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Other Items That Caught Our Eye This Week - w/e 4 Aug

by The Participator – 6 Aug 2018


The vicious smear campaign by the MSM against Tommy Robinson was relentless despite the fact that the verdict on his appeal went his way on Wednesday, with some slip-ups by the MSM. From the Times (requires registration):

We ignore Tommy Robinson at our peril

From the Express:

Labour ‘to lead fight against the far-Right’

See how they try to associate Tommy Robinson with violent groups, quote:

Last month a man was jailed for eight years for leading National Action, the group banned in 2016 over its support for the murder of Labour MP Jo Cox.

This week far-Right activists welcomed the release of Tommy Robinson, founder of the English Defence League, freed after the Court of Appeal ordered that he should be tried again for contempt of court

We have already discussed Tommy Robinson’s trial by media this week. Here is this week’s post on the subject of media bias against Tommy in case you missed it:

Sub Judice – What A Joke

Tommy could even be facing a longer sentence after the re-trial, it’s not over yet.


Australia apparently rejects May’s Chequers plan. From the Express:

Australian minister REFUSES to back May’s Brexit plan as trade deal hangs in the balance

Liam Fox says there’s a high chance of a no-deal Brexit:

‘We are heading for NO-DEAL Brexit’ – Liam Fox LASHES OUT at EU’s ‘intransigence’

From Breitbart we have this claim:

EU Courts to Have Final Say on Brexit ‘Divorce Bill’ and Millions of Migrants

Also from Breitbart, apparently UKIP are up 15 percent following the announcement of May’s Chequers plan:

UKIP Membership Up 15 Percent Since May’s ‘Soft’ Brexit Plan Revealed

We are being asked not to forget Jeremy Corbyn’s eurosceptic past by the Spectator:

Don’t let Jeremy Corbyn gloss over his eurosceptic past

Never mind that, what about Jeremy Corbyn’s eurosceptic present which the New Statesman kindly informs us about (from February):

Jeremy Corbyn’s speech showed his Euroscepticism endures

There is also trouble brewing in the ranks of the Conservative party apparently, Theresa May’s popularity is at a new low according to Conservative Home:

Our survey finds a record fall of confidence in May. Over two in five Party members want her out now

Arch “Conservative” Remainer Anna Soubry survived the de-selection attempt against her unfortunately. From order-order:

Soubry Defeats De-Selection Plot


A UK Government report conflates satire and fake news. From Breitbart:

Govt Report Brands Satire, Parody ‘Fake News’, Calls for Social Media Re-education, Online Media Controls

You couldn’t make it up, and before long you may not be allowed to!

An earlier related article from Breitbart:

Remainer Committee Chairman Calls for Germany-Style Free Speech Restrictions Online

Another Breitbart article linked to this 2016 tweet from the chairman of the committee that produced the above report (Damian Collins):

George Soros, a veteran of the markets demonstrates how Brexit would make Britain poorer https://t.co/XvfqQ6uVYa #StrongerIn #EUref

— Damian Collins (@DamianCollins) June 21, 2016

If more anti-free speech legislation becomes law will the BBC be forced to stop publishing silly claims about immigration and multi-culturalism, we wondered? From the Daily Mail:

BBC withdraws educational film about immigration that claimed Britain was ‘multicultural long before curry and carnival’ after bias complaints

Probably not we suspect since this anti-“fake news” drive has more to do with attempting to conceal the truth than allowing it to be revealed by a free and independent press.

The Metro also had an article about Twitter’s increasing hostility towards freedom of speech:

Twitter hires experts in Islam and right-wing populism to banish ‘intolerant discourse’

We don’t need to speculate about which side of the argument these “experts” will be on.


From the Express:

Interest rates LATEST: Bank of England RAISE rates to highest level since 2009

Is this calculated to create a more difficult economic climate in the run-up to Brexit? The Express also published an opinion piece on the subject:

Tiny interest rate hike made for all the wrong reasons, says CHRIS ROYCFOFT-DAVIS

Quote (referring to Mark Carney):

I wouldn’t trust him to run a swear box in a Tourette’s clinic.


A new drug epidemic is affecting the UK, with Manchester being dubbed the “spice capital”. The UK media had a lot of stories on this this week. The drug called “spice” which is actually a mixture of synthetic drugs apparently often renders users in a Zombie-like state. Like marijuana it is smoked but apparently can sometimes be up to 100 times more potent than marijuana, sometimes due to concentrations forming on the plants it is sprayed onto. From the Sun:

CITY IN RUINS From the teen mum smoking Spice while pushing a buggy to the zombie drug tourists ruining a city: My shocking day on Manchester’s ‘Spice Trail’

From the BBC a story about use of Spice in the UK’s prisons:

Lost in a system

Also from the BBC back in May, a story about a nurse who lost consciousness simply as a result of inhaling fumes from a spice user’s smoke:

‘Spice epidemic in jails risk to nurses’


Nurses and healthcare assistants are often the first on the scene when inmates need emergency care.

They are expected to enter cells before the smoke is clear.


Social media was buzzing with a video clip showing an assault on an American tourist in Barcelona allegedly after he tried to persuade a group of migrants to leave a woman alone. He commented on the experience, from Voice of Europe:

“Spain is becoming the Third World,” American tourist almost killed by migrants speaks up

Voice of Europe also shared this clip reportedly from Spain:

Migrants attack police cars

From Sweden, a report about a couple of incidents on beaches there. In one incident a pro-multiculturalism politician complains bitterly about migrants savagely beating up her husband and calling him a “f**king Swede”. From Gates of Vienna:

A Summer Weekend in Sweden

We don’t indulge in schadenfreude however.

In France a pro-migrant group that was trying to help the migrants withdraws after their staff were apparently subjected to violent assaults. From Breitbart:

Pro-Migrant Group Withdraws Aid From ‘Dangerous’ Paris Migrant Camp, Claims Operation too Risky

We don’t indulge in schadenfreude however.

Also in France this story from Breitbart:

Calais: Migrants Smash Through Car Window, Attack Women Inside with Makeshift Wooden Weapons

“Can Britain trust the BBC?” asked David Vance in response to this article from the BBC:

Matteo Salvini: Can Italy trust this man?

According to Breitbart, Salvini does seem to be delivering on his promise to reduce immigration substantially so the answer would appear to be yes they can because that’s what they voted for:

Boat Migrants Down 80 Percent in Populist Italy, up 350 Percent in Socialist Spain

He also appears to understand what most of Western Europe’s leaders do not, that the biggest underlying problem of our times is the demographic implosion currently taking place in the West:

Italy’s Salvini Wants More Babies, Fewer Migrants: ‘A Country Which Does Not Create Children is Destined to Die’

According to Breitbart, the UK govt. has contemplated pursuing an open borders policy after Brexit:

Leaked: Govt Plan for Open Borders After ‘No Deal’ Brexit, Border Force Too Small

Voice of Europe summarized how we are being misled about the benefits of immigration:

How our governments lied: Migrants are NOT good for the economy

The above article looks at the misuse of GDP figures that are used to claim mass immigration is financially beneficial. The article explains how throwing rocks through windows can boost a country’s GDP because it boosts economic activity – the windows have to be repaired, the repairer paid and so on.


From Breitbart:

Watch - Copenhagen Imam: ‘Jihad Necessitates the Muslim Invasion and Conquest of Europe’


Osama bin Laden was a good boy until he met someone from the Muslim Brotherhood who radicalized him according to the Guardian:

My son, Osama: the al-Qaida leader’s mother speaks for the first time

The above article has a fantastic picture of the bin Laden family posing around a pink car in 1971 in Sweden. This reminded us of how radically the Islamic world has changed since then. Speaking of nostalgia, here’s a Saudi version of the Beatles song “Drive My Car” with altered lyrics:

The Beatles – Drive My Car (For Women in Saudi Arabia)


A Labour MP says she is very disturbed by the latest revelations, from the Express:

Jeremy Corbyn PRAISED the release of Hamas TERRORISTS on Iran’s state TV


Following the reports, the Labour party seems to be on the brink of civil war.

Corbyn also made a claim that Israel’s “blockade of Gaza” was comparable to the WWII battle of Stalingrad.

Moment Jeremy Corbyn compares Israel’s blockade of Gaza to siege of Leningrad & Stalingrad


Forced marriage was in the UK news this week. From the Daily Mail:

Revealed: Ex-Labour councillor who George Galloway called a ‘star’ acted as a ‘fixer’ for forced marriages of girls as young as 15 ‘who were sent abroad to be abused and raped’

Teenagers are being raped abroad and then their “husbands” given visas as the Home Office turns a blind eye, according to the Times:

Visas for men who forced girls into marriage

Quite a bit of confusion occurred when the press reported on a verdict re. an Islamic marriage:

British court recognises sharia law in landmark divorce case

Some commentators said that headline was misleading.


From the BBC:

Denmark veil ban: First woman charged for wearing niqab


From Jihad Watch:

UK’s Generation Identity leader interviewed on his mock halal slaughter

When asked why they chose Morrisons for their protest they said:

Morrison’s has been implicated in a scandal involving hiding or concealing the source and method of slaughter. Details about religious slaughter are hidden in numbered “product codes” and not labelled on the outside. This leads to consumers being unable to make a choice about what kind of products they consume. It is highly likely Morrison’s is not alone in this practice.

Back in May the Daily Mail said that Generation Identity were “the most sinister and dangerous yet“:

The Hipster Fascists: Well-dressed, highly educated and from respectable families. Why this new British far-Right group is the most sinister and dangerous yet

Unlike Islamic terrorist groups however so far the movement has not killed anybody or even for that matter threatened to kill anybody. In fact according to their official website they are dedicated to peaceful activism. Quote:

We are a non-violent youth movement that highlights the need for open and honest public debate about immigration policies, identity and the future of our nations and of Europe.

You can’t believe everything you read in the newspapers!

Note - Please remember this is not intended to be a comprehensive news round up, these are just the items that particularly caught our eye this week, and (where indicated) they are not always about recent events.

Note - Please note that we are dependent on the veracity of news reports provided by other news sources. It is not our intention to knowingly quote “Fake News” (except where stated as satire), but we do sometimes quote the BBC when other sources are unavailable.

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