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The Return of Pelayo

by Pelayo – 14 Aug 2018

Image by CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

British historian Ian Ousby described life in German occupied France during the Second World War:

‘This shock is merely a distant echo of what the French underwent in 1940: seeing a familiar landscape transformed by the addition of the unfamiliar, living among everyday sights suddenly made bizarre, no longer feeling at home in places they had known all their lives’.

Life for the French under occupation was grim; the only freedom of expression that was tolerated was expression that met German approval. The media, under German control ensured that the only news the French people got to hear or read followed a German script. Listening to a radio station or reading a publication from the Allies was a difficult and risky activity. Even a mild criticism of the regime could result in severe punishment.

It was hard for even the most taciturn of people to stay out of trouble with the authorities as a web of informants and opportunist denouncers flourished within the system. The Germans controlled all of the apparatus of the state, from the media, police, judiciary and civil service. The positions of power were taken by Germans, the few French in positions of authority were collaborators of the regime, and they were no friends of France.

Some of you may already feel this describes Britain and much of the West today, I suspect an even larger number of you feel this describes a world we are moving toward. So if millions feel we are either under occupation or moving towards it then we perhaps need to face facts, there is a good chance we are - but by whom?

I can only describe life in Britain but from what I can glean millions across the West are asking the same questions. Why does our establishment seem to hate us so much? Why are they so intent on destroying our ancient culture and way of life? Why do they never avoid an opportunity to insult us, to humiliate us on a daily basis? Why are those of us that question the unwanted No Borders policies adopted by our leaders hounded and denounced? Why are we heading to a world where alternative points of view are becoming increasingly difficult to express and virtually forbidden by the elite media and within academia? Why is Islam being forced upon us and protected from even the mildest criticism?

Asking these questions is one thing, trying to provide answers and avoid conspiracy theories is extremely difficult but I don’t think it outlandish to suggest we are seeing a dangerous alignment between people that hold Utopian political views - such as Marxism and the stated aims of Islam.

Islam shares a number of characteristics with Marxist ideology, by its very nature it seeks to conquer the world and will brook no other. Throughout its history it has spread by the use of violence and intimidation and has rarely succeeded by conversion through rational argument. So how could Islam succeed against a modern secular state with a modern army equipped with sophisticated hardware, a state steeped in a Judeo- Christian moral code tempered and hardened in the blazing forge of the enlightenment? Well the answer is it couldn’t, Islam would be rejected as implausible and any direct military intervention would be quickly defeated. The only way Islam could defeat a Western nation is by way of colonisation facilitated by a willing establishment.

For decades now Arab wealth has been used to buy influence and control over the organs of state. Political parties remain strangely reluctant to reveal the source of much of their income. NGOs, think tanks, and political ‘charities’ that influence debate and policy surround government, funded through a complex web of trusts and cross funding to disguise who is really buying influence, to disguise who really governs us. Our academic institutions sit smugly on bloated coffers, coffers filled with foreign gold sending people into the world that are trained what to think rather than how to think. Our once free press is now often under foreign ownership and direction.

Arab wealth on its own would not be enough to bring about our demise, for that to happen it would require supporters within Western nation states. The strength of liberal democracies is (or at least used to be) their willingness to allow the various strands of political thought to manifest themselves as political parties. Utopian ideologies such as Marxism have never really taken off where people are offered a choice - and eventually always rejected when imposed upon people as happened to the unfortunate Russians under the Communists.

Much has been written about Cultural Marxism and the Frankfurt School, some of which I have read, but I am yet to find a work that convinces me that there is some hidden illuminati pulling the strings. I am however open to the suggestion that at least in Britain the Fabian Society, well aware that its real agenda would probably be rejected by any person with a basic grasp of human behavior, has been busy infiltrating our main political parties. Certainly in the case of the Labour Party I am 95% convinced that the Fabians have managed to wrest control from the Working Class of the very party that was set up to protect the workers. As conspiracy theories go I am pretty much sold on this one, the Fabians’ original motto and symbol after all was a wolf in sheep’s clothing and they have always had a peculiar interest in eugenics as a solution for the lower classes.

It is my experience that those who hold Utopian ideals are more than willing to align with any cause that they feel furthers their agenda - sadly too many have bought into a No Borders dogma to further their dream without any consideration that their Utopia will never come about, our nations will fall, our people will fade and the enlightenment will be extinguished in the darkness of the spiritual prison of Islam.

So what is to be done? In the coming weeks I will explain the methods being used against you and how to counter them. Right now the most crucial battle that has to be won is to secure the outcome of the referendum and see Britain leave the European Union. The EU is the battle flag of the Utopians. The majority in Britain see it for what it is – an authoritarian, proto empire governed by unseen plutocrats with a veneer of democracy. Regrettably still too many think it is some benign project set to an ABBA soundtrack taking us to a workers paradise where we all get to own a unicorn. So obsessed are the Utopians with this image they refuse to see the evidence before their own eyes of rape gangs, nail bombings and endless vehicle attacks. They refuse to see that the assets that once belonged to the people have been sold off under the guise of privatisation often to the benefit of sovereign wealth funds from the Middle East, they refuse to see that the colossal debts run up by the banks have been transferred onto them and their children.

Brexit has caused a constitutional crisis in Britain and this will play out over many years, I do believe in the old adage of never wasting a good crisis. We must leave the EU in order to expose the Utopians and re-assert control of our establishment, the crisis created by leaving the EU will create the conditions for other political parties to challenge the established order. Only then can we prepare the ground to ask a simple question, why do we have any obligation to a violent, hostile people who were brought here to subjugate us?

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