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Birth Control And The Death Of Civilization

by Chauncey Tinker – 19 Jul 2018

I shared some statistics about the disappearing white British in a previous post. The data I quoted showed that within 2 decades white British children will be a minority in state-funded primary schools. Someone commented under that article that the figures for births are even more alarming (for those of us who care about diversity at least). Data from the Office of National Statistics shows a rapid decline between 2014-2016 in the number of white British children born in England and Wales (hat tip to John Andrews for the links):

[Note the data doesn’t seem to be available before 2014. The 2017 data should be published in October.]

If you project this current trend into the future you see that within only 5 years the white British will be a minority among children born in England and Wales. If you project the trend even further into the future you find that before the middle of this century there will be no white British children born in England and Wales at all – none at all.

Ever since effective birth control became widely available, the West has been undergoing a demographic implosion. We can’t say that birth control is the cause of this demographic implosion, it is the choice of people to have below replacement numbers of children that is the cause. Perhaps we should instead say that the availability of effective birth control is the key enabling factor in this trend however.

Another factor is of course the change in attitude instilled in the Western mind by the so-called women’s “liberation” movement, which has encouraged women to value careers more than child-rearing, an attitude that has led to women delaying having children; often until it is too late. Some studies have also shown that this tendency is much more prevalent among women who go into higher education. This trend is not just happening in the West either, it is also happening in the developing world:

Middle Class Dreams: India’s One – Child Families


this paper finds that almost hidden from the public gaze, a small segment of the Indian population has begun the transition to extremely low fertility. Among the urban middle classes, it is no longer unusual to find families stopping at one child, even when this child is a girl.

It seems it is not just Western science and technology that we have exported to the rest of the world, but our bad ideas about so-called women’s “liberation” as well.


Even many of those who are secretly concerned about this trend will often just shrug their shoulders and ask “but what can you do?”. I think certainly at least part of the answer is that we must work to change attitudes by making good arguments. Here are a few such good arguments that I have come across:

There is no need for most women to have more than 2-3 children as the replacement rate is 2.1, so there will still be plenty of time for women to pursue careers after a period of early child-rearing. Therefore we don’t need to achieve a huge change in the total fertility rate, for most couples it would only require them to have 1 or at most 2 more children to reach a sustainable rate.

Some good news from Hungary last week, the fertility rate is rising there. From Breitbart:

Make Babies Great Again: Hungarian Fertility Rates Rise, Turns Back Demographic Decline

Lessons are no doubt to be learned from this success story. The above article states that the average age for marriage in the United Kingdom is 35, this is obviously ridiculously late if couples are delaying having children until this age.

Of course we also need to look at government policies that inhibit the ability of people to have children – high taxation, failure to defend the borders from illegal immigration and high legal immigration (which obviously puts pressure on housing). The UK is already very densely populated and we could not feed our population with locally grown produce in the event of some sort of crisis.

We must also work to undermine the power of the current mainstream media (MSM) which is relentlessly brainwashing us with propaganda against the white Europeans, albeit often in subtle ways. For example consider this article from Raziye Akkoc at the Daily Telegraph:

How Europe is slowly dying despite an increasing world population


For now, Europe’s hope to see continued positive population growth remains in the hands of migrants, often younger and in search of a better life for themselves and their family

The way this is phrased you get the impression that the author thinks that nothing can be done about the low fertility rate in the West, but the other article above from Breitbart shows that much can be done about it in reality. In some cases the MSM are even actively trying to discourage white people from having children while simultaneously encouraging and portraying immigration as a good thing. (Please support the alternative media and help us put the legacy media out of business!)


Effective birth control is necessary in an age when medical advances have reduced infant mortality to very low levels. Without it the human population would simply keep on expanding until there were too many people for the earth to sustain. Of course another option is sexual abstinence but few would wish to (and many would probably be unable to) manage to persist with that approach.


There are well documented advantages and disadvantages of the birth control pill including mood swings and hormonal imbalances. For example see this list from Medical News Daily:

10 most common birth control pill side effects

Some claim that long-term use of the birth control pill can lead to longer term fertility problems although opinions seem to differ on this. Here is an article on the subject from Natural Fertility Info:

Top 5 Ways the Birth Control Pill Negatively Impacts Long-Term Fertility

Concerns have also been expressed that excessive oestrogen in the water supply may be having adverse effects on male fertility in both humans and fish in rivers. Apparently synthetic oestrogen gets into the water supply from the urine of women on the birth control pill (as well as from agricultural products). From Pure Water People:

Oestrogen in Water

There have even been claims made that the birth control pill is causing an increase in the prevalence of homosexuality among the children of mothers who were on the pill during their pregnancy. From the American Thinker:

Birth Control and Homosexuality: Unintended Consequences

A letter to the BMJ:

Homosexuality caused by maternal medication and environmental oestrogens?

You don’t need to be homophobic to recognize the fact that such an effect will lead to fertility problems for future generations as well.

I am not a doctor, I don’t know what the truth of all the above claims is, but it does seem to me that it might not be terribly surprising if regular doses of hormones that affect fertility might be having some unintended effects. If women had children early then this would mean that couples could opt for more reliable and long-term types of birth control that don’t have these side effects, for example vasectomy. According to this article at the webmd at least, the side effects of a vasectomy are not common and even when they do occur they are almost never serious:

Sexual Health Birth Control Vasectomy: What You Should Know

A further benefit of a vasectomy is that the risk of unwanted pregnancy is much lower than it is with use of the condom or birth control pill, although apparently there is a period of 3 months or more after the operation before it becomes fully effective:

How effective is vasectomy?


One of the causes of wars in the past was migration caused by over-expanding populations in particular areas spilling into neighbouring areas. Today we are seeing a population boom in the third world at the same time as Europeans are simply disappearing, and a great migration from the third world into the declining West. Many of the new arrivals are Muslims who have a much higher fertility rate. Failure of the Westerners to return to a sustainable fertility rate will therefore very probably lead to Islam becoming the dominant culture in the West.


Thanks to medical advances infant mortality is now very low. Women only need to have around 2-3 children on average in order to achieve a sustainable total fertility rate. Women can have children and careers if they want to, there is no need to choose only one or the other, but it would be far better if women focused on having children early in life and careers later. If all countries could only achieve a sustainable total fertility rate – not too high, not too low, then the world could experience peace and prosperity never seen before.


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