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The Doorstepping Dispute

by Ms Mol – 13 Mar 2019

If you are reading this you are doing so via the internet. If you are reading it on this site then there is a good chance you are more aware than most UK citizens of the parlous state of our government, social systems and culture as a whole.

So this is about the latest demonisation of Tommy Robinson (I am not going to use his AKA as this is a trick certain members of society like to do to exercise their moral authority over him). I assume TR now goes about life using his more familiar moniker as opposed to the other one and given that dead-naming is considered very impolite in some circles, I’d hate to hurt anyone’s feelings!

The above (supposed) insult is just one of the ever changing guidelines that have been laid down by those who consider themselves to be the guardians of the great unwashed. It is in this ever evolving, identity politics driven, environment that we find ourselves at an impasse. Those people who consider themselves our moral superiors take it upon themselves to “school” us in politically correct speak and use various Marxist style guidelines to undermine those who dare to criticise their hallowed ideology.

Your common and garden type of progressive will take offence at pretty much everything either on your behalf or in defence of his/her/ze (insert pronoun of choice) feelings. It has to be said that most people work on a set of decent values that are, by and large, those we have inherited from our parents, with some tweaks here and there along the way.

Which brings me to my desire to put into writing the sheer hypocrisy of the “progressive” left and their utter delusion that Tommy Robinson is the devil incarnate who should be stopped at all costs, even the most final cost of all. Death.

Events have unravelled since Sunday 3 March when a person on Twitter posting under the name of Mike Stuchbery tweeted to his followers about the live-streaming of a narcotically dependent, racist, anti-Semite and his trip to serve legal papers (again I reiterate on a Sunday) to TR’s house. This person, Dick Coughlan, is seen limping up a road that is clearly marked, to a house that was clearly marked, only to have to give the legal papers to the policemen who happened to be at the house at the time.

Stuchbery crowd-funded a legal defence fund to sue Tommy Robinson for defamation. The guilt or not of TR in this legal drive is not the subject of this article. The means by which the legal papers were served however, is.

Photographs were taken with the infamous terrorist defence lawyer Tasnime Akunjee handing Dick Coughlan the legal papers. The question is why? Does every lawyer have a photo session with the person designated to deliver legal papers or could this be grandstanding in a manner as to dog whistle to the followers of Stuchbery et al? The answer would appear to be in this tweet, I leave you to make up your own opinions.

"I even had to (in order to make it legit) I had to sign a contract for ONE day. Which meant for ONE day, Dick Coughlan WORKED for a solicitor's in London."

Nice confession.

This was an intimidation tactic by Mohammed T Akunjee, and GROUNDS TO THROW THE CASE AGAINST TOMMY OUT. pic.twitter.com/sy6NmcWUD3

— Nick Monroe (@nickmon1112) March 10, 2019

When the streaming started not only could Coughlan be seen in the video, but at least one other person, whose face was not highly visible, unlike his dog (a Staffordshire bull terrier) who was pulling at the lead in such a manner as to imply menace (if not dole it out).

Thwarted in his attempts to deliver the letter to the door of the house, Coughlan had to settle with giving it to the police, who would then put the missive into the hands of TR. Here their little plan went awry. The selected journalists of the MSM who were invited got a bit of a non-story. Man gives letter to police to give to TR aka blah, blah, blah, is not what I would imagine an editor of a newspaper would look for in a headline.

However, they were able to get their headline a few days later.

From the Guardian:

Journalist calls police as Tommy Robinson makes video at his home

From the Independent:

Tommy Robinson: Police called after ranting anti-Islam activist bangs on door of historian who helped fund lawsuit against him

From the Huffington Post:

Journalist ‘Harassed’ At Home At 5am By Tommy Robinson Says: ‘He’s Trying To Shut Me Up’

TR wasn’t at his house on the Sunday when Coughlan and the others came calling, indeed he wasn’t even in the UK at the time. His video that was streamed after walking through customs into the UK was one of shock and anger and rightly so. TR’s wife and family were in that house alone on Sunday. They already live in fear for their lives and they have been given several Osman warnings pertaining to threats on their lives. One would assume this was the reason for the police presence and not an egregious attempt on the behalf of the terrorist apologist lawyer/Stuchbery et al to use Her Majesty’s Constabulary as their own personal security team.

The outrage that occurred in the Twittersphere was palpable, with many people, including some less enthusiastic TR supporters condemning Stuchbery and his dangerous meddling. This is where it should have ended. But It Didn’t.

I understand why TR went to Stuchbery’s house late one evening, a few days later, and was asked to leave by the Police, which he did, but what I don’t understand is why he did it again at five in the morning? I would have been furious if someone had put my family’s lives in danger, especially in the situation this man is constantly living. But he is only feeding into the “far-right” category that the left/liberals/progressives want to place him in.

He has bigger fish to fry and greater hurdles to overcome with his court appeal now being taken to the High Court by the Attorney General. The UK Government is out to get him. Globalists are out to get him. Islamists are out to get him and pretty much everyone on the Left is out to get him, including Hope Not Hate and Resisting Hate (I’m assuming their names are ironic!).

Sometimes we have to fight fire with fire, other times we need to know when to walk away and live to fight another day. Tommy should have walked away from this one. He would have red-pilled a few more wavering centrists if he had.


Tommy Robinson’s video filmed from the airport (also linked above):

Intimidation at “my house” by far left working with jihadi lawyers & media

An article from the Daily Mail about Tasnime Akunjee, who is defending Shamima Begum:

The worrying extremist links to lawyer of jihadi schoolgirl’s father: Solicitor says Muslims shouldn’t co-operate with police and that Lee Rigby killer was ‘created’ by security services

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