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Other Items That Caught Our Eye This Week - w/e 17 November

by The Participator – 18 Nov 2018

Our weekly roundup of news and opinion articles that we thought were important, mostly UK news but foreign news stories of interest to us as well.


A draft withdrawal agreement with the EU was revealed this week, and the UK was in uproar.

Draft Agreement on the withdrawal of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland from the European Union and the European Atomic Energy Community

The key problems with the 585 page document were soon being commented on. One of the first statements that caught people’s attention was this one:

“For the purposes of this Agreement all references to Member States in provisions of Union law … shall be understood as including the United Kingdom and its competent authorities, except as regards… decision-making.”

In other words, as many have commented, we would still be tied to the EU but have no say in decision making.

The transition period was revealed as extending potentially as far as 2099:

“Notwithstanding Article 126, the Joint Committee may, before 1 July 2020, adopt a single decision extending the transition period up to [31 December 20XX].”

From Brexit Central:

There are some nasty surprises in the smallprint of Theresa May’s Brexit deal

From the Spectator:

The top 40 horrors lurking in the small print of Theresa May’s Brexit deal

Jacob Rees-Mogg led calls for a vote of no confidence in the Prime Minister and announced that he had submitted his letter. From order-order (Sunday 18th):

MAY: 48 Letters Have Not Been Reached

This is the list of those who have publicly announced they have submitted a letter (25), from the BBC:

Who has written no confidence letters against Theresa May?

(Note that more are thought to have submitted letters however without announcing it publicly. The situation may be clearer on Monday.)

Dominic Raab resigned and was soon replaced by Stephen Barclay:

Stephen Barclay named new Brexit Secretary

Some of May’s cabinet seemed to be rallying around May at first but later came this article:

Theresa May given SHOCK Cabinet ultimatum – change Brexit deal or we WILL resign

The 5 cabinet ministers mentioned are Michael Gove, Andrea Leadsom, Chris Grayling, Penny Mordaunt and Liam Fox.

From Breitbart, some responses to the deal:

‘The Worst Deal in History’: Brexiteers Respond to Theresa May’s ‘Slave State’ Agreement With Europe

The article quotes a tweet by David Davis:

This is the moment of truth. This is the fork in the road. Do we pursue a future as an independent nation or accept EU domination, imprisonment in the customs union and 2nd class status. Cabinet and all Conservative MPs should stand up, be counted and say no to this capitulation.

— David Davis (@DavidDavisMP) November 13, 2018

James Delingpole’s view:

DELINGPOLE: The Phoney War Is over; the Real Battle for Brexit Has Begun

President Trump was not impressed. From the Express:

Trump FURIOUS at May over Brexit: US president’s angry rant on Air Force One REVEALED

The Spectator said that May’s deal had failed all of her own previously stated tests (requires registration):

It’s a bad deal - whichever way you look at it

Even Pete North seems to be resigned to a no deal Brexit now:

For four years I have been one of the most vocal opponents of no deal, preferring instead what is termed "soft Brexit". So how can I now be in favour of no deal? Simply… because May's deal is not soft Brexit. It's not #Brexit at all.

— Pete North (@PeteNorth303) November 17, 2018


The mainstream media has now reported that the Foreign Office has confirmed that it urged the Home Office not to grant Asia Bibi asylum because it feared for the safety of consulate staff in Pakistan. From the Guardian:

Foreign Office ‘allowed Pakistan mob to dictate Asia Bibi asylum case’

Conservative MP Tom Tugendhat apparently asked the Foreign Office:

whether the episode “does not raise the question that either staff should be withdrawn or security increased or otherwise UK policy is effectively dictated to by a mob?”.

This BBC article reveals that only 3 imams have signed a letter calling for Asia Bibi to be granted asylum here, but from the headline alone you would of course get the impression that all the imams in the UK had signed the letter:

Asia Bibi: British imams join calls for UK to give asylum

In other words, only a tiny minority of the UK’s imams have shown support for Asia Bibi to be given asylum in fact.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali made an excellent point which was quoted in a Gatestone Institute article:

“If Asia Bibi is denied asylum in the UK then what the heck is the point of the asylum system?” - Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Here is the full article:

The West Must Offer Immediate Asylum to Asia Bibi

Meanwhile in Pakistan, from Breitbart:

Report: Unable to Reach Asia Bibi, Pakistan’s Islamists Attacking Random Christians

Our contributor Jon MC wrote about the religious justification of such behaviour in Islam back in 2013:

The Pact of Umar


The top UK prosecutor Max Hill allegedly met with CAGE not long after the director was convicted of a terrorism offence, and Max seems to have picked up some of the lingo they want us to use about Islamic terror. Info from the Henry Jackson Society via Breitbart:

England’s New Top Prosecutor Criticised for Adopting Islamist Talking Points


From the Coventry Telegraph:

West Midlands Police accused of ‘discriminating against white male officers’


a Head of Diversity and Inclusion earning up to £65,751 per annum

From the Daily Mail:

‘Straight White Male is the new RACISM,’ claim five men who were axed from top London ad agency in female director’s bid to ‘obliterate’ Mad Men culture


Two articles from the Telegraph:

Stretched UK Border Force ‘resourced to fail’ and unable to stop illegal entry

Migrants pile into dinghies to cross Channel to Dover as ‘panic setting in’ before Brexit deadline hits


“In the last few weeks 90 per cent of the people who have been rescued have been young, fit men.


From the Express:

London Bloodbath – Women attacked with machete in Charlton HORROR attack

The article claims that there has been a 12% increase in knife offences, and the number of knife offences is now the highest on record.


Vlad Tepes’s blog drew our attention to an article by The New American about an EU resolution that apparently:

EU Resolution Demands Critics of LGBT and Islam Be Prosecuted

The article links to a page at europarl that does indeed appear to match the description:

Rise of neo-fascist violence in Europe

Some quotes (directly from this document):

- having regard to the Council of Europe resolution of 30 September 2014 on counteraction to manifestations of neo-Nazism and right-wing extremism,

- having regard to the EU Code of Practice on Disinformation,

- having regard to the Code of Conduct on Countering Illegal Hate Speech Online,

This page cites a number of violent incidents including the Norway massacre in 2011 and the murder of Jo Cox, but also predictably there is no distinction made between those who have not incited violence and those who are alleged to have actually planned terrorist attacks:

whereas in France on 7 December 2017 five members of the movement Génération Identitaire were convicted of incitement to racial and religious hatred; whereas individuals linked to far-right groups, including Action Française, were planning a terrorist attack against a number of French politicians and mosques during the 2017 presidential elections

P. whereas the French intelligence service has expressed concern at the increasing number of members of military and law enforcement forces joining far-right violent groups

The members of Génération Identitaire were arrested in the incident in question for staging a protest in a mosque that was under construction in France. According to Gatestone Institute, four of those convicted were deprived of their right to vote for 5 years, received suspended prison sentences, and they were also forced to pay a fine of 24,000 euros to an organization in France that represents the Muslim Brotherhood:

“Court Jihad”: How the French Justice System Assists Islamists

As we have mentioned before, the Muslim Brotherhood is designated as a terrorist organization in Canada, Saudi Arabia and other gulf states.

Also this week, the Express boasted that:

New law to curb Facebook thanks to our exposé of vile online extremism

Exactly the same conflation of violent terrorism with mere so-called “hate-speech” can be seen in this article:

“We are not going to ask you, we are going to require you.” If passed, the law will mirror a move by Germany to stamp out a rise in far-Right hate speech.

Also from Vlad Tepes’s blog we have a video report from Speakers’ Corner in London:

Speaker’s Corner is free speech only at the whim of muslims

Jewish protestors were trying to draw attention to the persecution of Jews in Muslim countries throughout history and they were allegedly met with chants in Arabic that are understood as a call for the murder of Jews.

We were constantly shouted down by angry aggressive fundamentalists … and eventually we had to call off the vigil.


From the Times, apparently beeping your car horn can now be categorized as a hate crime:

Driver who beeped horn tells of hate-crime ordeal


From the Telegraph:

Tommy Robinson denied visa for US visit to meet Republican members of Congress


An allegation from the Sun:

LABOUR HOUSE SHOCK Labour MP and her drug dealer son are living in social housing despite earning up to £130,000 a year


From the Daily Mail:

Romanian mother-of-two is allowed to keep her UK child benefit of £150-a-month despite never having lived in Britain


The government is considering desperate measures to plug the funding gap. From the Daily Mail:

Health Minister Matt Hancock considers ‘age tax’ on the over 40s to pay for their social care later in life and bridge ‘catastrophic’ funding gap


UK to arm China, from the Express:

UK to sell ‘UNLIMITED’ amount of military equipment to China in MASSIVE rebuke to Trump


An AfD leader spoke against the pact in the Bundestag, via Vlad Tepes’s blog:

Speech on UN Global Compact for Migration, AfD leader Alexander Gauland, Bundestag English subtitles

So far the USA, Australia, Hungary, Austria, the Czech Republic, Poland and Croatia have declared their intention not to sign, but what about the UK?

Stefan Molyneux did some in-depth analysis of the pact in this video:

The Terrible Truth About the UN Migration Compact

From the Spectator:

The war of the world


The UN’s Global Compact on Migration is a sinister globalist ploy

From altnewsmedia:



It sounds as if the media may soon risk arrest when they publish this sort of information, from Breitbart:

Netherlands: One in Five North African Asylum Seekers Suspected of Crimes


From the Express:

‘Swissexit?’ Referendum in Switzerland could lead to Brexit-style break from EU rules


From Vlad Tepes’s blog:

Police and army have joined the seeming revolution against Macron in France

From the Express:

Chaos in France: One killed as mass protests break out across France over fuel prices


From the Telegraph:

Andrew Neil attacks BBC over Left-wing bias in comedy shows

Andrew Neil is of course the last openly right wing journalist at the BBC. The BBC claims that Neil is:

“an excellent interviewer who is bound by exactly the same rules of on-air impartiality as every other BBC journalist

Now that did make us laugh.


From the BBC:

‘Bleeping’ parrot sparks Daventry emergency call-out

Thank goodness he wasn’t mimicing anti-Muslim hate speech or the bird would now be behind bars.

Note - Please remember this is not intended to be a comprehensive news round up, these are just the items that particularly caught our eye this week, and (where indicated) they are not always about recent events.

Note - Please note that we are dependent on the veracity of news reports provided by other news sources. It is not our intention to knowingly quote “Fake News” (except where stated as satire), but we do sometimes quote the BBC when other sources are unavailable.

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