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Brexit OR A Cowardly New World

by British Awakening – 22 Jan 2019

The EU flag flying over the Bundestag

Like many I have a very real sense that there is something not quite right about the world at the moment. I cannot think of the exact moment that I began to perceive a darkness descend across my country. Nostalgia can cloud our judgement on the past but I would say that around about the late nineties things began to change for the worse. Things were not perfect then but I don’t remember being afraid of saying what I thought or feeling the world was regressing. We now live in a country where it is increasingly perilous to speak out about mass immigration or the hatred and violence of a Dark Age cult. We live in a country where it is not only unchallenged it is ‘self-evident’ that it was correct to transfer the substantial debts from reckless banks onto tax payers and that it was somehow necessary for the assets we all once owned like our gas and water utilities to be sold off, often to foreign bidders.

One of the reasons I became more politically active was to at least try to do something to change things. It has been clear in my mind for a number of years now that our politics has failed us, I really do not see any difference in the two main political parties, however we vote we get the same unwanted globalist dogma inflicted upon us which leads me to conclude they are actually just one party offering us all a fake choice.

Perhaps of more concern is the increasing sense that our establishment actually seem to hate us. Barely a week passes when some judgement, decision or law is implemented that not only works against our interest but also seems designed to humiliate us. Such is the web of lies and deceit now that Westminster and our elite media has spun around itself there is precious little trust in our politicians rather a growing sense that they no longer represent our interests but actually seem to enjoy crushing and humiliating us.

The campaign to leave the EU provided a platform for the first time in decades for many of us to have our voices heard. 17.4 million of us sent a clear message, we wanted to leave the EU. It would be very arrogant to state why all 17.4 million voted in the way that they did but as an observation a common thread in my discussions with fellow Brexiteers (and one I share) is that it feels like our country is under occupation – in the grip of an arrogant and increasingly authoritarian establishment that refuses to listen to us, an establishment that is hell bent on implementing a program designed to destroy our identity as a people and as a nation.

In terms of Brexit it has been a turbulent few weeks. The decision we took as a nation to leave the EU, a decision never accepted by the establishment, is yet to be implemented and hangs in the balance as powerful forces do all they can to thwart the will of the people. Long established parliamentary procedures and protocols are suddenly overturned by a Speaker who seems able to re-write our constitution as he pleases, and politicians who stood for Parliament on the promise to uphold the referendum now work shamelessly and openly to overturn the vote.

Against this backdrop the self-styled ‘liberal’ elite of our nation, an elite that have had things their own way for the past few decades, are now beginning to show their real character. There has long been a class of people in this country that not only hate their nation they have utter contempt for what they view as their social inferiors. This is a class that like to pretend they believe in social progress but in truth care nothing for the working class, in truth they hate people that are poorer than them, and they envy those richer than them in equal measure. Brexit is unbearable to them, an upstart working class that in their view have a poor grasp of economics and geo politics need to be saved from themselves - the brazen justification of a second referendum or as the columnist Mathew Parris seems to prefer the suspension of democracy altogether last month. He proudly announced in the Spectator ‘Why I don’t, never have and never will trust the people’. Parris was born in South Africa, he went to public school and from there to Cambridge and then Yale, probably the only working class people he has ever engaged with are the ones he ran into when cottaging on Clapham Common - a practice he openly admits to.

Be under no illusion here, the likes of Parris hate us and everything we believe in, theirs is a world of smug self-satisfaction that provides a veneer for some deeply unpleasant views. These people have no sense of shame just an overwhelming sense of entitlement. If Brexit fails and they secure their hold over our country they will exact a terrible revenge on us – to paraphrase George Orwell - imagine a vision of the future with a human face being stamped on forever by an effete delta male, that is what lies before us. We must prevail, we have no choice.

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