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The Day Glo Revolution?

by British Awakening – 6 Dec 2018

My belief in the honesty of our current politicians and the client media has not been very high since the Tony Blair era when spin (a nice word for professional lying) somehow became a respectable attribute. This week our establishment has surprised me all over again by taking their dishonest efforts to thwart any exit from the European Union to another level.

I struggle to take them seriously any more. Every vote, every story line showcased by the client media is part of an orchestrated pantomime. Our Prime Minister behaves like a ham actor in a third rate amateur dramatics production reading out lines prepared by unseen handlers, there is no evidence of any thought process in what she says other than to ensure the words are said in the correct order. As she reads her lines, behind her on the stage even worse actors than her continue their performance, trying to persuade the audience that this is a functioning democracy.

At the end of March 2019 we leave the European Union, that is the law. This law was passed as a result of a referendum in 2016 when in our nation’s greatest vote ever 17.4 million of us voted to leave the European Union. In 2017 Theresa May called a snap general election, and the two main parties, Labour and the Conservatives, stood on a mandate that they would honour the referendum. Therefore, there is no democratic mandate for staying in the EU.

So here is the problem, our current set of politicians have no intention of leaving the European Union.

It looks highly likely that Parliament will reject the deal the Prime Minister has negotiated, she does have a few weeks to see if she can get some concessions from the EU before returning to Parliament but it is difficult to see how she would prevail. The opposition could call a vote of no confidence to spark a General Election but that also looks unlikely to succeed. So Parliament’s last desperate throw of the dice to keep a democratic veneer on this will most probably be to somehow contrive a second referendum. I contend that any such referendum will ensure that this time the ‘correct’ result is delivered and that it will be the last time anyone is offered any even notionally democratic choice in their future. The jury is out on whether they will try this option to block Brexit, after all the only legitimate question you could put on the ballot paper is to leave with the Prime Minister’s deal or leave without one, but given I have zero trust in our politicians the ballot paper will probably offer us the choice between staying in the EU or remaining in the EU.

There is of course the possibility that Parliament will find some device to stop us leaving without a deal. The narrative for this is already being carefully introduced, you may have noticed how the client media have started talking about Parliament taking control, the irony of this lie of course is that it is Parliament taking control to prevent a process that returns powers to Parliament from an unwanted supranational entity. In my view this would be a very bad development, a Parliament that has decided for itself it can ignore a referendum it had promised to honour can pretty much ignore anything else it wishes to from that point forward and you can be sure that it will.

I wrote elsewhere a few days back that I am minded of a family building up to confront the head of the household about his gambling and drinking problems. Subconsciously he is aware that the denouement is looming but still he deceives and conceals because it has served his purpose so well in the past. This time however things are different, the family can see through all the lies and are determined to finally confront him with the truth. The truth I suspect is that the family fortune is gone, all of the assets and heirlooms sold off and the family left with nothing but debts.

I believe that in March 2019 the people of Britain will finally learn whether they live in a democracy or they are under the occupation of a foreign power that hides behind a puppet government. My hope is that there are enough politicians in Westminster that now see that this is no longer about the European Union but the contract within a democratic nation state that we all learn to share power.

The past two years have shown me how much of our establishment is made up of venal, lying degenerates, I don’t trust them and I do know how much contempt they have for the people of this country so nothing would surprise me about them. I still hope we can leave the EU without civil unrest but si vis pacem, para bellum – if you want peace then prepare for war. My advice is to invest in a yellow high visibility jacket and wait for further instructions, you might be needing it.

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