caught our eye this week, and (where indicated) they are not always about recent events.

Note - Please note that we are dependent on the veracity of news reports provided by other news sources. It is not our intention to knowingly quote “Fake News” (except where stated as satire), but we do sometimes quote the BBC when other sources are unavailable.

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