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Westminster - The Mother Of All Shams

by British Awakening – 29 Mar 2019

“England is the mother of parliaments”.

– John Bright, 1865.

In June 2016, in the biggest ever democratic event seen in the UK, almost 34 million people voted in a referendum to decide our future in the European Union. The results were close but 52%, over one million more people, voted to leave the European Union.

Throughout the campaign we were told this was a once in a lifetime event. Throughout the campaign we were told that there would be no way back if we voted to leave the EU, and we were told in writing that the government would honour our vote.

Before the referendum, David Cameron had indicated he would invoke Article 50 the next day. Not long after the referendum Cameron decided instead to run away from the chaos he had caused. Mr Cameron had deliberately prevented the civil service from preparing for a leave vote, this to ensure there was no plan if the government lost, an unbelievably reckless decision.

Shortly after the referendum the Conservative party held a leadership contest that seemed more designed to ensure a Brexit supporting candidate did not gain office. Theresa May, a politician with known limitations and flaws, was left as the sole choice, effectively placed into office.

Theresa May went on to make a speech about her approach to things, ‘Brexit means Brexit’ she said, ‘No deal is better than a bad deal’ she said. Not long after the speech Theresa May decided to call a general election to get a majority behind her leadership. In a disastrous campaign, with flagship policies toxic to her natural supporters, she lost her majority to a Marxist ideologue with a very feeble grasp of geo politics. Nonetheless, 85% of MPs currently sitting in Parliament did so on a mandate to leave the European Union.

Somehow she managed to form an agreement with the Ulster Unionists and to form a government. She even managed to invoke Article 50, although only after a convenient delay which allowed a destructive piece of lawfare to insist that Parliament had a “meaningful vote” on any deal she brought back. Thus was sowed the seed of the betrayal of the EU Referendum vote.

Since 2016 I have not known one single moment where I felt my vote to leave the European Union was going to be honoured. Since 2016 barely a day has gone by without some game to de-legitimise the votes of 17.4 million people, some angle to weaken Brexit, some parliamentary ruse to deny the people of this country of what was promised.

In October 2018 I predicted that faced with a no deal Brexit Parliament would prevent it under the ruse of ‘national interest’, this indeed seems to be the game in play. Since 2016 there has been no certainty in leaving the EU but there has been the constant threat of the vote being overturned. Every single option for leaving the EU has gradually been killed by Parliament. Our Parliament has now gone rogue, we have a Speaker who seems able to change the constitution at will, MPs that clearly lied to their constituents demanding a second referendum but curiously reluctant to offer their constituents another say by calling a by election. We even have an MP who has just served a three-month prison sentence sitting in Parliament fitted with an electronic tag, voting against the wishes of the people.

Well in a way it’s a good thing, finally now we can see you for the lying degenerates that most of you are. The warm light of democracy you loved bathing in -well that’s gone now and we can see you, the world can see you. Whatever happens you are exposed, you are shameless, dirty people, what you have done stinks and I want to see you retch on it for the rest of your lives.


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