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Other Items That Caught Our Eye This Week - w/e 15 December

by The Participator – 17 Dec 2018

Our weekly roundup of news and opinion articles that we thought were important, mostly UK news but foreign news stories of interest to us as well.


Facing certain defeat on the deal, the expected parliamentary vote on Tuesday was delayed while May went off to the EU to “renegotiate”, but the EU seemed to be contradicting May’s assurances, the EU said there was no room for further negotiation. From the BBC:

Theresa May calls off MPs’ vote on her Brexit deal

The speaker John Bercow didn’t seem to be very impressed by the postponement of the vote. From order-order:

Bercow’s Bombshell Bollocking

Theresa May survived a no confidence motion from her own party. Delingpole responded at Breitbart:

Delingpole: Ding Dong the Witch Isn’t Dead. May Lives to Ruin Brexit

Martin Howe QC said we would be legally locked into the backstop until the EU decided otherwise. From the Express:

REVEALED: UK has ‘NO choice’ over Brexit backstop – ‘EU would have us over a barrel’

As expected, the EU court ruled that the UK could unilaterally withdraw from the article 50 process:

Silencing the VOICE of the people! EU judges rule UK can REVOKE Article 50 and STOP Brexit

But just a moment, according to order-order there is a catch:

ECJ Ruling Does Not Let UK ‘Unilaterally’ Revoke Article 50

Meanwhile another indication perhaps that a “WTO deal” (as many are now referring to a no deal Brexit) might in fact not be the end of the world. From Swissinfo:

Swiss government approves trade agreement with Britain

Meanwhile Japan finalizes a trade deal with the EU that does not include free movement or membership of a customs union apparently. From Breitbart:

Japan Finalises EU Deal: No Backstop, No Free Movement, No £39bn Bill

We learned that pro-EU Richard Branson is a good friend of Soros. From Police Alerts UK & News Report:

Branson on Soros: “I know George well and consider him a good friend.”

Talk of a second referendum increased this week. From the Express:

TORIES AT WAR: Hammond’s second referendum call as Hunt URGES prepare for no deal Brexit

Jo Johnson warned that the government was going to try and force May’s deal through by leaving it to the last minute to make it look like the only option. From the Express:

Brexit WARNING: MP reveals how Theresa May is going to FORCE MPs to accept Brexit deal

Jeremy Hunt warned of disorder on the streets:

BREXIT WARNING: Hunt fears France-style ‘yellow vest’ RIOTS in UK if Brexit not delivered


Sure enough Yellow Vest protestors started appearing on the streets in the UK this week, and they seem to have one thing on their mind – Brexit and May’s deal in particular. Last Sunday 9th yellow vests could be spotted among the peaceful protestors at the Brexit Betrayal protest in London. Footage from RjeeyProduction:

Pro-Brexit protests in London 9th December #Yellow vests UK! [Part 2]

Counter protestors were arrested for weapons offences according to Breitbart (while the pro-Brexit demonstration was peaceful):

Pro-EU Counter-Protesters Arrested for Assault and Weapons Offences at UKIP March

Some footage is included in this article from politicalite:

Brexit EXCLUSIVE: MSM Ignores Violence By Masked AntiFa THUGS at Labour’s ‘Counter-protest’

On Friday 14th there was another protest, this time stopping traffic on London’s Westminster Bridge. Footage from the Daily Mail:

‘Yellow Vest’ protestors stop traffic on London’s Westminster Bridge

From Voice of Europe:

It begins: British yellow vests announce second London protest


The protests continued in France. Footage from the BBC:

Fire, tear gas and yellow jackets – BBC News

The Telegraph stated that there were 1385 arrests in a single day, which is according to the paper a record for post-war France:

‘Yellow vest’ protests: cars burn and looters raid shops in Paris

An accusation of anti-semitism was levelled at the Yellow Vest movement in France. From Times of Israel:

France tax protests often feature anti-Semitic rhetoric

Claims were being made that the protest was being “infiltrated” from both sides of the political divide. From the Spectator an article mentioning that there were members of the “antifa” movement among the protestors:

Emmanuel Macron has united France against him

From the BBC a claim that nationalists had “infiltrated” the movement:

Gilets Jaunes: Are nationalists infiltrating the ‘yellow vests’? – BBC Newsnight

Of course, anybody can put a yellow vest on, and people from all political factions might well want to protest against fuel price rises.

A farmer drove a muck spreader into town and sprayed a government building:

MB NEWS: A French farmer drives a muck spreader into Elysee today, during the French yellow vest protests, and fires MANURE at government buildings. #YellowVests #GiletsJaunes #YellowVestProtests pic.twitter.com/RS5AJA0L0f

— Mark B innit (@PrinceBraith9th) December 16, 2018

Salvini predicted the end of the EU if they accept Macron’s compromises, because Italy was facing sanctions on the same basis:

‘END OF THE EU’ Salvini has serious WARNING for Brussels if they accept Macron spending

Macron still looks secure for the time being however, he also survived a no confidence vote this week. From EU Observer:

Macron sails through no-confidence vote


From Voice of Europe:

Revolutionary Europe? Swedish yellow vests unite in protest against UN Migration Pact and political elite


Meanwhile Verhofstadt was calling for “more Europe” at Project Syndicate:

Only More Europe Can Beat Europe’s Nationalists

Echoes of comical Ali perhaps:

With Britain gone, the EU will be less divided and finally in a position to deliver a new vision for Europe that counters the empty promises of populist nationalism.


Many countries signed up to the UN Migration Compact this week, as expected the UK was among them. From Breitbart:

Gallup: More Than 750 Million People Globally Now Wanting to Migrate

UK think-tank Migration Watch condemned the UK’s signing. From Breitbart:

UK Commitment to UN Migration Pact ‘All But Violates’ Govt Immigration Pledge: Think Tank

A claim was made that the pact is in fact legally binding despite denials from many governments including the UK govt.. From Voice of Europe:

They lied: The UN Migration Pact IS legally binding and could be valid FOR ALL countries

Merkel is quoted in the above article as saying:

“So then, during the UN General Assembly next week, the pact will once again be up for debate and a decision will be made on whether to accept it. At this time, a member state can demand a vote. When two-thirds of the represented countries agree then it is valid for all. That’s how majority decision-making works.”

A member of Merkel’s own party accused her of treason for signing the pact, according to Voice of Europe:

Merkel party member calls her signing the UN Migration Pact “An act of treason”

Brazil will pull out of the UN Migration Compact in January according to Republika:

Brazil will pull out of the UN Migration Compact in January

It seems there is also a refugee pact, which Hungary has also rejected, according to Voice of Europe:

Hungary rejects ‘UN Refugee Pact’ pact as well: “It creates a security risk we cannot tolerate”


From the BBC:

Most London homicides for a decade

Meanwhile in Blackburn, Lancashire:

Man who had ears sliced off in Blackburn street attack dies


A 13-year old boy and three men – Rafaqat Ali, 38, Fazal Ilahi, 62, Sadaqat Ali, 36, from Blackburn – were earlier charged with attempted murder.

The incident was described as a “large-scale disturbance”.


The Independent had this claim:

Number of far-right referrals to counter-extremism programme Prevent rockets 36% in a year

However when preachers such as this are being let in to the country it is hard to believe the above claim. From Jihad Watch:

UK bans accused blasphemer Asia Bibi, but welcomes Muslim clerics who support murderer of foe of blasphemy law


From the Times:

London mayor Sadiq Khan ‘misled financial markets’ over knowledge of Crossrail delay


From the Telegraph:

Tony Blair asked government officials to keep lucrative deals a secret


From the Express:

Australia Prime Minister risks UPROAR by recognising Jerusalem as the capital of Israel


Imam Tawhidi tells us he has had a fatwa issued against him (text of the fatwa in the link in the tweet):

Yesterday, a death Fatwa was issued against me by Mufti Sialvi of Pakistan.

First, I thank the officials who contacted me expressing their concerns and support. I’ve put all future meetings and events on hold until further notice.

I’ll come out of this much stronger. pic.twitter.com/qlNPJPM8mC

— Imam Mohammad Tawhidi (@Imamofpeace) December 15, 2018

From Big League Politics, an article by Laura Loomer. Apparently Imam Tawhidi got a notification from Twitter telling him that he had violated Pakistan’s blasphemy laws, even though he is not a Pakistani national and doesn’t live in Pakistan:

Twitter Now Informing Western Critics of Islam If They Violate Sharia Law


Also from Big League Politics, another article by Laura Loomer:

Google Approves App For Muslims To Report People Who Commit Blasphemy


Grim news continues to come out of S. Africa. From the Express:

‘Time’s up white people’ South Africa fast-tracks law change to take land from whites

From the Daily Mail:

South Africa ‘sets date for white farmers land grab’ months after announcing ‘test case’ to see if ‘expropriation without compensation’ is legal

Also from the Daily Mail:

Black South African politician urges followers to ‘kill whites’, saying: ‘We will kill their children and their women’


Some people were talking about a war that nobody was talking about this week. From Vlad Tepes’s blog:

The Hot War between Russia and Ukraine that somehow, no one knows about

Some satellite images of lots of tanks that nobody had noticed apparently ….


Dr. Bill Warner shared this festive greeting:

"Tis the season to be jihadi, fa la la ah la hu ak bar la la"https://t.co/5ds7yOjQNV

— Dr Bill Warner (@PoliticalIslam) December 13, 2018

Good to see the police joining in the festivities in Hampshire:

Armed police to be deployed across Hampshire’s busy shopping areas this Christmas

Unfortunately in Strasbourg, France the need for such armed police patrols in today’s Europe was tragically apparent:

Strasbourg Terror Suspect Yelled ‘Allahu Akbar’ During Attack, Has 27 Prior Criminal Convictions

From the Telegraph, the suspect went on the run but was later shot dead by police:

Strasbourg shooting: Suspect who was on terror watchlist ‘may have crossed into Germany’

By Saturday a fourth victim had died, according to the BBC:

Strasbourg Christmas market shooting: Fourth victim dies

Miqdaad Versi of the Muslim Council of Britain was disappointed that the BBC mentioned the fact that the terrorist shouted Allahu Akbar:

Disappointing to see BBC and Sky News lead with “Allahu Akbar” …

Salvini promised to arrest anyone who celebrated the shooting, and he also shared some interesting thoughts on the role for Islam in Europe, from Amy Mek on Twitter:

Imagine if America did this after 9/11!?

The Daily Mail reported that a seasonal bomb plot in the UK was foiled:

‘ISIS-inspired Christmas bomb plot’ is foiled in Newcastle as man, 33, is arrested and homes put on lockdown

From Vlad Tepes’s blog:

The hate-crime that doesn’t count?


From Voice of Europe:

Czech politicians want to ban Islam completely as it ‘colonises society’

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