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Academia In The Idiocracy - The Black Radical Professor

by Chauncey Tinker – 10 Oct 2018

Blacks murdering white civilians in the 1804 Haiti massacre

Professor Kehinde Andrews hit the headlines this week in the UK when he was interviewed on Good Morning Britain. During the interview he said:

“The history of this country is built on racism, and therefore everyone involved in it probably has a racist past.”

Professor Kehinde Andrews is the UK’s first professor of “black studies”. He “teaches” at Birmingham City University which has 24,000 students from 80 countries. A large percentage of the University’s students are apparently from ethnic minorities. The comedian Sir Lenny Henry is the current chancellor.

Back in July Professor Andrews was interviewed by Emily Maitlis on BBC Newsnight on the subject of ideas he had expressed in his book “Back to Black: Retelling Black Radicalism for the 21st Century“. It was an amicable interview despite the fact that at one point he appeared to be calling for violent revolution to transfer wealth from whites to blacks:

‘The West is built on racism’ – DISCUSSION – BBC Newsnight

He begins (@1:06) by justifying such a revolution on the grounds that:

“and not just history, white supremacy is based on the idea that black people are at the bottom, are subhuman, and white people are at the top, are the richest, and that is what the global economy looks like today”

He speaks (@1:46) of the violent 1791-1804 revolution in Haiti, which he says was the beginning of the end of the slave trade:

“it’s this resistance that starts the end of the slave trade, not morality of Britain or anywhere like that”

He then claims that Haiti is one of the poorest countries today “precisely because it had that revolution”, and that the country was punished by the surrounding empires “and that legacy is still with us today”. What’s needed instead is for black people worldwide to unite and co-ordinate an international revolution apparently.

Emily questions him (@2:36) about the idea of repatriation of black people to Africa that some in the black radical movement have called for, but he seems not to be in favour of this idea. Of course he doesn’t want to repatriate himself because he’s got a nice cushy job in academia in the evil racist West (where nobody ever dares to criticize his extreme views for fear of being called a racist). I suppose that according to his own argument he is living off the proceeds of slavery himself, but of course hypocrisy and double standards are part and parcel of the mindset of academics these days.

She questions him on a Malcolm X quote that seems to be inciting violence:

“We have formed this organization … to fight whoever gets in our way, to bring about the complete independence of people of African descent here in the Western hemisphere

and bring about the freedom of these people by any means necessary”

He responds (@3:45):

“it’s sort of naive to expect you could get freedom from the West without violence”

However he then contradicts himself almost immediately:

what we need is not violence or guns, it’s to organize ourselves at the grassroots level, on the international level so that we actually mobilize the power that we have as a people

Emily, being the politically correct airhead that she is, lets this contradiction go unchallenged.

She asks him about reparations for the slave trade and he claims that all the wealth of the West is built on slavery so to take it back would be revolutionary and that does indeed appear to be what he is calling for – revolution. A revolution is necessary he says because (@6.20):

There’s a reason that children die by the second on the African continent … and that’s why we have to have total and utter revolution

So, every time a child dies in Africa it’s because of the evil West then.

They also discuss Barack Obama (@6:30) – he is very critical of Obama’s presidency, he claims that though unemployment may have fallen poverty has gone up and that:

50% of all black people who are in employed in New York work in fast food restaurants

She ends the interview warmly with the words:

“Kehinde it’s great to talk to you, thanks for coming in, thank you”

I hardly need remind people that this is the same Emily Maitlis who was so rude to Ayaan Hirsi Ali in another interview.

Quite how Emily will feel about this Professor Andrews when this violent/non-violent revolution takes place and her BBC salary is transferred into Kehinde’s bank account I don’t know. Then again she may be dead depending on whether General Kehinde decides to have her executed or not.


The crux of the professor’s argument is that the modern West is rich today only because of the slave trade and he seems to be calling for a massive program of forced wealth redistribution to transfer wealth from white people to black people in the West. The process will apparently require some sort of revolution, sometimes he says violence is necessary but at other times he seems to think it can happen peacefully by “grassroots mobilization”. Consistency is clearly not his strong point but of course in the idiocracy consistency is not particularly important.

What concerns me most about this professor’s “black studies” course is that students are coming to his university from all these different countries and being taught to hate us and resent those of us who are richer than they are, and this “education” is at our expense. Some of these students no doubt hang around when their visas expire and become illegal immigrants. We must be mad, literally mad.

In a sane country he would be kicked out of his job for voicing these kinds of extreme opinions but then again in a sane country that job wouldn’t have been created in the first place. I certainly would like to see his ill-gotten earnings repatriated to my bank account where they belong. One of those fast food restaurant jobs that he complains about in the interview would probably be more in line with his skills and experience, although he will have to work on his attitude problem as these are customer facing roles.


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