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Other Items That Caught Our Eye This Week - w/e 8 December

by The Participator – 9 Dec 2018

Our weekly roundup of news and opinion articles that we thought were important, mostly UK news but foreign news stories of interest to us as well.


MPs found the government to be in contempt of Parliament for not sharing the full legal advice with the House of Commons. From Breitbart:

Full Scale of Brexit Betrayal Revealed After British Government Forced to Publish Legal Advice

From the BBC:

Theresa May suffers three Brexit defeats in Commons

The Grieve amendment apparently paved the way for parliament to make amendents to May’s deal, but opinions differed as to whether the government could ignore the amendment or not. From politics.co.uk:

Raab’s threats to ignore Grieve amendment threaten constitutional crisis

The Express (now of course owned by the pro-Remain Mirror group) seemed to be suggesting a “no-deal” Brexit was no longer possible following the Grieve amendment:

NO DEAL DEAD: Theresa May HUMILIATED by TRIPLE DEFEAT… and even Rees-Mogg can’t save her

We had this announcement from the ECJ (from the Express):

UK CAN revoke Article 50 without EU permission & reverse Brexit – EU court BOMBSHELL

Strictly speaking this was the opinion of the Advocate General rather than a court ruling, but the rulings of the court tend to follow on from such opinions apparently. On Thursday there were suggestions that Brexit could be “postponed” if May’s deal is rejected in the coming vote on Tuesday 11th. From the Express:

Brexit could be POSTPONED if Theresa May deal rejected – EU makes EXTRAORDINARY claim

There were also some rumours that the vote on Tuesday 11th might be delayed. From the BBC:

Newspaper headlines: Crucial Brexit vote to be delayed?

Zac Goldsmith warned against Remainers blocking Brexit. From the Express:

Brexit WARNING: Britain faces being gripped by EXTREMISM if remainers block EU exit

Former army officer Johnny Mercer voted Remain but spoke out against May’s deal referring to May’s own “red lines”. From the Sun:

‘FAILURE OF POLITICAL CLASS’ Johnny Mercer to become 104th Tory MP to denounce Theresa May’s Brexit deal on day three of Commons debate


“To force through this deal, crossing her own red lines, speaks to a democratic deficit that I have always spoken out against, and must now oppose in the lobbies”

Former whip Mark Harper MP also spoke out, predicting that the DUP would “tear up its pact” with the government. The count of Conservative MPs set to vote against the deal next Tuesday is now at 104 apparently, making a crushing defeat very probable. From the Express:

May loses ANOTHER ally as Brexit crisis deepens – ‘Fractured beyond repair’

Conservative Home published a reader survey which shows decline in Tory grassroots support for the cabinet as a whole:

The stark decline of Tory morale, in one chart

A couple of articles from the Spectator:

Top ten horrors from the Brexit ‘legal advice’

Ten myths from the ‘no-deal’ Project Fear


The government responded to the petition against the UN Migration Compact:

The Global Compact for Migration will support global co-operation on migration without affecting the sovereignty of all countries to control their own borders.

Read the response in full here:

The UK should not agree the UN’s Global Compact for Migration

The petition has now reached well over 100,000 signatures, so parliament “will consider” the petition for a debate in parliament.

Bulgaria became the latest country to pull out of the pact. From Breitbart:

Bulgaria Latest Nation to Pull Out of UN’s Global Migration Pact

Latvia pulled out earlier in the week:

UN Envoy Slams Opposition to Migrant Pact as Latvia Is Latest to Pull Out

Lithuania as well. From Voice of Europe:

Lithuania will not sign the UN Migration Pact - Prime Minister

Further afield the Dominican Republic is also refusing to sign apparently. From Dominican Today:

EU sees why Dominican Republic nays UN Migration Pact

Belgium faced political turmoil. From the Express:

Belgium government on brink of COLLAPSE over UN migration pact


From the Express:

‘A gift for PAEDOPHILES’ - New EU privacy laws could stop tech firms blocking child images

From EU Observer:

Leading MEP defends expenses secrecy

Also apparently the high representative for security matters (who wants the EU to embrace political Islam) has been having secret meetings with Microsoft and Google:

'Redacted' - what Google and Microsoft told Mogherini on AI


From the Express:

CRIMINALS’ WORLD: Prosecutions plummet by HALF A MILLION as murder and stabbings RISE

From the Telegraph:

Half of burglaries now take place when people are at home as police ‘inaction’ makes criminals bolder

The National Detective Forum boss accused Theresa May of wrecking the police force, according to the Express:

Theresa May accused of wrecking the police force by National Detective Forum boss

Last week we learned that the Met Police were deliberately ramming moped gang riders to knock them off their mopeds. This week though we have this from the BBC:

Met police officer could be charged for ramming moped

A baby killer is being let out of prison apparently. From the Express:

Baby killer who mutilated and impaled his victims on spikes set to WALK FREE from prison

From the Telegraph, a story about a GP who was giving hormone treatment to children as young as 12:

GP convicted of running transgender clinic for children without licence


Gerard Batten survived a no confidence vote on Sunday 2nd. From the Express:

Ukip leader Gerard Batten survives no confidence vote over Tommy Robinson appointment

Tommy Robinson is still not a member of the party and is still barred from becoming a member, Gerard Batten has appointed him as his personal adviser.

Following this vote there were a number of departures from the party by high-profile members. More than half of Ukip’s 24 MEPs elected in 2014 have now quit the party apparently, and there are rumours that a new party may be created. From the BBC:

Former leader Nigel Farage quits UKIP

Former leader Paul Nuttall quit as well. From the Express:

UKIP DEATH KNELL: Farage’s Party tears itself apart as now Paul Nuttall quits

From order-order:

Peter Whittle Resigns From UKIP

Patrick O’Flynn quits UKIP to join the SDP

Nathan Gill Resigns From UKIP

From the Evening Standard:

Suzanne Evans quits Ukip with fiery statement claiming the party is ‘becoming a successor to the BNP’

According to order-order, Gerard Batten has resigned from the transnational EFDD group:

Gerard Batten Resigns From EFDD Group

Our related post on the subject of Nigel Farage’s attitude towards Islam:

Avi Yemeni vs Nigel Farage


From Vlad Tepes’s blog:

Tommy Robinson organizes a march to support the affirmative vote for BREXIT


We mentioned disgraced former Labour frontbencher Kate Osamor last week, this week we saw another claim about the incident with the journalist, from order-order:

Kate Osamor Phoned 999 Twice When Journalist Tried To Interview Her

Her mother has joined the House of Lords! From the BBC:

Baroness Osamor joins the House of Lords

Everybody (except people who support Corbyn’s Labour and want to stay in the EU) knows that Corbyn is actually a Eurosceptic. From Breitbart:

Corbyn Slams ‘Neoliberal’ EU, Claims Labour Will ‘Respect’ Brexit

What else is not well-known about Corbyn among his supporters? From the Express, Corbyn unsuccessfully tries to hide his face from the cameras:

Look who’s cosying up to THE RICH! Socialist Corbyn touts for funds at swanky City dinner


Macron buckled but the rioting continued:

MACRON BUCKLES: Weak French President CAVES IN as riots and rebels force red-faced u-turn

From the Express:

Paris riots: VIOLENCE ERUPTS as protesters clash with police – TANKS and TEAR GAS deployed

From Breitbart:

Macron’s France: Hundreds Detained as ‘Yellow Jackets’ March on Presidential Palace

Macron’s France: Shock Video Shows Cops Line High Schoolers Against Wall

Improvised Explosives, Molotovs Found by French Police On Eve of Yellow Vest Protests

Will this spell the end of Macron’s presidency? Apparently there is a push for a vote of no confidence at least. From the Express:

END OF MACRON: French MPs launch NO CONFIDENCE vote amid nationwide anger and riots

Incidentally, some protestors made it very clear what they thought about the UN Migration Compact. From Youtube via Vlad Tepes’s blog:

Yellow vests in France clear about saying NO to the Migration pact

Dr Tim Morgan had a theory about the protest movement:

Are yellow jackets the new fashion?


From Breitbart:

Rebellion Spreads: Yellow Jackets Plan Action Across Netherlands

According to euro news, yellow vest protests have also been occurring in a number of other countries:

‘Gilets jaunes’: which other countries has the French protest movement spread to?

Our related post on the subject:

The Day Glo Revolution?


From Breitbart:

Breakthrough for Anti-Mass Migration VOX Party in Spanish Regional Election


From the Irish Post:

Man who stabbed Irish lecturer, 66, to death outside Paris univerity claims he ‘insulted Prophet Mohammed’ before being murdered

From the Daily Mail:

Irish lecturer stabbed to death in Paris had ‘insulted the Prophet Mohammed’, says his Pakistani killer


An update from Vlad Tepes’s blog:

Geert Wilders’s closing remarks at the latest in a 10 year series of trials


From Il Giornale via Voice of Europe:

Italy: 60% of ‘retired’ migrants receive pensions while they didn’t work a single day

However the Italian government has been successful in reducing sea landings considerably apparently according to Breitbart:

Italy Cuts Illegal Migration Sea Landings by 80 Per Cent


From Breitbart:

Finland: Crackdown on Criminal Migrants After Children Gang Raped


Pres. Trump names new UN ambassador. From Jihad Watch:

Trump names Heather Nauert UN ambassador, Hamas-linked CAIR calls her an “Islamophobe”


From the Express, a report that:

Multiple grenades EXPLODE at the US consulate in Mexico

It seems it was not entirely clear what the motive could have been however.


From the Express:

‘China WILL take HOSTAGES’ Don’t travel to China warning issued after Huawei CFO arrest


Well, according to the Huffington Post she’s:

Trump’s Loudest Anti-Muslim Twitter Troll Is A Shady Vegan Married To An (Ousted) WWE Exec

A “shady vegan”? A quote from the above hit-piece:

Mekelburg had also been trying to make inroads into what Ibrahim Hooper calls “the cottage-industry of Islam haters,” which is run by bigots such as Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer, David Horowitz, Brigitte Gabriel and Frank Gaffney

Vlad Tepes interviewed her with special guest Trevor Loudon:

Vlad Tepes, Amy Mek, first podcast with special guest, Trevor Loudon


From the Express:

Qatar QUITS OPEC after 57 years in HUGE SWIPE at Saudi Arabia as Middle East FURY rises


According to the Times:

Why the lights are going out in South Africa


European politics is becoming more turbulent these days, but our politicians in the main are still debating issues with words rather than violence (for the time being at least). From RT:

Massive brawl breaks out in Ugandan parliament over presidential age limit

Note - Please remember this is not intended to be a comprehensive news round up, these are just the items that particularly caught our eye this week, and (where indicated) they are not always about recent events.

Note - Please note that we are dependent on the veracity of news reports provided by other news sources. It is not our intention to knowingly quote “Fake News” (except where stated as satire), but we do sometimes quote the BBC when other sources are unavailable.

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