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Political Tribalism - The Classic Divide And Conquer Strategy

by British Awakening – 5 Jul 2018

Insanity is “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. The quote is often attributed to Albert Einstein but I have my doubts, as a scientist Einstein would have known that great musicians, like athletes, have to do the same thing over and over to master their craft. More simple mortals learn to swim or ride a bicycle by stubborn repetition. The quote does however make sense in certain special cases. The alcoholic who tells himself as he heads into the bar ‘this will be the last night’ will most likely repeat this mantra the next day. It also poses the question why all too many of us keep voting for the same politicians and expecting different results?

For a number of years now like many others I have observed that our identity and our culture are under constant attack. It is difficult to pin down the exact moment I started to notice things, certainly after the 9/11 attacks it was clear to me that the world had changed for the worst. As a Londoner I have noticed that the white working class has practically vanished from the city, perhaps the white working class in other cities should call themselves Rohingya? They might at least get mentioned by the BBC before they are cleared out of their cities. London now feels incredibly crowded and Londoners live with the constant threat of the next attack from the religion of peace. Fortifications not seen since the Second World War surround buildings and places where crowds gather and increasingly police (when you do see them) are seen armed with assault rifles when just a few years ago they strolled about unarmed. Barely a week goes by without yet another young life ending in a stabbing, the offshoot of an imported culture that values an over-inflated sense of honour and demands ‘respeck’ where none is due.

At the same time as 9/11 concerns were also being raised about the pace of immigration. Data from the United Kingdom census shows that in 2011 the population of Greater London was 8.174 million, only 3.669 million of which (44.9 %) were classified as “White British”. White British people have become a minority in their own city; did anyone ask them if this is something they wanted? Data from the GLA predicts that by 2031 the population of the larger London Metropolitan Area will have risen to 16 million, and the percentage of white British in that area will have declined even further. Perhaps more depressing is the loss of parks, trees, and gardens that will need to be buried under concrete to accommodate so many people into so small an area.

Such a massive change to an ancient, sophisticated culture does not bother our establishment. Such a demand from a bloated population on the nation’s infrastructure, our roads, railways, health and education systems merits barely a mention. The obvious loss of the little land left for our hard pressed flora and fauna not only ignored, it is trumpeted as a triumph of ‘progressive’ politics by a Green Party that is an insult to the concept.

I wrote a few weeks back that I felt the Windrush saga was being used as vehicle to remove the last few remaining immigration controls our country has. Sure enough on the radio this morning we had Yvette Cooper gushing that another 150,000 people have been found that fall in to the Windrush category - well it must have been a bloody big ship I thought as I made my breakfast. The BBC made no effort to challenge her thinking or make even the slightest effort at balance by interviewing someone who might see just a tiny flaw with this argument. So this is where we are at now, our politicians are not interested in borders - they are actively scouring the world to find more people they can cram onto our island.

It is time to face facts. Our politicians are not going to stop and our media is not going to suddenly start to tell you the truth. I no longer believe this is due to incompetence nor do I accept it is wholly the result of external factors we have no influence over. Every election our politicians will promise to listen to our concerns about immigration, every time they get elected the same things happen, millions more are waved through the door and every passing year we lose more of our freedoms. I find it hard not to conclude that we are governed by people who hate us, hate our culture, hate our way of life, and increasingly it seems hate the colour of our skin.

Our establishment never seems to miss an opportunity to insult us, our service men and service women - the people sworn to protect us – are now hounded through the courts and our enemies are awarded lavish compensation from our taxes and lauded by our media. How much more evidence is needed of their contempt for us than the way they have vilified the working class for daring to vote to leave the EU, a vote that daily they seek to ignore? Continually we are bullied into silence when we can see blatant lies such as that of the bearded babies from Calais when it was as plain as the nose on your face these were full grown men with no right to be here, the lie that they were children forced upon us. Now we see a development in their method as our establishment demands obedience, obedience to accept the clearly unnatural, that men can call themselves women and we have to nod and silently agree to this profound untruth the purpose of which I am sure is to humiliate us, to ensure that when the day comes and our leaders say two plus two is five we will be too cowed and too beaten to argue.

Do any of us think things are going to change and somehow magically get better if we just accept things as they are? Do any of us really believe that by voting for the same political parties there is any hope? Our political tribalism will be the death of us if we don’t unlearn it very quickly.

There is hope, there is always hope and that is with each one of us. The elite media rely on advertising revenue (or the licence fee in the case of the BBC), so stop buying and reading their products, if you enjoy TV then subscribe to Netflix or some other content provider and cancel your TV licence legally. Doing this stops the lies but we must also stop blindly giving our votes to people who do not deserve it, we must instead vote for people who are not from one of the main political parties. After all, such people are less likely to need the patronage of a malign establishment and would more likely need to keep us happy to remain in power. It is no use saying if I don’t vote Lib/Lab/Con then Con/Lab/Lib will get in - don’t you get it? They are in, on a permanent basis and because we still buy into the con that they are somehow different parties they can still impose their unwanted social engineering on us, this is classic divide and conquer. Voting or supporting any of the main political parties is in my view insane; to continue to do so is to throw even more firewood onto our nation’s funeral pyre.

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