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David Davis - The Least Worst Candidate

by Chauncey Tinker – 12 Dec 2018

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Have you had enough of Theresa May’s disastrous handling of the Brexit negotiations yet? Have you had enough of the deteriorating law and order situation in the UK, where the police prioritize so-called “hate incidents” over theft and even worse crimes such as rape and violent assaults? Have you had enough of the (heavily indebted) UK’s insane aid generosity towards developing countries which can afford their own space programs and can afford to build gigantic statues? Have you had enough of hearing about small children being encouraged to “change gender”? Have you had enough of hearing about small children being forced to visit mosques and being taught how to bow down towards Mecca and the girls taught how to wear hijabs? Have you had enough of out of control levels of mass immigration, which continued throughout Theresa May’s time both as Home Secretary and Prime Minister? Have you had enough of a government that talks about controlling our borders but then goes ahead and signs the disastrous UN Migration Compact which seeks to “regularize” migration without even attempting to warn the British public what it is that is being signed?

Of course I could go on and on, but you get the picture, THIS is Theresa May’s Britain. If any single politician has been uniquely placed to put the UK back on the right track after the disastrous New Labour era it was Theresa May, and yet this is the state of our once great nation today after 8 years of Conservative party governance. Surely by now it is time to say enough, no more, we want a real conservative to be in charge of the Conservative party! The list of available candidates is hardly inspiring right now, so unfortunately we must choose the least worst candidate. That person in my estimation is David Davis, I will here explain why I think so.


In 2016 Theresa May put forward a truly Orwellian proposal for what she called “Extremist Banning and Disruption Orders”. Many were fooled by May’s rhetoric on the subject of extremism into thinking that the government was about to get tough on those inspired by Mohammed’s violent example, but her real intention was to get tough not on the causes of such extremism but rather on the people TALKING ABOUT THE CAUSES of such extremism. In other words, her plan was essentially to sweep the real problem under the carpet. If anyone doubts what I say here you can read my article on the subject where I took a close look at her proposal document (from 2016):

Extremist Banning and Disruption Orders

These orders would have ushered in a truly authoritarian era where political opponents and even journalists could have been permanently silenced at the whim of those in power. David Davis was one of the very few elected politicians at the time who saw this grave danger to our liberty and he objected forcefully to May’s proposal. This is a statement from his own website:

David Davis responds to the Government’s new counter extremism strategy


The proper test for whether the activities in question are illegal needs to be violence or incitement to violence; we cannot continue to infringe on people’s rights based on what they say rather than what they do. Anything else will be extremely subjective and extraordinarily difficult to enforce in the courts. It will also make judicial martyrs out of the very people we are trying to oppose.

Only by engaging with extremist views, opposing them and defeating them through debate can we hope to deal with the threat of extremism. The lesson of centuries of British history is that the best defence of freedom is freedom itself, and the last thing we should do in trying to defeat the enemies of western civilization is throw away our strongest weapon, free speech.


Possibly the worst stain on David Davis’s career is the fact that he was a government whip during the vote for the Maastricht Treaty in 1992.

I would also be the first to admit that David Davis’s time as “Brexit Secretary” was hardly his finest hour. May set him up to fail in this role by simply ignoring his department, and I continue to believe that she did this quite deliberately in order to damage him.

Since he resigned from the Brexit Secretary non-role however he has risen again in my estimation. Unlike the supposedly pro-Leave ministers Gove, Mordaunt, Leadsom, and Fox, he has not fallen into line and backed May’s disastrous deal. This is his article at the Times on the subject:

David Davis: This is not crashing out. This is escaping the EU’s dead hand

He has also been calmly speaking out against the reprehensible “Project Fear” style campaigns:

‘STAND FIRM’ Davis warns MPs as ‘APOCALYPTIC’ Brexit Project Fear 2 is unleashed


David Davis’s attitude towards the hugely important subject of immigration is his weakest point in my opinion (although he is by no means an advocate of open borders). Consider this statement that he made while still in the Brexit Secretary role (from the BBC):

Immigration should rise and fall after Brexit, David Davis says

Perhaps David Davis, trapped as he is within the Westminster/Mainstream Media bubble, cannot see what is obvious to a growing number of citizens, namely that the erosion of our civil liberties is closely connected to the growing presence of a violent, intolerant, and divisive belief system in our midst. Perhaps if he could be made to see that connection he might take a different view towards immigration, because then he might come to understand that ultimately we will lose the battle to defend our civil liberties unless we regain the will to defend our borders from those who despise those civil liberties.


David Davis was defeated by David Cameron in the 2005 Conservative Party leadership election. However that was during the era of spin, and I believe the world has moved on dramatically since then. Before quite recently, a politician’s appearance in the eyes of the mainstream media counted almost more than anything else. Since then however we have seen the rise of social media and alternative media sources, and increasingly the general public is beginning to see through the spin. In such a climate a politician who actually believes in principles can survive the scrutiny, whereas those who’s greatest strength is merely the ability to lie well in front of a TV camera start to lose their shine.

Davis has real experience in the business world, unlike so many of our career politicians these days, and he rose to become a senior executive. Also unlike many of our top politicians these days, he was born in poor circumstances and rose from humble beginnings through his own endeavours (he went to a grammar school). He also spent some time in the territorial SAS, which presumably must have required considerable discipline to join.


It’s hardly a ringing endorsement to call someone the “least worst” candidate, but better the “least worst” candidate than the “most worst” candidate, which surely continues to be Theresa May. I believe that David Davis would be a calm head to take us through what will probably be a fairly stormy period as we leave the doomed European Union.

I believe that David Davis could be a good Prime Minister in fact, but he needs to step up to the task decisively now otherwise we may find ourselves locked into a disadvantageous arrangement with the EU for who knows how long. It’s not just the Brexit negotiations that have me gravely concerned either, Theresa May’s government is doing great damage in many areas. Everything that once made Great Britain the proud and independent nation it used to be will continue to be eroded with every passing day that Theresa May remains in office.


The case against Theresa May that I made at the time of her leadership election in 2016 has unfortunately stood the test of time:

Theresa May - The Most Worst Candidate

Theresa May - The Most Worst Candidate - Extra

Theresa May - The Most Worst Candidate - Extra 2

On the UN Migration Compact that the UK goverment just signed:

Saying No To The UN Migration Compact

On the appeasement policies of May’s era:

Where Next For The Pretend Strategy?

Misled About Muhammad – Islamic Propaganda In Our Schools

Please don’t support this one (except perhaps as Minister for Table Top Sports or something like that):

Boris The Appeaser

Boris Johnson And The Game Of Ping Pong


From the BBC:

Brexit Secretary David Davis resigns

From wikipedia:

David Davis (British politician)

From the Express:

Fury as £4billion British foreign aid budget used fixing POTHOLES abroad

From Sky News:

Fury over UK’s ‘unjustifiable’ £98m foreign aid injection for India

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