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When Independence Is Fake

by British Awakening – 19 Dec 2018

Image By The Scottish Government - http://www.scotland.gov.uk/About/People/14944/Scottish-Cabinet/nicolasturgeonmsp, OGL, Link

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I have found the past week or so on the Brexit front exhausting. The meaningful vote on the withdrawal agreement was pulled at the last minute and the Prime Minister has managed to survive a confidence vote in her leadership from within her own party, the rules in the Conservative Party ensure she is now secure from any further challenge for another year. However she is not out of the woods quite yet, the opposition under Jeremy Corbyn have called for a confidence vote in her leadership. Given one third of the Conservative MPs in Parliament are rather keen on seeing the back of her it would be foolish to predict what could happen in the coming weeks.

The permutations are reasonably well understood, Parliament approves her withdrawal agreement, or it does not. If it does not then there seem to be four main options, she goes back to try and negotiate an improved deal, she considers a ‘second referendum’ we leave without a deal or Brexit is halted altogether.

Those of you familiar with my blogs know my complete lack of faith in the ability of our politicians or the client media to tell the truth. Spin (professional lying) is considered part and parcel of modern day politics so I don’t expect to find a lie they would not tell or a truth they would not conceal, it’s the cesspool they are all happy to operate in. Finding examples of hypocrisy in Westminster is a bit like shooting fish in a barrel but for me the outstanding winners this week must be the Scottish National Party under the leadership of Nicola Sturgeon.

I have long considered the nationalist parties in UK politics to be oxymoronic. Please don’t get me wrong here, as a committed nationalist myself I would find much in common with anyone that sought true independence for his country. What I cannot take seriously is someone claiming that they want independence for their country but also that they want their country to remain in the EU. When I hear these claims two thoughts come to mind:

Imitation nationalist parties are a feature of life in the EU, the client media fawn over them and give them a relevance way beyond their actual contribution to political life. Of course, you can see why the EU encourages these faux nationalist parties, they help undermine the identity of the host nation. As you may have increasingly noticed, instability is a hallmark of EU membership.

Oddly enough when true nationalist parties emerge such as UKIP the client media is less friendly, their politicians are tagged with prefixes like controversial or outspoken, their politics described as far right or populist. The favoured nationalist parties get nice names like progressive although for the life of me I cannot see what is progressive about wanting to put a physical border, a tartan curtain, on an island where there has never been one (at least since Roman times anyway).

I would say we reached peak hypocrisy with the SNP in recent weeks with their backing for a so-called People’s Vote, although in the hypocrisy stakes the SNP is a gift that just keeps giving. So, think about this, the SNP is now a ‘nationalist’ party that is clamouring for the right for an independence vote to be overturned or ignored by Parliament. I think this expedience will haunt them forever and if our press was doing its job they would have been slaughtered for it already.

So now a deeper thought, Wales and Scotland were offered their own Parliaments and Assemblies - this had the blessing of the EU since it served to weaken the United Kingdom. England was never offered the same deal. There has been much waffle and obfuscation about why that is, but I suspect it was deliberate. I suspect that had England been given its own Parliament very quickly an anti-EU nationalist party would have taken power, English identity would have found its voice and the path to independence would now be so much more certain.

The world we live in is awash with lies and deceit, the truth often concealed from us or distorted to have little meaning. Whilst I do not blame the EU entirely for this since it seems to be a malaise that has affected every nation in the West, the EU has taken advantage of this unwholesome environment. True nationalist movements are stifled in countries like England or vilified by the client media where they are on the ascendant such as Alternative fur Deutschland (AfD) in Germany.

There are of course Scottish Nationalists who seek true independence for their nation i.e. independence from both the U.K. and the E.U. I respect that argument. What I have disdain for is the fake nationalism that perpetuates a grievance culture and an unspoken hatred for the English as though there is some huge cultural and genetic difference between people that live on the same small island. Far from uniting the people of Europe the EU favours discord and promotes those things that divide us, the SNP has proved to be a most useful tool in that respect.

Personally I would prefer Britain remained as one nation as it leaves the EU but I get quite irritated by politicians that talk about devolution in the UK, the only time anything gets devolved is when the EU has a client nationalist party ready and waiting to chip away at the national identity, so please spare me the drivel about devolution, there is no such thing, the English never had anyone to speak up for them, hardly a surprise then that they voted in such numbers to be free from what many see as a foreign occupier. When we finally extricate ourselves from the EU my hope is that these various movements for nationalism WITHIN the EU are seen for what they are – a divide and rule con trick.

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