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Race Matters - The Identity Crisis

by Chauncey Tinker – 3 Jul 2018

When I first started writing a couple of years or so ago I made a conscious decision not to write about race. It seemed to me at the time that the biggest problem we had was with multi-culturalism, or rather I should say with a particular intolerant and divisive religious ideology that we were foolishly trying to accommodate within our otherwise tolerant and inclusive society.

Lately though I see increasing problems with our governments’ attempts to welcome and accommodate every single race on the planet, and as these problems are increasingly on my mind I have decided to change my writing policy accordingly.


Reading Tommy Robinson’s fascinating and revealing book “Enemy of the State” we get a picture of what life is like growing up in a very racially mixed town in the UK. Tommy tells us he has many friends of different races and he is (as I was previously) inclined to the view that our problems today are more related to the presence of a particular religion in our society rather than the increasingly multi-racial make-up of it.

Experiences of those living in the bigger inner cities may not always be good, we have rising rates of violent crime and the emergence of criminal gangs such as drug gangs, rape gangs, and the motor scooter gangs, and it’s patently obvious to any except the most blinkered that non-white perpetrators are heavily over-represented in these kinds of criminality. On the whole though I would suspect that most of us have had similar good experiences to Tommy’s with mingling with people of different races in today’s UK as neighbours, work colleagues and friends.

While many individuals may be finding they have perfectly good experiences in their daily lives with individual people of other races however, when it comes to the political arena I see very serious and ever growing problems. The developed world is obviously going to continue to be a huge magnet for people born in poorer and less well developed countries. Considering the demographic trends in today’s world we can expect the pressure to not only continue but almost certainly intensify.

With every new arrival we have a very serious and growing problem – those new arrivals eventually acquire the vote, and of course they will tend to want to bring their relatives and friends over to join them, so they will tend to vote for pro-immigration political candidates. The trend of race replacement of the white British inhabitants of our green and pleasant land is likely to continue apace.


The dramatic rate at which the population of the UK is changing can be seen starkly in a document published last week by the government:

Schools, pupils and their characteristics: January 2018

This document shows that the percentage of children from ethnic minority backgrounds in state funded primary schools in England has grown steadily and rapidly from 21% in 2006 to 33% in 2018 (with secondary schools only slightly behind at 30%). There is almost no variation in this trend, it is nearly a straight upward line in the graph. Unless there is a very dramatic change in government policy very soon, our schools will have a majority of ethnic minority pupils within just two more decades. Of course the failure of the white British to have replacement level numbers of children is a factor in this trend.

Since the Second World War the entire UK political scene has been gripped by a pathologically pro-immigration attitude and so it may seem to many that it is almost pointless trying to resist this trend. What’s more, with increasing numbers of non-white British politicians in the Houses of Parliament the political climate in the UK is becoming even more hostile to those who want an end to the endless mass immigration.

With someone like Diane Abbott in charge of controlling immigration I think it is entirely reasonable to suppose that immigration will not be controlled, at all. Many will be quick to point out that immigration is scarcely being controlled today. Since Sajid Javid replaced Amber Rudd at the Home Office he immediately began to relax immigration controls (I will take a closer look at the attitudes and career of the new Home Secretary in a separate post).

If we don’t resist this trend however we can be sure that it will continue, because the pressure from other parts of the world that have higher birth rates and much lower standards of living than ours is not going to disappear. Our complacency will seal our fate, we must overcome our apathy and fear of being called childish names and become politically active or we will quite literally lose our country.


In tandem with the ongoing race replacement of my fellow white British we have seen some very disturbing trends. The movement against racial discrimination in UK legislation may have begun as a genuinely well-meaning attempt to promote racial harmony, however in recent times we have seen the pendulum swinging from one extreme to the other, from attempts to end racial discrimination against non-white people to active racial discrimination against white people.

So-called “positive” discrimination has led to white people being excluded from job opportunities in the UK. From the Express:

BBC bans white people from job – but workforce already reflects country’s ethnic make-up

We have seen blatant discrimination against white people in the Labour party. From The Times:

Labour bans straight white men at conference

An extraordinary call for the selection of judges to reflect the ethnic diversity of criminals was made last year by senior lawyers. From Breitbart:

Senior Lawyers Demand ‘Difficult and Unpopular’ Actions to Replace White Males in Judiciary


As well as describing diversity as an “intrinsic good”, the report said the “lack of female and visible [black and ethnic minority] senior judges threatens to erode the public’s confidence in the judiciary”, warning it could be perceived to be “unfair” that in the Crown Court “those tried are disproportionately non-white, yet the judges are overwhelmingly white”.

Ethnic minorities are indeed disproportionately represented among criminal offenders, and so trying to match the ethnic makeup of the judiciary with the ethnic makeup of the criminal population will of course then lead to a much lower percentage of white males among the judiciary than among the population at large! Yes, that would be an unpopular move!

Divisive “hate crime” legislation has led to chronic bias against white people in court cases, for example:

Hate Crime Policing In The Idiocracy – Part 2

That might not have been the original objective of this legislation but it has most certainly been the result of it. Understandably this has led to a lot of resentment.


The horrific fire in Grenfell Tower in London became heavily politicized. At the inquiry into the fire a lawyer called Imran Khan even accused the brave firefighters who tackled the blaze of “unconscious or some conscious racism”. From the Guardian:

Grenfell firefighters deny response was affected by racism

Clearly the fact that most of the firefighters were white had not escaped his notice. It seems there are some dangerous and unpleasant jobs that British people are still prepared to do (contrary to what we are often told by the racist supporters of mass immigration).

Labour MP David Lammy accused the justice system of “overt discrimination” in a review, a claim that was challenged at spiked-online:

Lammy review: the myth of institutional racism

Diane Abbott of course has been involved in controversies involving racism. For example, she stated that “white people like playing divide and rule”. From the BBC (2012):

MP Diane Abbott ‘sorry’ over Twitter race comments

Despite calls for Ms Abbott’s resignation at the time she is still in the Shadow Cabinet and will be in charge of the police and immigration if Corbyn’s Labour party succeed at the ballot box – a sobering thought, to put it mildly. Earlier in her career she has apparently made far more outspoken remarks, from the Sun:

‘brits invented racism’ Diane Abbott sparks fury as it’s revealed she once branded UK ‘one of the most fundamentally racist nations’

The idea that racism is something only white people are guilty of is obviously a lie, Ms Abbott’s own statements are racist generalizations. A while ago I wrote about another example of anti-white racism that occurred in the UK:

Random White Dudes – In-bred Spawn Soon To Die Out


Immigration has put pressure on housing, jobs, school places, the NHS, police forces, yet very few in politics dare to speak frankly about these issues for fear of being accused of racism. Our politicians not just in the UK but throughout the Western world have been ignoring the problems that mass immigration has brought to their nations. At some point this mass immigration will have to stop, otherwise the West will be transformed beyond recognition, and I believe the above examples are merely a taste of worse division to come in the future. If the West runs into difficulties economically at some point (as is likely given the huge and ever growing national debts) then I fear that the tensions will probably increase considerably.

People have a natural tendency towards “in-group preference”, I think the idea that racism can be “stamped out” is a very foolish one. If people feel that their group is under threat from other racial groups then it is entirely predictable that we will see an increase in racist sentiments among that group. I cannot imagine anything more likely to encourage such a feeling of being under threat than the relentless process of race replacement that is happening in the West today. The policies enacted without democratic mandate by Tony Blair’s government (coupled with an unrestrained welfare state) have quite literally set in motion a process of genocide of the white British. If the current trends continue then the white British will simply disappear off the face of the earth (of course the same trends are also occurring in the rest of Western Europe as well).

It is no surprise to me that given all the above that we should be seeing the emergence of a white identity movement, the pan-European movement called Generation Identity. I don’t think this is the way forward politically for the West however, and indeed it seems the movement is a cultural pressure group rather than a political movement currently.

I think any political movements that focus on race will be doomed to fail at the ballot box, as they have failed in the past. Instead I see the way forward as to campaign for:

If we fail to accomplish the above at the ballot box I fear there will be very bad consequences in the longer term. In tandem with such political policies we need to also campaign for changes in thinking among the population at large, in particular to make arguments to encourage the British people to return to a replacement Total Fertility Rate (a subject I will go into in depth in a future posts). Women should be encouraged to regard child-raising as the most worthwhile and rewarding career of them all (not a difficult argument to make since it’s obviously the truth).


The ethnic makeup of the UK is changing very rapidly. A trend that began in the UK after WWII greatly accelerated since Tony Blair came to power in 1997 – the trickle became a flood. The “white British” are now on course to become a minority in the UK within a short space of time, and I see very serious problems looming as a result of the trend. Diversity is certainly not strength as we are so often told. The knee-jerk attempts to combat racism through legislation are also now leading to racial discrimination against the disappearing white people, and there is growing resentment as a result.

I like true diversity – unlike the people who scream hysterically that “diversity is strength” I don’t want to see the final disappearance of the white British (or Europeans more generally) from the planet. Nor do I want to see the white British become intolerant of other racial groups in the UK, but nothing is adding fuel to the flames of racial tensions as much as the fact that they are being deliberately and rapidly replaced by people from every other racial group on the planet.


The ‘Crisis’ Crisis

Immigration and the Common People

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