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Extinction Rebellion And The Climate Con

by British Awakening – 26 Apr 2019

For those of you that have been drinking heavily in a wood shed for the past week or so, Extinction Rebellion is a political movement committed to non-violent protest against climate breakdown and biodiversity loss. I guess where you sit on the political spectrum will tend to determine whether you view the activities of this movement as courageous or stupid.

One of the founder members of Extinction Rebellion is Gail Bradbrook, a pagan, who apparently became an activist after taking massive doses of powerful psychedelic drugs. Yep, that’s right. Given one of the other founders is Tasmin Osmond the granddaughter of a Dorset Baronet you can maybe see why the movement has been rather keen on finding someone more plausible to put in front of the cameras, so they found one - Greta Thunberg, a 16-year-old Swedish student with Asperger’s. Smart move, who is going to give a rough interview to a 16-year-old with Asperger’s eh? Who is going to ask some of the more awkward questions about the demands of Extinction Rebellion - you know, questions like why have the police, media and politicians given you a free ride for the past few weeks or - where do you get your money?

I’m going to stop writing about these people now because if what is going on was not so deadly serious I would be making the argument that if they could find a skateboarding panda that drank petrol and peed out mineral water to lead them the whole thing would be a slam dunk, overnight we would all sell our cars, take holidays in our local library and heat our homes with karmic energy.

I refuse to indulge these cranks anymore, and I simply refuse to engage with any self-styled eco warrior who refuses to accept that if the environment really is threatened by anything it is from the fact that there are too many human beings. So here is my message to them now - there are too many of us living in a world geared to a model of depletion economics. Stop looking for anything more complicated than that, if you do not understand that simple fact you are an imbecile, don’t waste my time, don’t even bother responding, I am not interested in engaging with you. Banning wood burners and trying to make steel from the heat of compost heaps is not going to make one iota of a difference if you do not address the cause.

We have zero hope of any of our current class of politicians or the idiot media pointing out that our problem is over population, after all these are the people that think adding ten million people to an already over crowded island in less than a generation has taken us into some sort of progressive Nirvana. However, the most wicked thing they will conceal from us is who is paying for all of this? The mainstream political parties love talking about fuel poverty and how this hits those on the lowest incomes, of course none of them will admit that by charging VAT on fuel they are the very people that harvest from the poor, they are the ones living a parasitic existence on the least fortunate in our society.

I am not a climate change denier, I keep an open mind since it is clear to me that human beings are living in a way that is not sustainable. Yet what is also clear to me is that the wealthy elite, who may have just had a slight inkling that we need to change our ways, expect the poorest to shoulder the burden. They expect that those with little money should spend more and more of it on increasingly expensive fuel, unlike their betters who can afford to put solar panels on their roof.

Listen to them and we ensure the poor can no longer enjoy a flight to a sunny destination to forget their woes for a week or so whilst their betters assuage their folly by paying the carbon tax - or better still jet around the world in first class to lecture the poor about the sacrifices they must make. Oh and whilst we are about it let’s rob the poor of the KFC and McDonalds they so enjoy - you know the little treat they like to share with their children, nah - they should be vegans and eat beans and quinoa, after all only those on the right income and status should be able to afford organic free-range chicken.

This is the truth self-declared ‘progressives’ conceal from us all, raising taxes does not hurt the rich it hurts the poor - so they can shove their Greta Thunberg narrative where a solar panel won’t work. I know what they are doing and I’m not buying it. If they want something done about the environment then they are the ones that should change their ways and stop taxing the poor to pay for their stupidity.

What do you think? Is the end nigh? Please leave a comment below.

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