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Germaine Greer - So Much To Answer For

by Chauncey Tinker – 24 Jan 2019

Image By Helen Morgan - https://www.flickr.com/photos/helenmorgan/10527263475/, CC BY 2.0, Link

Germaine Greer’s famous (or notorious) book “The Female Eunuch” was first published in 1970. Some editions of the book had a grotesque cover image, a garment in the shape of a naked woman’s torso draped over a clothes hanger. In the book Ms Greer reduced men to the status of employers and housewives to the status of their employees:

“The housewife is an unpaid worker in her husband’s house in return for the security of being a permanent employee: hers is the reductio ad absurdum of the employee who accepts a lower wage in return for permanence of his employment. But the lowest paid employees can be and are laid off, and so are wives. They have no savings, no skills which they can bargain with elsewhere, and they must bear the stigma of having been sacked.”

Reductio ad absurdum indeed.

Women who seek careers are encouraged:

“If she is efficient and capable or ambitious, it is assumed that she has failed to find satisfaction as a normal woman, even to the extent of implying a glandular abnormality or sexual perversion.”

Monogamy and faithfulness are frowned upon:

Lovers who are free to go when they are restless always come back; lovers who are free to change remain interesting. The bitter animosity and obscenity of divorce is unknown where individuals have not become Siamese twins. A lover who comes to your bed of his own accord is more likely to sleep with his arms around you all night than a lover who has nowhere else to sleep.

Worst of all, bringing up children is denigrated as a lowly occupation (or rather not even a “real” occupation at all), it matters not if it is done well:

“A housewife’s work has no results: it simply has to be done again. Bringing up children is not a real occupation, because children come up just the same, brought up or not.”

Some people say that what the West lacks in the modern era is religion, but the truth of it I think is rather that the West has had too much of the wrong sort of religions, one of which is “second wave feminism”. Germaine Greer of course is one of the High Priestesses of this religion.

We get a glimpse into Ms Greer’s own chaotic and unhappy existence in this article from the Guardian:

Germaine Greer: still fiery, still outspoken: the feminist lioness


After studying English and French literature at the University of Melbourne, she moved to Sydney to study for an MA and got involved with a bohemian anarchist group called the Push. Several times she got into what the group called “scrapes”, which resulted in abortions.

She married just the once but according to the article on the wedding night her drunken husband refused to allow her to join him in bed. Needless to say, the marriage was over before long.

Later she apparently came to regret her earlier hedonistic lifestyle:

By 1984, when she published Sex and Destiny, she was taking an entirely different line on recreational sex, arguing that western society values it too highly compared with babies. It’s perhaps no coincidence that she had been desperate to have a child in her late 30s and had been undergoing fertility treatment.

In the political arena the religion of cultural Marxism still has the upper hand, as far as I understand it this religion is closely connected with feminist ideology. Women should be present in equal numbers with men in the workplace and paid the same exact amount, and given the top jobs in equal numbers etc.. To enable them to compete on an equal footing with men, women must dump their children in daycare centers where strangely men should not be allowed to work (presumably unless they are transgender) despite the first rule. All people are equal except cisgendered sissy white men apparently, who are to be despised.

I don’t know much about the differences between the various waves of feminism, but from what I have heard the later waves have scarcely brought an improvement in direction. I can hear a voice in the background asking me if what I’m saying is that I think women should be barred from working altogether but no I don’t think that. I just think women’s main function in life is to bring children into the world, and if they abandon that function then your society is effectively walking quickly towards the edge of a metaphorical cliff. If women do bring children into the world, then they will obviously no longer be able to compete with men on an exactly equal footing in the workplace. It follows that some financial dependence on men is inevitable if you want your society to survive, the dependence will either be direct from a husband’s earnings or indirect through the welfare state but either way it is dependence. The religion of nth wave radical feminism is one that is not going to be around for very long no matter what.


The radical feminists’ blindness in the face of the religion of pieces was a provocation too far for me. Of course the absurdity of the double standard displayed in the lack of criticism of the extreme patriarchy of the Islamic world has been frequently commented on, for example in this article from the Irish Times:

Why is feminism so quiet about Muslim women who refuse to wear the hijab?

Ms Greer herself is guilty in this regard. She has spoken bizarrely in defence of child marriage and Female Genital Mutilation. From the Herald Sun:



And Greer on child marriage:

“GERMAINE GREER The thing you’re assuming is that in child marriage, there will be sexual intercourse”

She was also involved in a public row with Salman Rushdie:

‘You sanctimonious philistine’ – Rushdie v Greer, the sequel

In this interview from The Thread, she says we are going to need to talk to Muslim fundamentalists:

Germaine Greer on the Need to Speak to Muslim Fundamentalists

From the Australian:

Why we stay mute on Islamic sex apartheid

Greer: “It’s very tricky. I am constantly being asked to go to Darfur to interview rape victims. I can talk to rape victims here. Why should I go to Darfur to talk to rape victims?”

Questioner (me): “Because it’s so much worse there.”

Greer: “Who says it is?”

Questioner: “I do, because I’ve been there.”

Greer: “Well, it is just very tricky to try to change another culture. We let down the victims of rape here. We haven’t got it right in our own courts. What good would it do for me to go over there and try to tell them what to do? I am just part of decadent Western culture and they think we’re all going to hell fast and maybe we are all going to hell fast

It may seem absurd to blame Ms Greer for the rising Islamic influence and the wave of Islamic terror attacks that has plagued the West ever since the turn of the new millenium, but in truth she is indeed partly to blame. Her role cannot be underestimated as a thought leader in a movement that has had a significant influence on the birth rate and has damaged the self-confidence of Western men to a significant degree.

Seeing the West in chronic demographic decline, Islam sensed an opportunity for expansion and started to flood across our poorly defended borders. The terror attacks have also been very effective so far, further cowing us hen-pecked Western men and frightening us into submission. Our politicians, police and judges have done their bit for the jihad effort by throwing any remaining men brave enough to speak up against the Islamic religion into prisons teeming with violent Muslim offenders (I’ve mentioned this before but some things cannot be repeated often enough).

Jordan Peterson writes quite a bit about chaos and order in his book “12 Rules for Life: an Antidote To Chaos”. He writes about an idea that chaos is somehow associated with the feminine nature, and order with the male; this is an idea that has been around for a long time, apparently it is expressed in the yin/yang symbol. I suppose you can see this in the way a pride of lions is organized – the men take charge of the boundaries of the pride (on the whole), fighting off adversaries such as hyenas and interloper male lions. If the order of the pride is destroyed when a rival group of male lions defeat the males of the pride then the victorious outsiders will usually kill all the cubs in order to breed with the females. Perhaps it’s not too far fetched to suspect that our own Western society has become too heavily dominated by the female psyche, and this has influenced us to stop protecting our own borders from invasion. Many of the recent leaders of Western Europe have also been notably childless like Ms Greer, another trend which has of course been often commented on.


There are signs that the sick patient (Western civilization) may be reviving. Anti-immigration parties are emerging and taking power in many Western countries, a trend that is clearly still developing.

Influential men like Jordan Peterson are emerging and challenging the radical feminist religion, and the feminists and cultural Marxists are clearly rattled, as evidenced in the scathing attacks in a whole slew of Guardian articles:

Pity Jordan Peterson. Can a giant lobster analogy ever replace a sense of humour?

How dangerous is Jordan B Peterson, the rightwing professor who ‘hit a hornets’ nest’?


… his arguments are riddled with ‘pseudo-facts’ and conspiracy theories

Jordan Peterson may be a ‘public intellectual’, but his latest theory isn’t very clever


I read an interview recently in which a gentleman by the name of Jordan Peterson claimed that chaos is represented by ‘the feminine’ and order is masculine. What?


The twentieth century was a chaotic time of great upheaval. The period saw two world wars, the end of colonial empires, the rise of communism, and enormous and rapid technological advances. Perhaps it is not entirely surprising that ideas about morality were also in a great state of flux during this period. Even if order is indeed returning to the West, the fallout from the chaos of the last century has some way yet to run, and the final outcome is not yet certain. Given that Islam has now gained a significant foothold in the West it is probably inevitable that some degree of violent conflict will continue to occur in the coming years. Germaine Greer has a lot to answer for because she helped to morally weaken our society and encouraged our demographic decline, paving the way for the rise of Islamic influence, the very antithesis of everything that feminists claim to stand for.

One thing is certain, and that is the best that Ms Greer can hope for is that in a century or two her book will be largely forgotten, perhaps one last copy will be sitting gathering dust on a shelf in some museum of 20th century follies. In the worst case of course the last copy will have been burnt to a cinder during the establishment of the first caliphate of the West. One way or another the chaos will be resolved and order will return.


The Feminist Friends Of Islam

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