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The Rotten Parliament - Time For Deselections

by British Awakening – 5 Apr 2019

In terms of the 2016 referendum, many feel this week has not been a good one. Despite the express wishes of the people, and the promise of Parliament to act on those wishes, we have not left the European Union and it looks increasingly likely that every avenue to us leaving will be blocked.

The despair amongst my fellow Brexiteers is palpable as is the growing concern amongst remainers that believe in democracy. I refuse to give in to anger but I have an overwhelming sense of sadness when I think about the people who in 2016 voted for the very first time in their lives, innocently believing that just for once their votes mattered, just for once that their voice would be heard. I can think of few crueller betrayals by an establishment that loves to lecture the world about the rule of law and democratic ideals. Quite frankly most of our establishment sit so far beneath my contempt I am not going to waste words on them.

So what if I told you this was actually a good week? Finally now you can see them, Brexit has flushed them out into the open. These are the globalist cuckoos that have been infiltrating our political parties ensuring that no matter how we vote the globalists win, we just get to choose which rosette they wear. There they are now, visible to you, the people who are waging a war of replacement on the people of this island. There they are, in plain sight, the people trying to normalise what is base and perverse, the people trying to force you into stating a lie that a man is woman if he says so. There they are, the people hell-bent on destroying free speech, authoritarian satraps that want to create a world where only their dogma and false creed can be spoken unchallenged.

The past two weeks have seen our parliament increasingly run amok; barely a day goes by without it becoming increasingly obvious they have no intention of upholding the outcome of the referendum. It has been a good week, they are becoming increasingly desperate.

The past months have seen the elite media trying to push a narrative that fewer and fewer believe now, the BBC has used up the last remaining stock of its credibility now, even its presenters are now increasingly wary of reading out prepared scripts from a government that couldn’t lie straight in a bed. It has been a good week, the lies don’t work anymore and even the people pushing them know it.

This week has seen Parliament break all established process to rush through a bill to force the Prime Minister to seek an extension to Article 50 if we are faced with a no deal. Not a day later the EU announces it is prepared to offer a one year extension. What are the odds of a coincidence like that? It’s almost as though the EU is colluding with our MPs to frustrate our departure! It has been a good week - I saw what they did there, I have joined up the dots.

It has been a good week because it is finally clear that it is practically impossible to leave the EU with the parliament we have. There are perhaps 200 MPs that are on the side of respecting the wishes of the people of this country, and my guess is that there are about 400 MPs that the EU controls, and the rest are useful idiots.

It has been a good week because a clear and peaceful path to regaining our independence lies before us. Conservative party constituency associations need to continue their deselection processes and force Central Office to remove the globalists, if they fail to do this then the association should declare who it is they would have selected and ask them to stand as an independent with their backing, this should concentrate the minds of those at Central Office.

Perhaps a different approach might be needed for Labour seats please feel free to make suggestions in the comments below.

Non Tory Brexiteers need to unite and co-ordinate their efforts to ensure that one single Brexit supporting candidate stands in each constituency where a remainer (or at least one that wont accept the referendum result) is the present incumbent.

This we must do because we are in a race now, any long extension I fear will provide the excuse the remain ultras want for their second referendum - a referendum I am sure will be rigged to deliver the ‘correct’ result. I doubt the Tories will see the back of Theresa May before the winter; they must fight to limit the damage she can inflict until then. If we hold the line then the Conservatives can finally put up a leader that believes in Brexit and go to the country for a mandate knowing that the way has been paved.

For the past few decades an asymmetric war has been waged against the people of this country by an establishment that no longer bothers to conceal its contempt. Be under no illusions, these people really hate you. Violence is not the response to this, nor is hatred, peaceful civil disobedience is the correct way to resist that and for the world to know that this parliament has no further legitimacy in our eyes and we are no longer bound to honour anything they agree as of March 29th 2019.

The first rule of war is know your enemy, for over two decades now we have been bewildered and confused and unable to identify who was waging this asymmetric war against us. It has been a good week. We can finally identify our enemy.

Now get to work, start plotting, we can win this!



From the Express:

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From Professor of Politics Chris Hanretty writing at medium:

Most Labour MPs represent a constituency that voted Leave

From the Independent:

Newport West by-election: Pro-Remain Labour candidate wins by-election in Leave-voting constituency

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