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Other Items That Caught Our Eye This Week - w/e 29 September

by The Participator – 30 Sep 2018

Our weekly roundup of news and opinion articles that we thought were important, mostly UK news but foreign news stories of interest to us as well.


The Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) published their alternative Brexit plan (150 pages):

PLAN A+ Creating a prosperous post-Brexit U.K.

Jacob Rees-Mogg, Boris Johnson, David Davis, Lord Howard, and others backed the plan. From The Telegraph:

Chequers will take us backwards. We can win with a SuperCanada Brexit

David Davis has been in favour of something similar for a while it seems. From The Telegraph (December):

Britain should sign a ‘Canada-plus plus plus’ trade deal with the EU after Brexit, David Davis says

Penny Mordaunt has also declined to back May’s Chequers plan according to this, from The Express:

Chequers ON ITS KNEES as Cabinet MP delivers STINGING blow to May’s CRUMBLING plan

The Tory party conference starts today Sunday 30th, it could be interesting.


The Labour Party held their conference in Liverpool this week and quite a bit of hilarity ensued.

One speaker appeared to have forgotten that we live in a democracy when she called for a general strike to bring down the Conservative government. From The Express:

‘Comrades RISE’ Disbelief as Labour’s Laura Smith demands GENERAL STRIKE to overthrow May

Sitting next to her can be seen Labour’s shadow justice secretary Richard Burgon MP who rises to join in the standing ovation that follows this statement. Burgon later denied this when he was interviewed by Ross Kempsell:

WATCH: Shadow Justice Secretary Richard Burgon claims he didn't give Laura Smith MP's call for a "general strike" a standing ovation last night – video of the event clearly shows he did immediately after she made the comment pic.twitter.com/XsYaGDxLOL

— Ross Kempsell (@rosskempsell) September 26, 2018

Key party members John McDonnell (shadow chancellor) and Keir Starmer (shadow Brexit secretary) expressed opposing views on the subject of a second referendum. From order-order:

McDonnell and Starmer at War Over 2nd Referendum

McDonnell spoke against a second referendum, but Starmer said:

“we weren’t ruling out options, and nobody was ruling out Remain

A black delegate urged the conference to share her alarm about the rising levels of black employment (it’s possible this was a Freudian slip of course but the data does suggest she got it right). From order-order:

LABOUR: High black employment cause for concern

On a more serious note there were many Palestinian flags on display but as some pointed out, no British flags. From the BBC:

Labour conference: Members fill hall with Palestinian flags

Meanwhile in Palestine, this sort of thing is going on (from 2015):

Hamas’s “Hitler Youth” style movement prepares for jihad

Finally on their way home the Labour Party members were met with train delays due to signal failure. Corbyn appeared to have forgotten that the signals are the responsibility of Network Rail, which has been nationalized for 16 years and was only briefly privatized when he wrote:

“Couldn’t make this up. We need public ownership of our railways.”

He was mocked for the mistake:

Jeremy Corbyn mocked for rail nationalisation calls as he forgets ONE simple point


The appearance was brief, and the decision was simply another delay. Some were reminded of the indefinite postponement of the Trial in Kafka’s story.


From The Telegraph:

Britain grants asylum to 100 White Helmet rescuers and relatives after Syria evacuation


Some people in London are now buying stab-proof and bullet-proof vests apparently. From The Express:

London crimewave sees teenagers buy STAB-PROOF VESTS as bloodbath spirals


From The Mirror:

‘Insane’ wife killer ‘given Viagra in psychiatric hospital despite female staff’s fears’

Possibly it’s not just the prisoner who’s insane, we were thinking ..


From Breitbart:

EU Accused of Threatening Press Controls to Curb ‘Bad Nationalism’ and Anti-Soros, Pro-Brexit Narratives


From Breitbart:

Open for Business: EU Prepares to Maintain Trade with Iran, Evade U.S. Sanctions


From Gatestone Institute, a roundup of some stories about persecution of Christians:

“We Are Bigger than Your Jesus!”

This included mention of a report about textbooks in Saudi Arabia from March by The United States Commission on International Religious Freedom which said that:

“USCIRF is disappointed to find inflammatory content remains in Saudi textbooks previously thought to have been removed.”

uncovered content promoting violence and hatred toward religious minorities and others.”

Also mentioned is the murder of a Christian man and beating of a pregnant Christian woman by doctors and other staff in a hospital in Pakistan that occurred in March.


From Vlad Tepes’s blog, a story about an incident in a previously peaceful park that left a number of people injured:

German government media complex hide another dangerous area for citizens from the public

From Voice of Europe another story about unusual goings-on (actually there was another very similar incident in another town in Germany recently):

Armed ‘migrant gang’ turns German club into warzone: Eighteen men attack staff with guns and batons

From Jihad Watch, another story about an asylum seeker who went on a stabbing spree:

Video from Germany: “Southerner” goes on knife rampage, seriously injuring three, cops search for motive


Meanwhile in Spain, the government there is eagerly welcoming more migrants. From Breitbart:

Socialist Spain Picks Up over 440 Boat Migrants from Mediterranean Sea

Also this story from Voice of Europe:

In socialist Spain, migrants sleep in police stations for weeks - Welcoming attitude is a disaster


Following the recent election result Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven is to step down. From The Express:

Sweden REBELS: Sweden PM loses vote of no confidence sending SHOCKWAVES through EU

Also from Sweden this week, from Voice of Europe:

Swedish media wait 24 hours to report on a car that ploughed into a crowd of 100 children

Note - Please remember this is not intended to be a comprehensive news round up, these are just the items that particularly caught our eye this week, and (where indicated) they are not always about recent events.

Note - Please note that we are dependent on the veracity of news reports provided by other news sources. It is not our intention to knowingly quote “Fake News” (except where stated as satire), but we do sometimes quote the BBC when other sources are unavailable.

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