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Boxing Day Thoughts

by British Awakening – 26 Dec 2018

(A possible solution to the looming Brexit sandwich crisis – make your own).

For many of us Christmas is a time to focus on friends and family and to focus for a few days at least on what at the end of the day really matters. At a time when the affirmation of family ties and a reconciliation of friends is foremost in our minds it is generally accepted that we do our level best to see the more light-hearted side of life.

With this in mind I thought I would write about something that has been bugging me and my colleagues throughout the year - but first some background. Years ago my wife sold our flat and bought a house in London, much as we loved it, financially it really was a stretch. To help save money I invested in one of those software packages that help with a household budget. Very quickly I noticed how much the pair of us were spending on sandwiches at work per month - almost £200. Ah ha! I thought there’s how to make a saving, so we made our own sandwiches to take to work and saved a lot of money as a consequence over the years, so much in fact I have started on my second million (having completely given up on the first).

Now I am not the only financial genius at work, a lot of my colleagues have made the same calculation - but here is where the real clever debate comes in. You see there is little value in bringing in sandwiches if you are only going to eat them by 10 A.M. and then pop over to Pret at lunchtime. So this is what has been bugging me all year - what is the most financially efficient sandwich to take to work? By that I mean what sandwich will remain uneaten the longest? Here is my analysis.

Almost certainly gone by 10 A.M. ham and cheese.

Probably eaten by 11 A.M. cheese, egg.

Can be relied to stay in the briefcase until Midday - beef, salmon.

Can normally make it to lunchtime - tuna, chicken.

Gets taken home and fed to the dog - turkey

So my Boxing Day message to you all, if you don’t have a dog don’t pack turkey sandwiches.

Seasons greetings to you and yours and thank you for supporting the Participator this year!

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