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Other Items That Caught Our Eye This Week - w/e 11 May

by The Participator – 12 May 2019

Where have all the swallows gone?

Our weekly roundup of news and opinion articles that we thought were important, mostly UK news but foreign news stories of interest to us as well.


The Brexit stories keep coming but we don’t get the impression that anything significant is really happening. From the Express:

BREXIT CIVIL WAR: No-deal BACK ON TABLE as May’s Cabinet heads for explosive SHOWDOWN

As long as the Remainers are in such a majority in the Houses of Parliament, the situation may continue indefinitely. It sounds as if one Remainer Conservative MP may be facing a de-selection vote soon though at least. From the Express:

Anti-Brexit Conservative MP faces DESELECTION vote from ENRAGED Tory activists

The Brexit Party are doing well in the opinion polls. From the Telegraph:

Brexit Party beats Tories in general election poll and would win 49 seats in Commons

If we’re still in the EU, still paying the billions every year, shouldn’t we still be at the meetings? From the Express:

Britain is still a member of the EU so WHY are we not at today’s EU meeting vital to UK?


Not exactly unexpected, confirmation that the European elections will go ahead, from the Express:

Brexit fury as ministers confirm EU elections will go ahead – and cost taxpayers £150m

The Brexit Party unveiled their election broadcast:

Brexit Party unveils their election broadcast

The Brexit Party announced their candidate for the Peterborough by-election. From the Express:

Our secret millionaire will worry election rivals, declares Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage’s appearance on Question Time made waves on social media. From the Express:

Audience ERUPTS as Farage SILENCES Soubry in heated BBC QT row – ‘You NEVER listen’

Nigel Farage and Amber Rudd CLASH on BBC QT – ‘Stop lying to people we want to LEAVE’

From Breitbart:

Foreign Interference? EU Brexit Boss Verhofstadt Campaigns for Anti-Brexit Party in UK


A fascinating video clip from TR News shows Tommy on the campaign trail calmly debating about Islam with a Muslim woman:

Tommy Robinson Chats To Muslim Lady On Campaign Trail

At the end of the conversation Tommy displays a degree of courtesy quite at odds with the portrayal of him that is endlessly peddled by the mainstream media and the thugs of “Hope not Hate”:

Thanks a lot, it’s a pleasure

From the Metro:

Christian tells Muslims ‘come out and vote so we don’t get stuck with Tommy Robinson’


From the Telegraph:

MPs’ expenses: Parliament watchdog tried to prevent public being told 377 MPs had official credit cards suspended


From inews:

Unions warn Royal Navy supply ship contracts could go to Spain in £1bn Gibraltar Brexit deal


From Breitbart:

UK Govt Scraps NHS Health Tourism Crackdown After Left Cries ‘Racism’

From the Daily Mail:

MPs cave in to Left-wing doctors and scrap plans to stop health tourists coming to Britain for treatment they’re not entitled to – costing the NHS £280m a year


While we’re on the subject of the BBC, another revelation emerged about the BBC’s financial entanglements with the EU:

BBC EU BIAS? How BBC charity accepted MILLIONS in EU cash

This is our post from earlier this year in case you missed it:

Huge EU Loans To The BBC

From Breitbart:

BBC Report on Overworked Doctors Blames Pensioners, Ignores Migration-Fuelled Population Growth

The BBC also nearly broke the electoral rules by having a Change UK candidate on their comedy show “Have I Got News For You”. From the Express:

BBC BLUNDER: Corporation MELTDOWN after ‘Have I Got News For You’ pulled over Brexit row

For once though the BBC have produced a documentary that may actually shed some illumination on the inner workings of the EU. From the Telegraph:

Brexit: Behind Closed Doors, review – an excruciating look at how the EU scorned Theresa May’s Brexit efforts

The actual program web page:

BBC 4 : “Brexit: Behind Closed Doors Episode 1 of 2

If anyone has found the time to watch this please let us know what you thought of it in the comments below. There has been quite a bit of commentary in the media. From the Express:

Verhofstadt mocks LENGTHY Brexit delay while GUZZLING wine in behind the scenes footage

… and on social media:

Absolutely shocking Just shows how servile Olly Robbins was along with @10DowningStreet At least @DominicRaab tried but no wonder the EU walked all over the U.K. https://t.co/qNOzqycq7b

— Kate Hoey (@KateHoeyMP) May 10, 2019


Still on the subject of the BBC, the birth of the first child of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle this week was somewhat overshadowed by the BBC comedian Danny Baker’s tweet which showed a picture of a chimpanzee dressed in human clothes.

The BBC reported that he had been fired (by the BBC):

Danny Baker says he has been ‘fired’ over royal baby chimp tweet

Wait a minute, surely the BBC knows whether they have fired him or not (it seems they later found out as the headline was amended). Quote:

Baker claimed it was a “stupid gag”.

Apparently the police did not agree, they thought it was a very serious matter. From the Telegraph:

Police investigate Danny Baker over royal baby tweet

Danny got a mention in the House of Lords when a procession of old peers stood up to complain about Nigel Farage and populism and Carl Benjamin and that sort of “far-right” thing.

BREAKING: House of Lords debating 'Conduct of debate in public life; divisions which result from that in society' blame the 'Far Right' for the problems, namely

Donald Trump
Danny Baker
Karl Benjamin

Compares Nigel Farage to Hitler
Compares Tommy Robinson to Hitler

Yes, Really pic.twitter.com/6bHuj6rV7h

— Viscount Braithwaite (@ViscountBraith1) May 10, 2019

Perhaps they weren’t aware that Danny is a lifelong Labour Party supporter (as so many of his former colleagues at the BBC are of course), according to the Guardian:

Danny Baker: popular DJ never far from the spotlight – nor the door


the lifelong Labour party supporter


Danny Baker was not the only Labour party supporter criticized over a tweet this week, Jeremy Corbyn’s son Tommy hit the headlines in Israel. From the Jewish Chronicle:

Jeremy Corbyn’s son Tommy posts shocking image of dead Palestinian child, wrongly claims she was killed by Israel

Corbyn senior was in the news for anti-semitism as well. From order-order:

Corbyn’s Gushing Praise for Deeply Anti-Semitic Book

Apparently Jeremy has endorsed a book by an anti-semitic author. Quote:

“a small group of international financiers, chiefly German in origin and Jewish in race… The rich and powerful liquor trade… is entirely in the hands of Jews… the stock exchange is needless to say, mostly Jewish… the press of Johannesburg is chiefly their property… we are fighting in order to place a small international oligarchy of mine owners and speculators in power at Pretoria.”

Meanwhile the Guardian was trying to draw our attention to non-existent anti-semitism elsewhere:

How Farage adapted his voice to Infowars’ toxic worldview


The thread that runs through many of Jones’s broadcasts is the idea – closely linked to antisemitic and far-right conspiracy theories – that a shadowy cabal of bankers, bureaucrats and politicians are trying to usher in an authoritarian “new world order” without nation states.


From the Daily Mail:

Judge backs parents who allowed their four-year-old son to live as a girl and sent him to school in a girl’s uniform – despite social workers accusing them of ‘actively encouraging’ their child’s transgender identity


From the Independent:

Rotherham child abuse: More than 40 suspects arrested over past two months, says National Crime Agency

Young men running around waving machetes in a crowded street in London (video clip in this tweet):

Extremely disturbing viral footage from London as men run amok with Machetes!

Who is to blame and how can we stop this from happening?

Follow @UnityNewsNet pic.twitter.com/ZTdrA6J1rp

— Unity News Network (@UnityNewsNet) May 8, 2019


Where is Emma Thompson when you need her? From the Daily Mail:

Where have all the swallows gone? Millions of European birds are being trapped in Chinese nets, slaughtered and eaten as they pass through Egypt


From Breitbart:

Gallery Covers Artworks After Muslims Complain They Are ‘Blasphemous’


From the Times, an article about two Muslim academics who are apparently advising the government’s anti-extremism commission:

Muslim advisers hit by anti-semitism row


From the Telegraph:

Home Office funding top London mental health clinic to treat returning jihadists and their children

From the Daily Mail:

Parents of four daughters whose lives were shattered by Manchester bomb blast say ISIS bride Shamima Begum who defended the bomber doesn’t deserve legal aid and reveal they’re getting a pittance in comparison

Anjem Choudary is back in business. From the Telegraph:

Terror fears as hate preacher Anjem Choudary returns to the street

From the American Thinker, an opinion article referencing a claim from the Counter Extremism Project that Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, Osama bin Laden, and Ayman al-Zawahiri all belonged to the Muslim Brotherhood:

Yes, the Muslim Brotherhood Is a Terrorist Organization

An article at the New English Review that examines the claims and denials regarding dealings between the Obama administration and the Muslim Brotherhood:

The Obama-Hillary Team and the Muslim Brotherhood: A Critique

More on the Muslim Brotherhood from the Global Muslim Brotherhood Daily Watch:

FEATURED: Jamal Khashoggi Explains the US Muslim Brotherhood in 1993

From Jihad Watch, on the attack at the Garland, Texas event that Robert Spencer co-sponsored:

Four Years After ISIS Cartoon Attack, FBI Questions Linger


From Voice of Europe:

Morocco is sending 422 imams to Europe for “religious guidance” during Ramadan – which starts today


From Gates of Vienna:

Crackdown on Islam-Critics in Denmark

Also from GofV, politician Rasmus Paludan has been making waves:

Rasmus Paludan to the Prime Minister: “Danes Are En Route to Becoming a Minority in Their Own Country”


From Summit News:

Paris: Islamist Bus Driver Refuses to Pick Up Woman Because of Short Skirt


From Vlad Tepes’s blog (video links in the comments section):


From the Express:

Yellow Vests: Riot police use TEAR GAS and WATER CANNONS in violent Nantes clash

More shocking police brutality:

#Macron's boys attacking a handicapped #GiletsJaunes #YellowVest protester

Even the police behind him looks embarrassed

We all know that if these kinds of attacks on government protesters would take place in #Poland or #Hungary,the Euro. Commission&courts would be all over us?? pic.twitter.com/uQnfXVmxja

— BasedPoland (@BasedPoland) May 6, 2019

It seems as if this is actually a technique learned from the Roman legions:

France seems to have amended the rules of Rugby Union. pic.twitter.com/w5RbPVpByO

— The Core (@SocialM85897394) May 6, 2019


From the Express:

REVEALED: Germany’s astonishing £75BN profit from being in EU – ‘Not everyone benefits!’

From the Gatestone Institute:

The EU Courts the Arab League

From the Guardian:

Outcry as Turkey orders rerun of Istanbul mayoral election

From EU Observer:

Turkey election fiasco hits at ‘heart’ of EU relations

From the Express:

‘Double standards!’ Anger as EU’s Verhofstadt demands Turkey RESPECT the vote

There was quite a bit of comment this week about these hypocritical reactions to the recent Turkish election, summed up in this tweet from Old Holborn:

the Left: Erodgan is a dictator. Imagine over ruling an election just because you lost

the Left: We must overule the Brexit referendum because we lost

— Old Holborn? (@Holbornlolz) May 7, 2019


From the New American:

Pope Francis Calls for End of Sovereignty and Establishment of Global Government


From the Gateway Pundit:

Twitter allows Antifa to dox ICE agents and their families despite being reported numerous times


From Bloomberg:

Banned from Facebook? A Polish Court May Help


A Polish group is suing Facebook for “private censorship” in a potentially landmark case.

The Polish nonprofit, called the Civil Society Drug Policy Initiative … filed suit against Facebook’s European arm in the Warsaw District Court this week.

The article suggests that the group may have been banned in error because of an assumption that they promote drug use. The group is being represented pro bono by Panoptykon, a group dedicated to campaigning against the surveillance state.

A popular blogger (former ambassador) Craig Murray was apparently shadow-banned by Facebook last year (for some reason this story is recirculating):

Blocked By Facebook and the Vulnerability of New Media

It’s quite an interesting read as it shows how much control Facebook have over the popularity of political commentators. Craig Murray also wrote this week on the subject of the Huawei scandal (that we mentioned a few times recently in the weekly roundup):

Huawei Hypocrisy


If you’re getting tired of the censorship of anyone slightly to the right of communism, you might want to consider the fact that there are a growing number of alternative sites, such as Telegram for example. Telegram it should be noted is run by a libertarian and is apparently at loggerheads with the Russian government, if this article from Reuters (from 2018) is anything to go by:

Paper plane protesters urge Russia to unblock Telegram app

Paul Joseph Watson made a compelling case for getting on Telegram here (video clip in the tweet):

Imagine a cashless society where your grocery purchase gets declined because some pencil neck in Silicon Valley got offended by your tweets.

You just imagined our collective future.https://t.co/2HBtkPWVSp

— Paul Joseph Watson (@PrisonPlanet) May 11, 2019


A teacher who suffered relentless abuse from unruly students in his classroom eventually snapped and spat at one those students. What is really shocking about this story though is the way the authorities and media tried to cover up/distort what really took place (scroll down to the second video in this post where the truth is revealed):

Chemnitz in the classroom: A teacher gets framed


From Breitbart:

Sweden Creates ‘Hate Speech Robot’ To Combat Hate Online

We were reminded of this article from Frontpage Mag (from 2014):

Sweden’s Totalitarian Face


From the Express:

South China Sea: Indonesia sinks scores of boats as rift with Beijing deepens


From the Daily Mail:

‘I stand with Israel Folau’: Mark Latham blasts political correctness, ‘white privilege’ and the ‘LGBTQIWTF alphabet’ in his maiden speech to Parliament


Finally a bit of good news for a change, the BBC reports that Asia Bibi has finally been allowed to leave Pakistan:

Asia Bibi: Christian leaves Pakistan after blasphemy acquittal

Note – Please remember this is not intended to be a comprehensive news round up, these are just the items that particularly caught our eye this week, and (where indicated) they are not always about recent events.

Note – Please note that we are dependent on the veracity of news reports provided by other news sources. It is not our intention to knowingly quote “Fake News” (except where stated as satire), but we do sometimes quote the BBC when other sources are unavailable.

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