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Other Items That Caught Our Eye This Week - w/e 16 March

by The Participator – 17 Mar 2019

Our weekly roundup of news and opinion articles that we thought were important, mostly UK news but foreign news stories of interest to us as well.


Dramatic events in UK politics this week as Theresa May’s deal was rejected a second time (albeit by a reduced but still large margin of 149 votes this time, compared to a margin of 230 in the first vote that took place on 15th January). From the BBC:

Brexit: MPs reject Theresa May’s deal for a second time

Legal advice had preceded the vote:

Brexit: Legal risk of backstop remains ‘unchanged’ says Geoffrey Cox

There was later an attempt to paint a rosier picture on the legal risk, but this was challenged by the group of Eurosceptic lawyers:

BREAKING: The “Star Chamber” has reported on the Government’s latest legal advice. The advice DOES NOT meet the tests the Government set itself.

“In the light of our own legal analysis and others we do not recommend accepting the Government’s motion today.” @BillCashMP pic.twitter.com/SCdxFqfA3W

— #StandUp4Brexit (@StandUp4Brexit) March 12, 2019

More details from PoliticsHome:

Geoffrey Cox’s bid to break Brexit deal deadlock rejected by eurosceptic lawyers

The rejection of May’s deal was followed by a vote to remove “no deal” as an option (thereby weakening the UK’s bargaining position of course), this passed by 43 votes. From the Telegraph:

Brexit mutiny: May’s chief of staff accused of ‘going rogue’ over Remain plot to kill no deal

A “gang of four” Remainer ministers (which included Amber Rudd) defied the PM, which led to calls for their resignations. From the Express:

Gang of four Cabinet ministers told to RESIGN after defying May on Brexit vote

Some moves do appear to be afoot to prepare for a no-deal scenario nonetheless, if this article from the Express is anything to go by:

Brexit LIVE: UK ramps up no deal preparation with HUGE tariffs deal to secure trade

Then Theresa May went back on her previous promises not to delay Brexit. The motion for an extension of the Article 50 process passed with a large majority; order-order published a full list of the 412 MPs who voted to extend:

The 412 MPs Who Voted to Delay Brexit

The above article notes however that over half of Tory MPs voted against the government motion!

The EU leadership did not seem to be reacting very favourably to the idea of an extension however. From the Express:

BREXIT DELAY: EU pours cold water on May Article 50 extension - ‘ALL EU27 need to approve’

Sky News also stated that an extension could be vetoed by any one of the 27 countries:

Article 50: Why delaying Brexit is not straightforward

Some MEPs including Mr. Farage and Janice Atkinson are apparently trying to persuade at least one country to veto any extension. The Telegraph poured cold water on the idea (premium):

Analysis: Brexiteers hoping Hungary or Italy will trigger no deal are dreaming

May will attempt for a THIRD time to get her deal accepted. From the BBC:

Brexit: PM to bring third Brexit deal vote to Commons

From Breitbart:

Wrong Answer, Try Again: Parliament to Vote on May’s Brexit Deal For Third Time

Opinion from the Spectator on a third vote:

John Bercow should block a third vote on Theresa May’s Brexit deal

May is of course seeking support from wavering MPs. From the Express:

BREXIT LIVE: May’s plot for Brexit deal REVEALED as she targets 75 wavering MPs

She is also trying to win over the DUP. From the BBC:

Brexit: DUP welcomes ‘renewed focus’ on their concerns after talks

The third vote is expected to take place by next Wednesday 20th, a mere 9 days before we are due to leave the EU! Some high profile Conservatives including Esther McVey and Boris Johnson appear to be wavering in their opposition to the deal:

BOJO BOOST Boris Johnson to boost his hopes of becoming PM by backing Theresa May’s Brexit deal

An amendment from Sarah Wollaston (now of the new Independent Group party), calling for a long extension to allow time for a second referendum, failed to win many votes. From order-order:

Second Referendum Crushed in ‘Major Defeat’

Roger Daltrey of the famous rock group “The Who” had this to say (amusing video clip in this tweet):

Watch. Sky News has deleted this clip of The Who's Roger Daltry slamming the EU and labeling it "a mafia". You'll see why when you watch it.

One of Roger's greatest hits is called "We won't get fooled again". EU, please take note. pic.twitter.com/tHEJm5X3JJ

— The Core (@SocialM85897394) March 16, 2019


With so many Remainer MPs now openly prepared to renege on their own and/or their party’s election promises, there are growing rumours of de-selections.

ANDREW PIERCE: As Dominic Grieve seems to have exhausted the patience of Leave voting Tories, will a glorious revolution oust the Remainer?

According to the above article, Grieve will face a vote of no confidence on the 29th March.

Nick Boles has also resigned from his local Conservative association, according to the BBC:

Nick Boles: Tory MP quits local party over Brexit

From the Telegraph:

Theresa May told by 50 Tory associations she will be ‘personally’ held responsible for any Brexit betrayal


According to Unity News Network, a Brexit Direct Action group have emerged who are planning mass disruption if the Brexit vote is betrayed:

Truck Driver threat to BLOCKADE Britain goes VIRAL!


According to order-order:

Farage’s Brexit Party Now Has More MEPs Than UKIP

The Brexit march got underway. From the Express:

BREXIT LIVE: Leavers and Remainers CLASH on Nigel Farage’s Brexit BETRAYAL march

Nigel Farage gave a speech at the start of the march. From the Express:

‘We will beat them AGAIN!’ Farage’s passionate speech in Sunderland as March kicks off


Just a reminder in case people were forgetting with Brexit looming, Tommy’s next hearing on the contempt of court case is due next Friday 22nd March. From ITV news:

Tommy Robinson could face up to two years in prison in fresh contempt of court proceedings

Tommy was also in court this week, but on this occasion he had brought the legal action – against the police!

I’m in Peterborough, UK, to report on the three-day trial of Tommy Robinson v. Cambridgeshire Police. Tommy is suing them for harassment of his family. For all my reports (and to help crowdfund my flight) please visit https://t.co/uCsaCG3ekB pic.twitter.com/xHHZWG5Dys

— Ezra Levant ?? (@ezralevant) March 12, 2019

An update on the trial proceedings from tr.news:

TRIAL: Police claim ‘did NOT know who Tommy Robinson was’

Tommy apparently also announced his intention to stand for parliament. From Breitbart:

Delingpole: Tommy Robinson - ‘I’m Going to Stand for Parliament’


From the Telegraph:

Jihadi jailed for beheading plot wins claim that his segregation breached his human rights

He apparently led chants of “Allahu Akbar” which were accompanied by threats to behead prison warders, so they segregated him.

From the Express:

British ISIS fighters join ‘Jihadi union’ as they DEMAND right to return to UK

Also from the Express:

ISIS CRACKDOWN: Two more terror brides stripped of citizenship as Shamima Begum row rages

The pressure on the Home Secretary to allow the “terror brides” to return continued:

Sajid Javid has been accused by a C of E bishop of "moral cowardice" and “treating the UK as a banana republic” after the death of Shamima Begum's son. @TomSwarbrick1 asks: Do you think Javid has shown moral cowardice? pic.twitter.com/mUXy9cIGDs

— LBC (@LBC) March 10, 2019

Colonel Kemp responded:

What did this C of E Bishop have to say about the U.K. denying refuge here to Asia Bibi, one of his own flock? Perhaps he felt silence then was more prudent? https://t.co/U7ZFaR1ogy

— R?????? K??? ? (@COLRICHARDKEMP) March 10, 2019

Obviously there is absolutely nothing to be worried about with regard to these returning “jihadi brides”, as revealed by this article from Jonathan Turley’s blog:

“There Will Be Blood Up To Your Knees”: Returning “ISIS Brides” Attack Female Reporters And Pledge New Fighting


From the BBC:

Immigration removals stopped by injunction


From the Telegraph:

Middle class Oxford rejects demand explanations for missed places amid fears they are ‘squeezed out’ by diversity drive

From the Daily Mail:

Posh white people need not apply: BBC advertises for a £20k-a-year trainee journalist at Radio 1 but the role is only open to candidates from a ethnic minority or ‘lower social economic background’


From Civil Liberty:

British policeman sacked for being a patriot

More on this story from the Belfast Telegraph:

Officer dismissed from Met Police over ‘racist comment’ at march

Apparently this was what he said:

“You don’t tell me what to do in my country. It’s my country.”


The article states that an estimated 10,000 protestors were involved, a resurgence in numbers. From the BBC front page:

Yellow vest protests: Violence returns to streets of Paris

From Breitbart, a claim of even larger numbers:

Yellow Vests: 15,000 Protesters, 100 Arrests, French PM Vows ‘Severe Punishment’

Protestors apparently set fire to a bank:

#Breaking: Just in – The #GiletsJaunes just set fire to a bank in downtown in #Paris. The bank would have been in association to the Rothschild owned bank. pic.twitter.com/IbcsIbOQsu

— Sotiri Dimpinoudis (@sotiridi) March 16, 2019

More police brutality:

Just one of many shocking scenes in Paris today: French police punching anti-government protesters and attacking them with batons – including, it seems, volunteer street medics there to treat the injured. pic.twitter.com/lMDlrTjuUY #GiletsJaunes #ActeXVIII

— Richard Wellings (@RichardWellings) March 16, 2019

From Vlad Tepes’s blog (see comment section as always):



From EU Observer:

The shadowy EU parliament boss who likes to say ‘no’


From the BBC:

Christchurch shootings: How the attacks unfolded

The New Zealand Prime Minister wore a hijab when visiting victims:

New Zealand PM: ‘We are united in our grief’

A tweet from Owen Jones called out the racism that he perceived in a Daily Mirror article:

There is absolutely no chance a newspaper would splash a childhood photo of an Islamist terrorist who murdered 49 Christians in a church as an “angelic boy”. Displacing focus from the victims to oh how could such a sweet WHITE boy become a terrorist is abhorrent pic.twitter.com/pcQCOBzMpT

— Owen Jones?? (@OwenJones84) March 16, 2019

Owen Jones received 16 thousand likes for this tweet, but other twitter users soon pointed out that several newspapers had done exactly the same thing with pictures of Mohammed Emwazi (aka “Jihadi John”) in his childhood. From Harry’s Place:

Owen Jones and Echo-chamber Politics

The Washington Post accused social media companies of spreading hate and violent images (the distinction between the actions of social media companies and the actions of some of their users got lost in the headline):

The New Zealand shooting shows how YouTube and Facebook spread hate and violent images - yet again

Chelsea Clinton was blamed for the massacre (for her criticism of congresswoman Ilhan Omar apparently):

Chelsea Clinton blamed for NZ massacre for criticizing antisemitic remarks by muslim congresswoman

Chelsea Clinton apologized. Will Ms Clinton now face trial for the atrocity, we wondered?

From Breitbart:

Turkey: Protesters Want Hagia Sophia Turned Into Mosque in Response to Christchurch Attack


From the Telegraph:

Thousands of jihadists flee Isil’s final stronghold as Baghuz is pounded


From Voice of Europe:

Hungarian Government: “Europeans have a right to know about EU’s secret plan to make the UN Migration Compact mandatory”


From Breitbart:

Report: Merkel Govt May Have Let In Thousands of War Criminal Migrants

From Vlad Tepes’s blog:

Man yells “Allah hu Ackbar” at funeral of murdered girl, after 500 strong vigil

This understandably caused a panic, with some mourners running for the exits. Jihad Watch also commented on the story:

Germany: Muslim screams “Allahu akbar” at funeral service for woman murdered by Muslim migrant


In the New York Daily News. Zainab Chaudry of the Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) argued that non-Muslims shouldn’t “believe the worst” about “Allahu akbar” because Muslims don’t just scream it while murdering non-Muslims, but use it in a variety of contexts. She even offered this chilling advice, certain to get people killed were it ever heeded: “So the next time you hear Allahu Akbar - whether it’s in a media report, on an airplane, or in a shopping mall, remember that the phrase used by millions of Muslims and Christians daily to praise God regardless of their circumstances, can never be justified for use when harming His creation.” So stay put, evidently; fleeing would be “Islamophobic.”


From the American Thinker:

Macron’s Algeria Dilemma


From Jonathan Turley’s blog:

Iran Sentences Lawyer To 38 Years and 148 Lashes After Representing Women Opposed To The Islamic Headscarf


From the Express:

Israel launches air strikes on Gaza Strip following first Tel Aviv attack in years


Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is embroiled in a scandal concerning a corporation called SNC-Lavalin. The story apparently involves possibly illegal pressure brought to bear on his own appointee the Attorney General, the sacking of that AG, Saadi Gaddafi and the payment of prostitutes during his visits to Canada, and the resulting public inquiry which will either show Trudeau in a bad light or else it will show Trudeau in a bad light (depending on the outcome). From Rebel Media:

Taking JailTrudeau.com message to Ottawa streets!

Stefan Molyneux (also a Canadian citizen) shared his views on the scandal (1 hour 27 mins video):

The Truth About the Justin Trudeau Scandal


From the Telegraph:

Donald Trump issues first veto of his presidency over border wall emergency

Note - Please remember this is not intended to be a comprehensive news round up, these are just the items that particularly caught our eye this week, and (where indicated) they are not always about recent events.

Note - Please note that we are dependent on the veracity of news reports provided by other news sources. It is not our intention to knowingly quote “Fake News” (except where stated as satire), but we do sometimes quote the BBC when other sources are unavailable.

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