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The Glozi Agenda - Ireland 2040

by Chauncey Tinker – 7 Feb 2019

The Glozis (Globalist Socialists) have a diabolical plan for the West. The plan (officially at least) is essentially to “solve” the problem of a sub-replacement total fertility rate (TFR) by replacing Europeans with people from continents with much higher fertility rates, particularly Africa and the Middle East. The plan is also to rub the backward common people’s noses in diversity, and prop up the Ponzi fiat currency financial system somehow (although these last two points are never stated publicly of course).

The Irish government has a plan called:

Project Ireland 2040


Project Ireland 2040 is the Government’s overarching policy initiative to make Ireland a better country for all of us, a country that reflects the best of who we are and what we aspire to be.

What’s surprising about the video in the above linked page is the way the map of the island of Ireland is shown without a border in a graphic, and the projected population increases (shown as pegs rising out of the map) are appearing in Northern Ireland as well. Model buildings and roads and vehicles then magically appear across the map, all part of the plan. Is the Republic of Ireland governing Northern Ireland as well, I had to wonder?

They are projecting a huge increase in the population for (it seems then) the whole of Ireland (not just the Republic) here:

By 2040 we expect that an additional one million people will live in Ireland, an additional two-thirds of a million people will work here. These are huge increases: more people will be travelling to work, school and universities, more buildings will be needed to accommodate them, clean water will be needed for homes, farms and industry, more and better care facilities will be required for the elderly.

This million figure has been disputed, but it’s only a projection anyway. Note that some increase could occur temporarily due to native Irish people simply living longer, this projection doesn’t necessarily mean exactly 1 million more non-Irish people are projected to be living in Ireland by 2040. How do these socialists see so far into the future though? Remember the 5 year plans of the Communists? This is an even more ambitious plan, a 20 year plan! They are going to build houses, infrastructure, roads, schools, hospitals etc..

What’s perhaps more important is that clearly the Irish leader Leo Varadkar (who is half Indian) and his party have a very pro-immigration attitude, as seen in various media appearances and speeches. The ethnic makeup of Ireland is already changing, and that trend is going to continue as long as people like these (Glozis I call them) are in charge. Visa applications to Ireland are increasing according to this report from the Department of Justice and Equality:

Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service – Immigration in Ireland: Annual Review 2016


Visa applications rose by 7% compared to 2015, to more than 124,000.

This article from the Irish Times claims the system is being abused to help people get into the UK:

Up to £7,000 charged in UK for visas issued in Ireland


Agencies in the UK are charging up to £7,000 to help people get their non-EU spouses into the UK using visas issued by Ireland.

This article states that there has been a surge in UK visa applications from Pakistan, Iraq and Afghanistan.

The EU has been threatening to enforce targets for countries to accept migrants, and as Ireland currently has no plan to leave the EU it is likely that Ireland will increasingly come under pressure to accept more as more flood into Europe. Remember also the recently signed “UN Migration Compact” which is clearly designed to set the scene for increased rates of migration into the West.

From the Irish Times again (from April), an article on increasing numbers of asylum applications:

Significant increase in numbers seeking asylum in Republic

Since the Irish population has a sub-replacement total fertility rate, and new arrivals from overseas are coming from regions that have a much higher than replacement fertility rate, non-ethnically Irish people will probably already form quite a significant percentage of the population of Ireland by the year 2040. Since these new arrivals will also be coming from areas that have much higher crime rates, the Irish can very probably expect to see an accompanying rise in the crime rate as well. Quite a few of the new arrivals will probably be coming from Muslim countries. The Muslim population of Ireland has apparently already officially risen from a tiny 3,873 in 1991 to 63,443 in 2016. All the joys of “multi-culturalism” that the people of the UK, France, Germany, Sweden, Italy, Spain etc. have been experiencing lately in short are coming to Ireland.


Unlike Tony Blair’s “New Labour” government, the current Irish government has at least done the Irish people the courtesy of announcing their planned replacement in advance. What has not been so good is the way they have (allegedly according to the Times at least) paid off the Irish media to publish good news stories about the plan:

Government ‘paid for good news stories’ over Ireland 2040 plan

There is a video with a speech included from the “Irish leader” Leo Varadkar here (5 minute video):

Ireland 2040 EXPOSED 1 Million More Migrants

The above video also includes a clip with former senator Feargal Quinn (a supermarket chain owner) who sings the praises of immigration:

I don’t think we’re changing nearly enough …. We’ve got to encourage them to come ….

That sounds rather eerily reminiscent of things that Peter Mandelson and other members of Tony Blair’s government were saying during the New Labour era.


A number of well known commentators have commented on the plan. Stefan Molyneux produced a presentation which was made available on Youtube and it was making waves in Ireland (it had been viewed over 600,000 times apparently) but it was then BANNED in Ireland. I can’t even locate the original video from the UK so it may have been banned from Youtube altogether. Glozis are as keen on freedom of speech as the Nazis and Communists were, you see. Fortunately the video has been made available by others so you can still watch it on Youtube here (it’s over 2 hours long):

The Terrible Truth About Ireland 2040

John Waters is a former journalist (now ashamed of his former profession) who has been making waves recently as an advocate for Irexit (Ireland leaving the EU). He was interviewed by Stefan Molyneux in a subsequent video (over an hour long):

Will Ireland Survive? A Conversation with John Waters and Stefan Molyneux

There is no alternative media in the country currently according to John Waters, so the ban mentioned on the above video is very significant. Here are a few key points from the interview and the above video:


Theresa May’s backstop arrangement with the EU, part of her Withdrawal Agreement, signs us up to keep the border with the Republic of Ireland open indefinitely. Think of BACKSTOP as a code word for back door if you like – the back door to the UK is to be kept open so that the Glozi free movement plan can just continue post Brexit as if nothing had actually happened. Remember she said ending free movement was one of her red lines? Well, this is yet another of her red lines that she has crossed. Mr Waters’ own former employer, the Irish Times has this explanation of the backstop:

How the Irish ‘backstop’ has divided Theresa May’s Cabinet


The EU could therefore have a veto on when, and whether, the backstop is ended.


It seems quite extraordinary to me that a nationality that fought for its independence so recently should have decided to give their country away to the selfish short term interests of the global elite like this. It’s the same story all over the West at the moment though of course.

One of the reasons I voted for Brexit was that I wanted the UK to regain control of its laws and its borders. If people from the 3rd world are flooding into Ireland at this sort of rate then I suspect it is inevitable that some of these people will make their way across the currently very soft border into the UK. I don’t know how you feel about all this readers, but I think we’re going to need a hard border with Ireland if this Glozi government remains in power there.


There has at least been quite a bit of commentary about the ongoing mass migration into Ireland on the internet. Here is another example:

From “Real Europe”:

The Immigrant Invasion of Ireland


Saying No To The UN Migration Compact

When Independence Is Fake

The Glozi Agenda – An Introduction

What do you think? Backstop or back door? Please leave a comment below.

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